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Something I hope to have in our home one day is a piano – I’m working on a home right now that has one and it has me craving one so badly.

Street Style | damsel in dior


Camel and black are my go to colors this winter – I love the combination together. It’s just so classic!

The Orange in London


I’ve found so many hidden gems (like this) in London while I was there this fall – obviously this means I need to go back for a visit!

Hair style


To be completely honest, I do my hair every day, but I always find myself putting it up an hour later. It’s probably because I’m running around all day. That’s why this chic bun might be my new look.

Moroccan Details


I love the combination of this Moroccan rug and Womb chair. The two together are perfect.

Paris in the winter.


Only a month until I leave for Istanbul and Paris! I’ve been counting down the days and can’t wait to get inspired by both cities. If you have any suggestions for either I would love to hear them.

What are you loving this week?

21 responses to I’m Loving . . .

  • Clara says:

    I try to wear my hair down once a week but the only way it stays down is if I don’t bring a hair tie! What fun trips you have ahead of you!

  • Jessica says:

    Wow I’m lovin this post!!! – that bun looks effortless. Such a great winter shot of Paris – If you have the time try to spend a day or half day at Versailles you wont regret it it is awe inspiring! xo

    • Caitlin says:

      Thanks Jessica! I’m in love with this bun – giving it a whirl tomorrow. I’ll definitely be spending some time in Versailles. Appreciate the tip!

  • I’m loving the Moroccan rug trend as well! Great picks :)

  • Lucy says:

    Maybe I can get my bun to look like that one. Maybe?! These pictures make me happy. Especially the first and last. Oh, simple beauties.

    • Caitlin says:

      I’m attempting the bun tomorrow – let’s hope it comes out this chic. Thanks for commenting!

  • Melissa says:

    ISTANBUL: my husband is from there and we are there every year. So here are my tips 😉


    Hotel and best view for a coffee, tea or cocktail
    *say hello to Alex Varlik from me (hes the owner)

    Small chain,an all the hotels are very classy and unique

    Cafes & Restaurants:
    For Dinner with a view: Ulus 29

    For Breakfast lunch or dinner:
    *Make sure to order a mint lemonade with apples here.

    Dinner with a small party vibe/people watching:

    Another tip if you have time, go for a relaxing day to Suada Beach Club directly on the Bosphorus, so you have a perfect view of asia and europe 😉

    Only a few tips, but i hope this helps a little deciding where to go, its such a big city.

    Greetings from a Georgia girl living in Germany with her turkish husband…;-D Melissa

    • Caitlin says:

      Melissa – thank you so so much for all of these recommendations! All of them look amazing. We rented an apartment but I love both of these hotels! If you have any other recs please let me know. Shopping recs would be amazing!

  • Libbynan says:

    Have you considered camel and gray? It’s a much softer, more sophisticated look. To me anyway, camel and black is good but camel and gray is perfect.

    • Caitlin says:

      Love both camel and gray – I wore that a ton in November/December. That’s why I’ve been switching it up with camel and black. Both are amazing together.

  • Your taste is impeccable!!! I seriously can’t get enough of it!

  • Kate J. says:

    Oh, how I love Paris… Sandro is seriously cheaper in Paris than in the US — make sure you ask for your tax form so that you can get the nearly 20% VAT back at the airport no matter where you go shopping. It helps a lot!

    Paris by Mouth food walking tours are an incredible way to see smaller, lesser known spots for delicious food.

    • Caitlin says:

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll make sure to make note of that with any large purchases, which I’m sure will happen.

  • It’s all about the chignon. Like you, I do my hair each day, but I feel I actually look best with it pulled up and back. A messy chignon or top knot is my favorite way to “undo” my daily “do” in the afternoons. After all, a girl can’t help but feel glamorous this way.

  • Marie says:

    Hi ! I’m french and in my opinion, MERCI is the best concept store in Paris (111, boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris III – to make shopping of course but also drink a tea… It’s a really adorable place where I go everytime I am in Paris.
    Have a nice trip in Europe (and excuse me for my english…)

  • domonique says:

    You are going to *love* the markets in Istanbul! Paris goes without saying…living vicariously.

  • Yanique says:

    Hi there Caitlin!
    I live in Paris and here are some places that you might like:
    – I agree with Marie about Merci concept store ( and the cafe there has the most amzing floor to ceiling wall of books!)
    – Depending on where you’re staying here are the top 5 Cafe shops to sip at – Cafe Lomi, KB cafe shop, Ten belles, Fondation, HolyBelly
    – For shopping – you’ll love the Marais, all the Parisian brands are there: Sandro, Maje, the Kooples, Comtoir de Cotoniers, BA&SH – also try Bimba y Lola ( they are spanish). Freep Star has the best vintage – but you have to be really brave to dig dig dig. I once came away with a Lanvin dress! :)
    – to stay best to book an apart to get a real pasisian feel with Airbnb or Feels like home in Paris.
    – If you go see the Sacre Couer, there is a APC stock store next door at 18 rue Andre del sarte
    75018 Paris
    – ALSO – be very wary of pickpockets at all the metro stops, I can’t tell you how many times, people get pickpocket at the touristy stops.
    – if you want to hang out one night – go to Chez Jeanette for drinks and dinner. A bit dirty but nothing beats the vibe.
    – L’Artisan has great cocktails
    – Le floreal and PNY have great burgers
    – You must take walk down Rue Montorguel – try the salads at Au Rocher Cancal or a drink at Le Marie Stuart.

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