Getaway: The Carneros Inn

I have to admit – I’ve driven past The Carneros Inn on every trip to Napa. When you pass it you see a long eight foot high wall along the road. I had always wondered what the other side was like. When my mom asked where we should go for a little getaway after the holiday madness, it came to mind. Since I had always wanted to stay there and we both needed a little R & R, it seemed like the perfect place to go.

As we entered The Carneros Inn we were instantly transported into what felt like heaven. We drove up the road to the Hilltop where we were greeted with a glass of delicious wine, taken to our cottage that had a stunning fireplace already going, an outdoor shower and private garden. Once we were unpacked we looked at each other and both had the giddy feeling like Kate Winslet from The Holiday – when she jumps on the bed and does an air guitar dance. We didn’t want to leave the 27 acre property the entire time. With three restaurants, a spa and market on property we honestly didn’t have to leave.

What makes The Carneros Inn unique is you feel like you are the only guests when you are out and about exploring – it’s peaceful, serene and the crisp Napa air makes all of your worries go away. You feel like you are on cloud nine.

So, if you are planning a trip to Napa I highly recommend staying here – start your morning with a walk to the Market for the Bellman breakfast sandwich and latte. Then walk the property back to your room. Enjoy a few hours by the pool, go to the spa or relax in your private garden. Then freshen up for dinner at Farm – the lobster risotto I had brought back memories of my trip to Maine. Then end the night enjoying a cocktail by the outdoor fire. Now, doesn’t that make you want to go?

As my mom and I left our girls weekend we were already planning our next trip back.

Photos by Caitlin Flemming

“Getaway” is a new feature that will be appearing on Sacramento Street to document my travels. I’m hoping to make it a monthly feature. If you have a favorite hotel in your city that you think should be featured please leave a comment or email me. I’ll be traveling a far amount in 2013 and hopefully it’ll be to a city you recommend!


  1. Amanda

    Oh, my, my! Every image was more enthralling than the last. Love this!

  2. heather

    i’ve stayed there! my husband and i spent 3 days of our california road trip honeymoon at the carneros. it is a spectacular place! we keep dreaming of ways to get back there. if only it weren’t so expensive to fly from new jersey to san francisco on a whim…

  3. Chloe Moon

    What a dream place! I love that they have bicycles…I would definitely take a lil bike ride there!

  4. Karen

    Woweee at$1600 a night I’d better get saving! Awesome

  5. caitlin

    Heather – it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon. You should come back for an anniversary.

    Karen – the rooms start at $360 a night. Depending on the time of year and day of the week you can get a pretty good price. It’s a splurge but totally worth it!

  6. azrakun

    I love this section and this hidden CA places I had no idea about…

  7. Kirby

    This looks ah-mazing! And I am so excited about this new series!

  8. shelley

    Carneros Inn is so wonderful! Had the opportunity to visit and stay with a friend there last year. Can’t wait to go back!!

  9. kim

    what lovely photos and recap! i’ve also driven by there many times and have always wanted to stay (we usually stay in downtown napa)…i’m thinking this is great excuse for a romantic weekend away!

  10. Lauren | Seventeenth

    This place looks so stunning – I’ve had it on my “to visit” list for a while! Looks like you had an amazing trip!

  11. Paula Hamben

    Great photos!! I love to travel so I am looking forward to these segments.

  12. Tiffany @ Savor Home

    Fabulous photos! I am planning a trip to Napa this summer, so I will definitely have to check this out! i’m going to love this series… 🙂

  13. Grant K. Gibson

    What an amazing trip away.
    I love trips that you don’t even have you travel far to- but yet are worlds away.
    Your photos are AMAZING!

  14. Joan Troyer

    I love the photos. I feel like I needed a break.

  15. Priscilla Joy

    Beautiful place.
    Have a great day. xx

  16. kathy farrell

    My favorite close-by hotel to stay at for a weekend overnight is the Berkeley City Club. Once you enter the hotel you feel as if you are in a European hotel in another era. The rooms are unique, the various sitting rooms and gardens to read and reflect in make it the special place it is. Not to forget the amazing indoor pool that has to be seen and experienced to really appreciate. Julia Morgan, the architect, knew what she was doing when she created this oasis in the city. Hope you can check it out.

  17. classiq

    Oh it’s beautiful! It looks so serene and relaxing.

  18. bestie

    it had me at the outdoor shower. makes me want to book a trip today. dreaming….

  19. Justine

    This was such an amazing review and I instantly wished I was staying there as we speak! It sounds very relaxing and like a perfect place to stay in Napa. Definitely bookmarking this for when I decide to travel to Napa!

  20. Natasha

    Caitlin! These pics are AMAZING!!

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