Weekend Inspiration

This weekend is focused around cleaning, styling and prepping for a Monday photo shoot. I’m excited to share this special project in an upcoming feature – don’t worry, it will be revealed soon. All this prepping is getting me in the mood to redecorate. Do you ever get that urge? It has happened to me. Maybe it’s the warmer weather we’re having or because I’m thinking about a few design projects. This entry in particular has me inspired – from the beautiful tile floor, to the white bike (I’m dying for one), to the light fixture . . . I love it all.

Have a splendid weekend everyone!

Photo from el ramla hamra


  1. Annabelle

    What gorgeous patterns!

  2. Natalie Croswell

    I just redecorated and am dying for your stamp of approval. So you have to come over soon 🙂

    And I, also, love that light fixture.

  3. andy

    That looks awesome!! Love the bike, too. 🙂

  4. classiq

    The light piece is beautiful! I would love a white bike too. 🙂

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