I’m Loving . . .

Stacks of wrist wear.

Pierre Soulages artwork.

Rainy fall days.

Dining room inspiration.

Casual, layered, and cold weather ensembles.


  1. Rose

    I’m wearing a stack of gold bracelets myself today. Great picks!


  2. Linda Geertsen

    Me, too.
    I have to stop myself from buying all things great for my wrists. I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to stacking bracelets. AND I do not have near enough the amount of bracelets that I want … and need.
    Ooooh. Does Vanessa Jackman do street photography? I like her blog. Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Lauren

    Perhaps now is not the top to “love” fall rainy days. People on the East Coast still need our support from all angles to get back on their feet and into heated houses before the winter–thanks to Sandy and the following snow/rain storm. Please seek out anyway to donate your time or money to the people of Far Rockaway, Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey. I love a good fall rainy day with a latte and a good book, but the idea of rain gives me an internal cringe. Thank you.

  4. John perez

    Man! That art work from Pierre Soulages is just mesmerizing and great for the gloomy mood that I am in. Love it!

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