Rebranding: Business Cards

Since launching Caitlin Flemming Design,¬† I’ve been brainstorming how to create a business card that embodies both businesses. When brainstorming design ideas there were a few key design aspects I wanted to achieve – it needed to be minimal, a grey font, and I wanted my signature to add a personal touch.

That’s when I turned to the ever so talented Hanna of Gadabout. After a couple design phone calls she created a beautiful letterpress business card that I’m absolutely in love with. It makes me incredibly excited to pass these newbies out and as I sit here looking at them sitting on my desk, I’m giddy about the way they turned out. They’re perfection!

 Business Cards by Gadabout | Photos by Caitlin Flemming


  1. Susan Brinson

    Looks beautiful! Love those.

  2. Jessica

    These look so amazing sweetie!!

  3. Amy


  4. Classiq

    They are beautiful and elegant!

  5. SavvyinSanFrancisco

    I love them! They are gorgeous! Such a great and simple way to incorporate both sides of you!

  6. Julie

    these are really and truly perfect! I love them.

  7. Julie

    these are really and truly perfect! I love them!

  8. stew

    What font was used for Caitlin in the top left?


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