ShoeMint Giveaway: Boots, Boot, Boots!

Boot season is quite possibly my favorite time of year. The weather is now colder than normal in San Francisco and in my opinion the only option for shoes is boots –  a personal favorite. ShoeMint is a fabulous collaboration between Rachel Bilson and Steve Madden. They have come together to create an eye catching line of boots for everyone.

In order to show you an array of different styles from ShoeMint I had my cousin and I pick out our favorite boots to photograph in a shoot with Emily Anderson. She immediately went for the Holly in army green (which I fell in love with) and I chose the Esther for it’s sleek and clean aesthetic.

What she loved about the Holly was the double zipper look and that it came in a dark army green suede – a perfect color for her wardrobe. Plus they look like a boot both my cousin and I have been coveting, but at a better price point – only $79.95!

The Esther is the classic booties that you can pair with rolled up jeans for a lunch date or dress it up with tights and a skirt for a nighttime look. I love how the suede continued onto the heel.

Today ShoeMint is giving away one pair of boots to THREE readers!

So, which pair do you have your heart set on? Hop over to ShoeMint to take a look at the boots they have in stock and then come back and comment on which pair you’d love to wear this winter. I’m telling you, these boots are even better in person.

Contest ends Friday at midnight. Good luck friends!

PS. Don’t forget you get 30% off your first order here and it’s free to sign up!

UPDATE: Congrats to Samantha, Camille and Lauren for being our winners this time! You’ll be receiving an email shortly.

Photos by Emily Anderson


  1. Jessi Rayhill

    I love the Esther boots in Cheetah!

  2. Jeanna

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win the Esther boot in Taupe

    Thanks so much

  3. Laura Lou

    Oh, I love the Abigail! Or the Holly! Love ShoeMint!

  4. Lindsay

    loving the caitlin!

  5. Jessica B

    I’m digging the Esther boots!! And the Koko flats! And…

  6. laura

    I’m really liking the Holly!

  7. Caroline

    The Esther in Taupe is absolutely lovely! It would be perfect for traipsing to class through the late winter/early spring.

  8. samira

    I love the holly!!!!

  9. Christina

    I love the heather in cognac!

  10. Chanel

    The Abigails!! The Abigails in taupe!!

  11. Isabelle

    The holly boots are gorgeous in both colors!

  12. Aracely Campbell

    Loving the Melissa in Taupe suede!!!! I have been wanting them for a while!!
    Hope to be that lucky winner :))

  13. Sara Frias

    Love all but the Nancy in wine catched my eye.

  14. Erica

    love the esther in taupe!!!

  15. Lauren

    Love the Leila in black!

  16. Patsy

    Love your choices, but I’ve been eyeing the candy in wine for months.

  17. Sarah

    I love the Holly!

  18. Megan

    I love these boots! My fave heels from Shoemint are the Gelareh in wine patent! Awesome giveaway!!!

  19. Catherine

    I love the Esther in taupe!

  20. Jillian

    the pair I would LOVE to have are the Holly boots! They look awesome on your cousin with dark skinnies and would be the perfect addition to my SF wardrobe all year round. So excited!

  21. Kaylin

    The Holly! It would be glorious to rock a pair in Minnesota.

  22. Tara

    Melissa, Abigail and Esther!

  23. Lisa

    I love the Heather boots in classic cognac!

  24. Christine

    Esther in Taupe!

  25. Annabelle

    The Holly’s great!

  26. Julia

    The Holly in brown is to die!!

  27. Lauren

    I love the Holly in Green you featured in your post! I am waiting on the Abigail’s in the mail:) Love Shoemint!

  28. meredith

    I like the heather in brown!!

  29. heather

    esther in taupe!

  30. Jackie

    I love the Esther in black! I’ve been looking for a pair just like this! fingers crossed 🙂

  31. Samantha Penner

    I love the Candy boots! Thank you for the intro to Shoe Mint! xo

  32. Karena

    Adore the Caitlin/ if out then the Melissa, Yum in taupe!

    Love & Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  33. Karen

    i’m eyeing the cacee boots

  34. Marta

    Love both the Holly in the olive green and the Suki in wine!!

  35. Shelby

    I’m head over boots for the Meghan! Xo

  36. christina

    Love the Holly in green and would gladly make room in my closet for it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  37. cellia
    love it!!!

  38. Stephanie

    Claire. Most definitely the Claire boots. I would wear those quite a bit.

  39. Laura

    I’d go for the Chelsea – so cute!

  40. Laura

    Oops – I don’t know where I got Chelsea from. I meant the Melissa 🙂

  41. Rebecca

    Loving the Esther booties. Both the taupe and black are fantastic!

  42. Cassie

    I love the Cacee boot!!

  43. jane

    I love the Holly in green!

  44. jane

    it’s great looking!

  45. jane

    I have left two comments!!!!

  46. Amber

    I love the super cute Viola boots, and the Stephenie boots! Thanks so much 🙂

  47. Annie

    I love the Nelle boots!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. Marla

    Holly in Olive Green! <3

  49. Lisa // Elembee

    I love the Nelle in Cognac! They’re very similar to my cognac boots that are probably in the middle of their last winter.

