Art Wall REVEALED + a Giveaway

Remember when Joslyn, Erin and I revealed our Art Wall challenge and the prints our husbands picked out? – In my case it was the Lovebirds by Rene Mijares. Well, I had to end up creating a “small space” art wall with the prints I selected to go with the Lovebirds piece. It was a blast looking through all of the amazing pieces on Minted. In the end, I decided that a total of three prints would fit perfectly above my couch, which needed a little re-design anyway. It has had the same look for over a year now. I decided to go with a large sized abstract piece called Radiance and then a smaller photo called Runaway that reminded me of the beautiful bay that surrounds us. Now for the big reveal . . . .

I’m thrilled with the way my art wall turned out. It completely freshened up my living room space. Now the fun begins for you – Minted wanted to give one lucky reader their very own piece of art for their home. Pretty awesome, right?

Here’s how to enter the Minted art giveaway:

~ Leave a comment on this post, telling us which piece of art is your favorite from Minted and where you would put it in your house. That’s it! Just be sure to include your email address.

One winner will be selected from Apartment 34, Simple Lovely and Sacramento Street. The winner can then select the piece of art of their choice in any size they desire!

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced across all three blogs on Monday, December 10th!

UPDATE: Congrats to Erika for being the winner this time! You’ll be receiving an email shortly.

Good luck friends!


  1. Christine p

    Love the colors in Twisted Horizon, Radiance is awesome too! Both would look great on our fireplace mantle

  2. bonnie

    I love the line quality in the B&W 1 by koshi (the largest size, of course!) — and would hang it in my dining room. There is a large wall that would fit a square picture just perfectly!

  3. Chloe Moon

    Oh I love it! I think the frames look great and they match your lil tables so it looks very complete! =)

    I love the summer pickled poppies print! It’s so pretty and would look lovely in my foyer when you first walk into my condo! =)

  4. Stacy

    I’m so glad I recently found your blog! My favorite is the “I Love San Francisco” print, and I’d love to hang it in my bedroom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Dani

    I love natures confetti!

  6. elissa

    awesome giveaway! i’ve been jones-ing for some art in my office and I think ‘stones’ would be a perfect statement pieces. we have a monochromatic vibe going and this would fit right in. fingers crossed!

  7. Claire B

    I love Minted prints and your blog! My favorite prints would be Twister Horizon or Nature’s Confetti.

  8. Sonja

    I love the B&W Jetty Art Prints. It looks like a bathroom print to me. Calming…

  9. Tiffany Bolton

    tiffanyabolton at
    I love twisted horizon!

  10. Paula Hamben

    Rooftops of Paris. I would place it in a guest bedroom which has many treasures from our travels.

  11. This Is Dru O.

    Alright – so when you’re in NYC, we’re having a fiesta again and you’re gonna help me spruce up my pad because this is my speed. Deal, lady? πŸ™‚

  12. Julie

    My favorite is “balance”. Would be so peaceful in a bathroom or reading nook

  13. Sarah

    I would love the ‘Wood Grain Hearts’ by Max and Bunny in my house. More specifically, I would love this piece in my living room over my couch! It would go PERFECTLY with my yellow geometric rug and rich wood grains!

    Crossing my fingers!

  14. Jessie

    I love the kitchen dance! My kitchen needs some artwork badly!

  15. Jessica Weinberg

    LOVE “Peonies in Vase” – I would hang it right about my desk in my home office. It is gorgeous and goes wonderfully with the color palette.

  16. Maresa

    I love the Escape print!

  17. julie s

    I love your art wall selections! My favourite from minted is constellation in indigo. I’d add this piece to my growing art wall in my living room!

  18. Leah

    I have been admiring the Constellation print for quite some time now. I imagine it would be a lovely addition to our tiny gallery wall here in our DC apartment. I would hope it would remind me of home, in Louisiana where on most nights you can actually see the stars! πŸ™‚

  19. Ty

    I adore the Afternoon in San Francisco print. I’m from Sacramento and always enjoyed trips to the city when I was little. It would be nice to see a small bit of home in my New York apartment.
    I’d love to set this in a white frame and place it on the exposed brick wall to be the start a small collection.

  20. Phoebe

    I love the City at Night print and the Constellation print. I see so many I like that would look great in different situations! It’s hard to choose.

  21. melissa

    caitlin ~ this is stunning! i love what you did with the prints/art and how it just made your living area shine so beautifully. absolutely lovely!

    as for the one sweet item i would snag in a heartbeat, the
    je t’aime in bubblegum. i bet you can guess where it will hang? right above the crumb’s bed!

  22. andrea

    i love the serene forest print!

  23. Sara

    this is beautiful! you really have such great taste.

