New Year, New Inspirations

All of us have a different way at looking at the New Year. I think of it as a time to reset myself and my intentions, so I can see what needs to stay and what needs should potentially go. There are new goals to achieve and new inspirations to be had. The most important thing for me this year is to take leaps of faith but to remember to not make unrealistic goals because there are so many more years to come. With that being said, here are my goals and inspirations for 2013.

Travel both near and far.

Getting on a plane or in a car gets my heart racing. It’s the unknown that lies ahead – not knowing what will happen, what I’ll see and what will inspire me. This year there are already adventures planned that I’m excited to embark upon.

Remember to breath.

Okay, I know this sounds silly but honestly being 100% freelance has me going, going and going none stop. I need to remember to shut my computer, step away and get recharged. It will only help me focus and get inspired with the city around me.

Forget the comparisons.

It’s hard to not compare yourself to others and I know I shouldn’t, but I do. There are always going to be smarter and more talented individuals out there but I have to remind myself to focus on what I’m talented at and what my strengths are that help me. If I focus on that I will grow as a person.

Cherish our home.

Both Eric and I have dream about having a larger apartment in the city, but quite honestly we realized that we’re lucky to have a home that is beautiful and in a neighborhood that we love. This year, we’re going to cherish the space we have and save for our next home, even if it means living in a small space for a few more years.

Enjoy the simple things.

This is something I’ve been embracing for a while. It’s all about the little moments that we sometimes overlook that mean the most. Whether it’s going for a walk around the neighborhood, making dinner at home with Eric, or getting to know the check out girl at my local grocery store – these things makes me realize I’ve built a life that I love.

Keep dreaming big.

Starting out this year working for myself is an amazing feeling. The fact that I’m mapping out my own path with new business ideas (which are launching in the near future), collaborating on fun projects, and that I have a lot of ideas I want to work on, is the perfect way to start out a new year. When I was little my parents told me that you should love what you do and to always dream big. I’ve definitely been following that advice in 2013. There is no better time to do this!

So, now that I’ve shared my goals for 2013, what are your goals? Have you made any small or big resolutions? I’d love for you to share!

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  1. sharon

    you are very, very talented (just remember it next time you compare yourself to others:)

  2. Tricia Rose

    It is true that you work harder when you work for yourself, so all your resolutions are needed – it’s a wonderful journey!

  3. Kirby

    I love this list! My fiance and are saving up for a few big trips this year (including our honeymoon) so that means less dinners out. I’m going to make a note to try to enjoy our tiny apartment and cooking in more.

  4. AVK

    remember to breath – on my list too. x

  5. Rhea Abahazy

    Amen to not comparing yourself to others. With so many extraordinary, creative people to follow on blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, etc (like yourself)…it’s hard not to!

  6. Desirae

    Hi there, you have such a beautiful blog, it’s very inspiring and so glad I found it! I am an Interior Designer and just started my own business and blog (the blog wasn’t planned, but it’s been very fun and good creative outlet for me) a year ago. It’s been a crazy, life changing year for me, not to mention a bit scary. I’m on board with the comparisons resolution, it’s hard but I always try to remember each individual brings something different table and that’s what makes them unique.
    Good luck in 2013!!

  7. Dori

    Amen Sister!

  8. Julie

    You’re such an inspiration. Great goals for the year!!!!

  9. Bethany {at} Powell

    i love the part about ditching the comparisons – does ya no good. i need to work on that too

  10. sweet & spark

    Amen sista! Looking forward to dreaming big myself with the recent launch of my new site, sweet & spark. My goal is to make vintage jewelry cool again & accessible to the mass.

    I recently moved back to SF, maybe we can catch a cup of coffee sometime. Sounds like we have a lot in common 🙂


  11. Kyong

    I loved this post. I have to remind myself to quit looking ahead & enjoy the present! XO

  12. Heidi

    Stopping the comparisons is a huge one of mine too. So hard to not feel so much pressure in the blogosphere. Just trying to be content with who I am, where I’m at. Looking forward to seeing all of your new ventures!

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