I’m Loving . . .

navy and black

I’ve been on a navy and black kick with my outfits this winter – and this makes me love it even more.


I’m attempting to clean out my workspace before 2014 gets here – I hope it looks something like this in the end.

Sara Kate Studio

Every single thing in this instagram that Sara Kate Studios posted is perfection – if you don’t follow her I highly recommend it. You’ll be inspired by every post.

cookie making

This weekend I’m finally going to get into the kitchen to bake some holiday cookies. I love the idea of using old glasses to make patterns. Genius!

pajamas all day

This weekend I might spend an entire day in my pajamas – it sounds like a luxury and something I need. Don’t you just feel like you need to do it sometimes?


  1. Sara

    I saw that vintage glass cookie idea too! Such a great idea. Also, now following sarakatestudios on insta!

  2. Meredith

    You’re right, the idea of using old glasses for making cookie patterns is wonderful!

  3. thefolia

    Yes, I did it today! Viva la pajamas!

  4. Charlotte

    This is such a sweet post, I’d never seen Sara Kate Studios before but seriously, what gorgeous photography! x


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