a brand new week . . .

What a whirlwind week that led into the weekend. Through rain, wind and snow the SF Giants won the World Series – words cannot describe how amazing it was to win it all over again. I’m proud of Eric and the team. Now we’re en-route back to San Francisco and I am very excited to leave these freezing temperatures.

I hope all of you have an incredible week ahead!

Photos by Caitlin Flemming


  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Congratulations to Eric! 🙂

  2. patricia

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you and Eric! He has contributed so much to this winning team and the World Series is the ultimate recognition! Go GIANTS!!! xoxo, Patricia

  3. Maslinda

    Hey Caitlin!! Nice photos!! Congrats to Eric!! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Maia McDonald

    Congrats!!! How was the parade?

  5. AmberLee

    AK! a huge CONGRATS and a THANK YOU(!!!) to Eric. we snagged tickets to game 2 (SRO, but I would have been standing anyway!!). unforgettable. love the pics, they totally capture the moment.

  6. trina

    So exciting. And what a fun memory that you two will always have!
    xo . Trina

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