I’m Loving . . .

Vintage Barcelona chairs floating from the wall.

Large over-sized watches.

New blog to follow that I can’t get enough of – Decade Diary.

Neutral work spaces that are full of inspiration.

And lastly, chic street style even when it’s raining.


  1. Karen

    That blog is AMAZE! What a find! Thank you Caitlin. Full of such beautiful things.

  2. Christina@greige

    I have seen the oversize watches lately and I love the look! Have a great weekend.

    Best, Christina

  3. Cassandra

    Thank you for linking to us! Isn’t that work space gorgeous?

    xo Cassandra
    Chic Coles

  4. Erin

    Loving the last image! The colder or rainy weather is great just for the coats alone. A beautiful coat can dress any outfit up. I love that!

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