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Off to High Point Market!

It’s been another whirlwind week – since I’ve been gone every weekend for the past three weeks I’ve never had the chance to really unpack. Yesterday I was forced to finally unpack, do laundry and then pack all over again for North Carolina. I’m in route to High Point today – it’s my first time going!! Since I haven’t had a lot of downtime to think about going I’m feeling excited, nervous (I have no idea what to expect) and a little scared. I’m excited to meet up with a fabulous group of bloggers that I consider friends (Cass, Julieann and Crystal), meet new vendors that I can potentially work with on projects and of course get inspired.

Be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram – I’ll be sharing a lot of what I’m seeing. And when I get back I’ll be posting little snippets of what I loved.

Have a lovely weekend friends!

xx, Caitlin

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