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The first heavy rain has come and gone, which meant bringing out my wellies from last season. As I skipped and jumped into puddles I wondered what new styles were out there. I went on a hunt and found new and old rain boots that I want to add to my closet – you can never have enough wellies especially when they make you smile on a gloomy day.

1. Burberry Contrast Panel Rain Boots

2. Hunter Boots Original Short Rain Boots

3. Burberry Buckle Rain Boots

4. Hunter Boot Women’s Champery High Wedge Boots

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  1. classiq

    Yes, a nice pair of wellies would definitely make me smile on a rainy day. :)

  2. azrakun

    Wow.. i should consider a pair as well. perfect for San Francisco!

  3. peasandlovesf

    digging the wedge boot!!!

  4. Lauren | Seventeenth

    I’ll take both Burberry pairs, please!

  5. Julie

    Perfect timing for this rainy weather in the bay! Now I just have to figure out which ones to get!

  6. Le living and co.

    I particularly like the edgier look of #3. Great choices!

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