a brand new design . . .

Over the past few months I’ve been working away on this big reveal. I’m not sure how to describe how excited I am about this redesign – overjoyed, giddy, and a slight of nervousness. I can honestly say that I never thought Sacramento Street would come to a point where I needed to – stop, think about the brand, decide where I wanted it to go in the future and redesign the space where all of you come to get inspired daily. But there came a time where I felt like a change was needed. Back in March I met up with my graphic designer to dream up the design. First and foremost I wanted the space to reflect more of my aesthetic – clean, crisp and timeless. As I look at the new site I think we did just that.

I’d like to give a big huge thank you to the lovely Nicole that designed exactly what I was envisioning and to Brendan my go-to developer. Without him it would still be in Photoshop on my computer.

I hope all of you enjoy the design as much as I do. With a new space comes some new series – check back Wednesday for the latest.

Photo by Caitlin Flemming


  1. Nancy


    So clean and crisp. And from what I’ve learned of your style over the years…it is very you. Can’t wait to see your new series Wednesday…


  2. amanda

    The new design is lovely. It looks like you!

  3. Lauren | Seventeenth

    Caitlin – the new design looks amazing! I’ve been reading Sacramento Street for quite some time, and it’s been exciting watching your blog as it continues to grow. The new design is perfectly suited to your aesthetic. It screams “you”. Can’t wait to see the other great things to come!

  4. Alice Olive

    Love the new design. Clean and bright. Looking forward to more here!

  5. Jess

    Gorgeous new layout. Design to take inspiration from! Congratulations!

  6. Alex

    It looks beautiful Caitlin! It feels exactly like your aesthetic! Excited to see what new things are on the horizon!

  7. Tiffany @ Savor Home

    Gorgeous! I love the different shades of gray and how clean and crisp it is. Great job!

  8. Sarah

    I love the new site and those flowers are beautiful!

  9. Jessica

    Looks great lady! Congratulations!

  10. Kirby

    LOVING the new design! I always look forward to your Monday post but this one even more so because of the new design!

  11. kim

    love the new design caitlin!! it definitely feels very you…clean and modern with a hint of flourish! xoxo

  12. susan


  13. Savvy in San Francis

    Caitlin – It’s gorgeous! So you! Love it! Very excited for The Shop! Congratulations! We need to do dinner soon! XX

  14. Anh @ 9to5Chic

    Love it – so beautiful!!!! <3

  15. Daniella

    Congrats on the new look Caitlin! Looks great!

  16. Bradley

    Love it! Looks so gorgeous!

  17. Arianna Belle

    Love it! I think it reflects you perfectly!

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