I’m Loving . . .

Beautifully arranged spaces (here and here).

All blacks ensembles for gloomy rainy days.

A loft space I would definitely consider moving into.

Vegetable medleys over quinoa have been making a regular appearance in our house. I will be trying this recipe over the weekend.

Joslyn’s blog post on Amanda Brooks.

You have to work hard to pursue your dreams, and this quote definitely resonates with me these days.


  1. Julie

    What is that beautiful thing above the mantel? LOVE.

  2. Clara

    I’m all for full black ensembles. Very classic look & glad you featured it! Have a great weekend.

  3. Sandra


    The large, round white object above the mantel is a collapsable feather headdress from the Bamileke peoples of the Cameroon. Dancers of the Kuosi regulatory society wear the headdress on top of a long, beaded elephant mask. The feather headdress is traditionally all red (from the few tail feathers of the African grey parrot) and is approximately 32″ in circumference. Copies of the unused (undanced) headdresses can be found; they are commonly known as “juju hats” and many of them are rather small. AfricaDirect sells various sizes on eBay. If you want an authentic (ritually used) one, you can start by researching reputable African art dealers. Hope this info helps!

    See Dr. Rosalyn Adele Walker, The Arts of Africa at The Dallas Museum of Art, p. 70.

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