four favorites

Four Favorites 6.20Since I’m off to New York and Maine this Friday I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack – it’s going to be hot and humid. Because of that, I think this is going to be one of many go-to looks for the next week.

1. Daron washed-silk shirt dress

2. Venus Flytrap crystal necklace

3. Clare Vivier Messenger Bag

4. Isabel Marant Merry leather sandals

Do you have any favorite hot weather clothes that I should know about? Living in San Francisco has me used to wearing lots of layers.

PS. Be sure to check out my guest post over on Simply Grove today!


  1. Alice Olive

    Wow, the silk shirt dress is so beautiful.

  2. Global Atelier

    Love everything about your new website design!!! Congrats.

  3. Gabriella

    That crystal necklace is simply gorgeous. My summer go-to has been maxi dresses, as of lately. They’re so easy to throw on, yet I still feel glamorous walking around in a floor length summer dress.


  4. Justine

    Love the new site! And all of these 4 items!


  5. caitlin

    So glad all of you like the outfit – seems like the perfect thing to wear on a hot day!

  6. Nancy

    That bag is amazing! I also love the new website!

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