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Four Favorites

Four Favorites | Sacramento Street

I’ve found myself gravitating towards all of my winter clothes. Our nights have been quite chilly here. With that being said, as I was putting together this gift guide I saw myself adding these four items to my wishlist. One of which I ended up getting for myself – and I’ve worn it almost everyday since it arrived.

Do you have any cozy items that are keeping you warm during these cold days?

1.) Jocelyn Rabbit Black Hair Scarf from Otte

2.) J.Crew Ivory Fair Isle Sweater (30% off with code HOLIDAY)

3.) Authier Quilted Jacket from J.Crew

4.) Isabel Marant Nowles Shearling-lined Wedge Boots

More cold weather favorites!

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  • Jennie says:

    Hi Caitlin-
    I love your blog however I was disappointed to see two fur items being recommended in this post, made of raccoon and rabbit respectively. Keep up the great posts but perhaps offer some faux fur options for your readers:) They look just as good and are cruelty free.

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