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Four Favorites | Sacramento Street

The next few months are filled with tons of trips for both work and pleasure. We’re kicking off this travel mania with a trip to Texas this weekend to visit our new baby nephew. I have to tell you, both of us are giddy thinking about meeting him. But before we leave it’s packing time. I have one rule when I travel – no checking bags. So I’ve become a bit of an expert on packing light. Only taking the necessary items with me. One question I’ve been asked several times by readers is what to wear and bring onto the plane. I’ve pulled together four of my favorite items that are perfect for any trip.

1. The Stacked-heel Loafer in Black

2. Vince Textured-knit Draped Cardigan

3. Animal Print Woven Cashmere Scarf

4. Clare Vivier Weekender

More travel favorites for any adventure!


  1. Rebecca

    I’d take it all! I love slip off shoes for a plane because then you can take them off easily. I like to bring a pair of socks with me too.

  2. Valerie C

    those shoes are so lovely!

    xx, valerie at lily on fillmore

  3. Julie

    Happy and safe travels!

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