kitchen: which one do you adore?

One could say that I’m very particular about my kitchens – I want my future kitchen to be clean, minimalist and ALL white. As my mom and I stood in her kitchen daydreaming about what we would do with it, I began to think of all the possibilities . . . the tile, counter, stove, shelving. The sky is the limit, and there are so many options out there.

So these are a few of our many favorites that we’ve tagged over the past few months. Some are just vignettes and others are whole kitchens – I’d love to know which you adore.

Photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


  1. Susan

    Three is gorgeous!!

  2. UrbanChiqueNess

    Honestly, there are elements of each and every one that I love. In my next kitchen I want to do white contemporary cabinets…we have had dark chocolate in the last two. Love the thick marble in one, love the chandelier and island in two, chairs are great in three and adore the floor in four. I noticed lots of open shelves…my OCD would kick in so I need covered cabinets but I do love that look just know myself! The back splash in 5 is decadent! So fun to design from scratch…have fun.

  3. Uncle Beefy

    I do like #1 a whole lot but I think #2 wins my heart. I love all that sharp-lined cleanliness with those little flourishes in the chandelier, mirror, etc. Perfect to me. 🙂

  4. classiq

    The third is my favourite. White looks so good with the warm tones of the rug and chairs. And, of course, there is the exposed brick, the perfect finishing touch.

  5. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Number three for me! 🙂

  6. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    1 and 3 have to be my favourites, I also dream of a all white kitchen with lots of open shelving!

  7. Anonymous

    I would definetly see myself cooking in kitchen no. 1, but they all have something appealing.

  8. Lauren Ashley

    #5, be still my heart.

  9. Elisse

    I think #6 is beautiful in all it's simplicity. I could imagine making some amazing meals in that kitchen!

  10. Janie | We Heart Paper

    I agree with another commentor, there are bits of each kitchen that I love. But I also want an (almost) all white kitchen. I've been hoarding kitchen ideas for a while now… and we still live in a rental!

  11. aimee joan

    i adore #1!

  12. Meghan

    Looks like we have very similar style…I like 'non-kitchen kitchens,' i.e., kitchens that can look like regular rooms 🙂 These are beautiful!

  13. Bettina

    In love with the modern chic look of kitchen #1!

  14. dagný björg * feel inspired

    All gorgeous but 1 and 5 are my faves!

  15. Sarabelle

    I LOVE big white kitchens! nice pictures

  16. pantry cabinet

    Number one for me! 🙂

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