  24. Anastasia

    not sure if I should comment here as well) but just can’t not tell that I love the prints and colors you chose, makes it look so fresh and sharp and beautiful. as for me, I love the Escape artwork, but I did comment on that at apartment 34 already)

  25. Liz

    I’m in love with Highway Wildflowers! Our master bedroom desperately needs some decoration/inspiration on the wall and this will be perfect!!!

  26. Meagans

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would choose Rooftops of Paris because my family went to Paris this past May and had a wonderful time. I would consider putting it in the nursery and then pull out colors from the print for the walls and decor.

  27. Drew |Catfish&Caviar

    Love this giveaway! My fave is the Highway Wildflowers.

  28. Andrea

    I love the Celebrate print in yellow! It would look great on an odd, blank wall in m’bedroom.

  29. Brooke Mowry

    Hard choice! Love the collection of prints you chose, they look amazing together!!! Right now I’m loving Twisted Horizon, for the sense of peace/calm the photo evokes. (Runaway was my #2 and after seeing it on your wall, def would love to get these together!!)

  30. Hanna

    I love minted!! Your prints look great, where did you get them framed? I think my favorite is Ode to Joy, and i would put it on a big blank wall in our living room!
    Fantasticafternoon at yahoo dot com

  31. patricia

    I love the Tributary on the Coast. I would put it above my couch in my living room.

  32. Kelly Mitchell

    I love the Radiance print in the coral/deep turquoisey blue combo.

  33. Jessi Rayhill

    Hello! I love the “Garden Composition” print in blueberry. I would put it above my couch in my living room and currently have the perfect pillows to coordinate.

  34. Erika

    I adore the love birds. I picked the “Downtown” for my bedroom but it was a tough many gorgeous options!

  35. Jenn Shin

    I love the piece Highway Wildflowers Art Prints, and I would place it in my bedroom!

  36. Victoria S.

    I love Deer Flirtation! It would go in my living room.

  37. Amy F.

    In A Row. I’d put it in our empty hallway.

  38. Erica

    I love Radiance in the Blue Haze. It would go in my bedroom!

  39. Chelsea

    I LOVE the Twisted Horizon and I would put it in my new dining room!

  40. Britt

    Love the Home Sweet Home print and the Runaway print. So many lovely options

  41. Lettie

    I love “I Love San Francisco”! πŸ™‚

  42. Annie

    I love the bright and cheery colors in the highway wildflowers print by kelli hall. So gorgeous. That baby would go up in my bedroom!

  43. Karen

    I love the Heaven print! “Good design goes straight to heaven & bad design goes everywhere” too funny!

  44. Jill

    Love the Peonies in a Vase by Kelli Hall. I would put it in my little girl’s room.

  45. Freja

    I really like Nature’s Confetti print!

  46. Gillian Feldman

    twisted horizon
    wild and free
    on the charles | cambridge

    Sort of obsessed with ALL three. I’m thinking living room.

  47. Ashley

    That radiance print is beautiful. I’d love the purple haze for my office.

  48. Ines

    I love the beige and blue shading πŸ™‚

  49. Yelle

    So hard to pick one! But I love the Zou Bisou print a la Mad Men! It would look beautiful in my home office!

  50. Elyse G

    There are SO many great ones to choose from! I think I really love the glyphs prints. *fingers crossed*

  51. Elsbeth von Thurn

    Wow, I can’t believe I’d never been to this gorgeous shop! My personal favorite is one of the girliest –

    I’d put it in our pale green dining room.

  52. Kate Petersen

    J’adore the Rooftops of Paris print. It would really brighten up my bedroom πŸ™‚

  53. Kate

    The half & half one, it’s lovely & calming. I would put it above our bed. Thanks for the opportunity

  54. Leslie

    I love radiance and it would look stunning in my bedroom!

  55. Norma

    My favorite if the Serene Forest Print. I would display it on my livingroom wall Above the sofa.

  56. jane

    i love the twisted horizon print and would put it in my boys’ room! a reminder of limitless possibilities!

  57. Ursula Kofalt

    I love the highway wildflowers print! Love the bright colors, I would put this print up in my bedroom so I would wake up happy each day!

  58. Liz Magee

    The favorite for me is the ‘Something Borrowed’ print. It reminds me of so many lazy summer days I spent at the public library with my mom and my little brother back in the day. I love how old school it is with the card catalog representation. I would hang it in my living room-it would be a great addition to the gallery wall I am currently trying to put together. Great giveaway!

  59. Jamie Herzlinger

    Love the artwork! Small things can make a big difference!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  60. Abi

    My fav print at is the Space Needle because it reminds me of home (Seattle).

  61. LB

    Artwork is amazing and a great price. I really like “tributary on the coast”

  62. Heather

    I LOVE the peonies in vase art print!

  63. Heather

    I LOVE the peonies in vase art print! I would hang it in my bedroom as a part of the gallery wall above my dresser!

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