  50. Claire Mills

    Hello, this is so bizarre! I love Goop which is how I found your site. I live in Sacramento so I had to click on the link. My name is Claire, and my sister’s name is Caitlin. Also I grew up in the Bay Area. Quite the set of coincidences. Anyhoo, I am really in love with the Holly in the green color…size 8. Super cool.

  51. kim

    All of these boots rock and are way more awesome than the Frye boots I have been coveting. Thank you Sacramentostreet for turnng me on to Shoemint. While Holly, Meghan and Stephenie all look way more luxurious than thier $89 price tag, if I were to choose just one I would choose the Holly because they are the most unique.

  52. Nia pena

    Claire boots in size 7 1/2, please!

  53. Elena Vo

    Abigail in Taupe, please 🙂 I’ve been good all year!

  54. Brittany Boomhower

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Holly!!! (Cute model, too!) Plus, the Esther’s are adorable. Can’t go wrong!

  55. jodi

    I would LOVE LOVE the Holly boots, in green & an 8.5 !

  56. Corina Nika

    Oh my GOD!
    I’ve been in love with these ankle boots for like ages now!
    Such an amazing Giveaway thank you for sharing!

    So, i’ve been on their store about 30 minutes now and it’s so difficult to decide. The ones i loved where these ones:

    Good luck everyone!

  57. Jessica

    The Esther in leopard is pretty amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Kim

    Either the heather or the holly are my favs

  59. MeaganS

    I love the Esther boots in Cheetah!

  60. Susan

    I love the Esther boots that you’re wearing Caitlin! Those are beyond perfect, what a staple! I’d love to have those in my closet!

  61. Rachel Iris

    Holly in Army green please. SO good! xx

  62. Vanessa Coker

    Holly in black!

  63. Mai-Brit

    I adore shoemint and I have to say the unique color of the Holly has stolen my heart…love the unexpected but goes with everything army green.

  64. Betsy

    Love the Abigal in black.

  65. Alina

    oh..Esther in Taupe are my favourite! so clean and chic

  66. Lizzie

    Oh my, I would love the Candy in grey!
    It was challenging selecting just one pair.

  67. Becca

    So hard to chose! I love the Nancy and the Abi…

  68. Camille

    I’d go with Esther…need a classic, chic black bootie. 🙂

    Cheers. Great site. I found you via Goop!

  69. Lacey

    I would definitely choose the Nancy in wine. I’m already mentally pairing it with outfits in my closet.

  70. Melissa

    I would loveeeee the Esther in taupe. I need a good boot like that 🙂

  71. patricia

    I love the Holly!

  72. Victoria S.

    Love the Esther in Taupe!

  73. Ashley Callen

    Love the Courtney in tomato. So fun for summer w/ a white sundress.

  74. Jill Cavanaugh

    Holly is awesome … I love the zippers!!!! And the army green is perfect!

  75. Melanie Hurt

    I’d pick the Nelle in black. The basic tall boot that looks super comfy! Thanks!

  76. Jennifer Dysart

    I love the Holly in Olive (though I like the Heather in brown too)! Oh heck they are all cute! <3

  77. Clare

    My BF’s name is Holly, so quite fitting that I think the khaki green Holly is the raddest bootie ever!!

  78. Ines

    Even though I like the taupey Melissa Boots, which unfortunately are sold out, I’d love to win the taupe Esther Booties 🙂

  79. Jovana

    I adore Esther Taupe Suede, size 8! Thanks 🙂

  80. Leslie Grove

    I love the Esther- in any (well, all) colors!
    – Leli

  81. Tonka

    I love Holly in brown.

  82. Tara

    i love the holly as well!

  83. andrea

    i love the esther booties too!

  84. Liz Figler

    I love ‘Stephanie’

  85. Ali

    Love the Claire!

  86. Chelsey

    I would love love love the Heather boots in either black or brown.

  87. Ines

    I love your choise Catlin!

  88. Katrina

    I love the ‘holly’ boots!!!

  89. Eve

    I love the Holly!! It’s absolutely the perfect boot for fall and winter, especially in Army. The dark green suede makes the boot so unique! The Holly boot would totally complete my shoe wardrobe for the season 🙂 XOXO.

  90. Amanda

    Holly all the way!

  91. Margarita

    Dear Santa, I LOVE the Esther in tan!

  92. Jane

    I love the Meghan boots!

  93. Emily dade

    I adore the ester pair!

  94. Laura

    I would love either the Holly for winter or the Mary for summer!

  95. ashley e

    Esther boots!!! LOVE the slouch.

  96. Bella Mosqueda


    hope i win xx

  97. Tera

    Cacee in black or Holly in army green 🙂

  98. Kaitlin

    Well, since I’m Kaitlin, I have to say the Caitlin is my fave 🙂

  99. Timmy

    The Melissa 🙂

  100. lisa

    The Esther for me!

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