I’m Loving . . .

My dream kitchen – the lofty ceilings, beautiful beams and lots of white.

Simple blooms.

Perfectly wrapped scarves.

Cozy spaces that get you inspired.

A quote that everyone should live by.

Minimalist bedrooms.


  1. Eileen

    I love that cozy couch and totally want to be cuddling up there right now!


  2. azrakun

    wow… those ceilings!


  3. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Oh my, those exposed wooden beams are doing it for me, big time. They remind me of the farmhouse kitchen we had growing up – long and narrow with beams just like this. Lovely!

  4. Kady Heron

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  5. classiq

    I love a kitchen where natural light is flowing in. And this one is so charming with its rustic feel.

  6. Annabelle

    I would kill for those beams. So gorgeous.

  7. Tarah

    I love the black and white inspiration collage.
    All of these rooms feel like somewhere I want to be!



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