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Alameda Flea Market, Here We Come!

I’m excited to announce that Grant K. Gibson and I will be selling at this Sundays Alameda Flea Market! We have two truck loads of fabulous furniture, lighting, rugs, textiles, art, antiques we’ve both bought around the world and much more. There will be tons of items that you’ve seen from both of our apartments that are being sold.

I can’t wait to see these items go to good homes. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

8 responses to Alameda Flea Market, Here We Come!

  • I was planning on visiting for the first time this Saturday and now I am really excited!!!

  • Megan Clouse says:

    Oh yay!! I was on the fence about attending in August but you just might have tipped me to the other side.

  • Ooooh, exciting news! I think I’m going to have to come take a peak at all your goodies :)

  • So badly wish we could come! I’m sure there are 23049234 goodies to be had. Have fun! xo Big Hugs @ Waiting on Martha

  • Natalie Croswell says:

    If only I didn’t have a particular prior engagement… 😉

  • Tia says:

    Good luck with your sale! Any chance you can provide the link to the original photo on the right of the poster? I love it and would like to have it as my inspiration photo.

    • Caitlin says:

      Thanks! It’s a poster for a Picasso exhibit in Barcelona. There were only 150 made. Found it at a flea market.

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