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Four Favorites

Four Favorites | Sacramento StreetIn this cold and rainy weather I just want to stay indoors. Unfortunately, that can’t happen. There are errands to run and clients to meet with. When the weather changes do you ever find yourself uninspired? I forgot what it was like to dress for the rain . . . and I’m from the Pacific Northwest. So before I go out into the rain I decided that first I’d put together a few go-to outfits to get me excited in the morning. Boots are a must for rainy days, paired with a cozy sweater, yummy scarf and then layer on a fun vest – I’m in love with this Madewell plaid vest! What do you find yourself wearing on gloomy days?

1. Nordstrom animal print cashmere scarf (25 % off!)

2. Madewell fireside vest

3. Madewell funnelneck sweater

4. Cody over the knee leather riding boots


2 responses to Four Favorites

  • I need another pair of boots like a whole in the head, but might have to spring for these beauties!!!


    • Caitlin says:

      Glad I could introduce you to these. They are even better in person! Hope to see you soon Cristin! xx

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