Five Things To Do This Fall

Fall | Sacramento Street

1. Take advantage of these beautiful, clear and chilly days before the weather changes.

2.┬áTake a road trip to go Apple picking (something I’ve always wanted to do).

3. Go shopping for key layering pieces like this sweater, coat, scarf and booties.

4. Try a few new recipes – like this banana bread and this fig appetizer for a dinner party.

5. Enjoy lazy Sundays reading a book or magazine with no agenda to worry about.

Do you have things that you want to do this fall?


  1. Sarah

    I’ve always wanted to go apple picking! I’ve never been!

  2. Jessie

    I adore this list! I miss having a real autumn in Northern California, it’s still 80 degrees here in Southern California!
    My favorite place for apple picking (and apple butter, apple cider, apple donuts, apple fritters, apple pie…etc) in Northern California is Apple Hill. (
    There’s also some LOVELY wineries in the area to end the day with a little wine tasting. Lava Cap is a personal favorite. (
    Enjoy the season!

    1. Caitlin

      Jessie, thank you for all of these recommendations! I’m definitely going to go when I get back from my trip!

  3. Camille

    That fig appetizer looks amazing! And I’ve always wanted to go apple picking.

  4. Chelsea

    An uninterrupted Sunday morning is calling my name!

  5. Amy @ TAMGtL

    I agree. Except I make banana bread muffins. (So much easier.)

  6. Brenda

    1. Make a veggie soup with Swiss cheese pannini.
    2. Look at the moon as it waxes.
    3. Say aloud three things you are grateful for, before going to bed.
    4. Wear perfume to bed and sleep with the window open so the quilt is pulled up high – then you’ll smell the perfume.
    5. Change your pillowcases every other day.

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