Blooms in Season: February 2014

Blooms in Season | Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

Since we’ve been having such a mild winter it feels like Spring has graced us early here in San Francisco, especially in the flower department. I swear the cherry blossom trees are freaking out wondering why they are blooming two months early. Usually the flower market is only foliage in February but because of this weather the flower market is bursting with a colorful bounty of flowers. That’s why we’re bringing you more of a spring-time arrangement – I’m truly in love with this one. It has me giddy for all of the flowers that are already here and arriving to put in my home. Read on to see what inspired Natalie for this arrangement.

Blooms in Season | Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street 2Blooms in Season | Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

What made you choose these flowers?

I feel as if Spring is in the air at the flower market. We are getting some beautiful Spring blooms and the tulips are starting to really look beautiful.

What makes Daphne special?

Daphne is in my all time top three flowers, if not my very favorite. The scent is the most wonderful, soft, sweet aromatic nose with a touch of citrus. Daphne blooms for only a couple of weeks a year and is not available to be shipped or grown in greenhouses, so it is truly only available for those couple of weeks,which makes it extra unique. The plant can be finicky and is not easy to grow, which lends further to itshard to get qualities.

Blooms in Season | Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento StreetBlooms in Season | Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street 5

I have had trouble with Hellebores but love it. What can you tell me about them?

Hellebores is another plant that is not easy to care for, but so lovely. It is sensitive to getting enough water and can wilt easily. Whenever I see an especially pretty plant, I have to buy it and use it. I just cannot let a hardy hellebores pass me up.

Blooms in Season | Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street 6Are there any tips as to what flowers are best for this time of year?

As we move out of winter and into spring, some of the plants are still a little bare. I suggest not being afraid to use a lot of foliage, especially if you find something as beautiful as this jasmine. Since there isn’t the variety available that we find later in the Spring or Summer, I suggest finding inspiration from the best looking blooms and letting them stand out. Then, fill in with foliage or anything you can find.

Blooms in Season | Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

A huge thank you to Natalie for bringing us a little dose of spring. If you want to check out past Bloom in Season features pop over here.

Until next month!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Caitlin Flemming

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