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Four Favorites

Four FavoritesWhen the infinity scarf first came out years ago, I was not into it. At the time I loved tying my scarves in different ways. I wanted and thought it would make me look more Parisian. It probably didn’t. The infinity scarf took away all of the fun of tying my scarves in different ways. But then a few years ago I got one as a Christmas present. I decided to give it a chance. Well . . . I have to tell you, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it. First of all, you don’t risk losing it – something that happened to me quite often. Second, it just stays – which makes it easy and hassle-free. I find myself only grabbing at my infinity scarves these days.

So today I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites that I simply cannot live without. I’m known as the scarf woman – I wear one every day.

1. Pointelle Knit Infinity Scarf

2. Portolano Eternity Scarf

3. Chevron Checker Infinity Scarf (30% off with code GIFTNOW)

4. Fine Collection Wool Cashmere Infinity Scarf


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