The Ultimate Nursery Giveaway!

Giggle + Sacramento Street | Nursery GiveawayGiggle + Sacramento Street Giveaway

This year I’ve been fortunate to work on a variety of nurseries. Working with clients to create the perfect nursery has been such a rewarding and fun side of design. With nurseries I’ve been able to play around with color, test out gliders, find out what moms like and dislike, and most importantly have fun with families and help them get excited for their bundle of joy to arrive.

Since I’ve worked on nurseries and have had quite a few mommy-to-be’s emailing me with design questions, I wanted to bring all of you the ultimate giveaway. That’s when I called one of my go-to sources for clients – Giggle. When I mentioned my desire to give one reader their dream nursery – I’m talking furniture, a design plan, the whole enchilada, they jumped at the chance to work together on my vision. Let me tell you, they were beyond generous.

Giggle is giving away a crib, dresser and glider to one lucky Sacramento Street reader. In addition, Caitlin Flemming Design will work with the winner on designing their dream nursery through her Design in a Box service.

1.) The Gustaf Crib | 2.) The Gustaf Dresser | 3.) The Monte Design Como Glider

Entering is easy — simply follow the steps in the widget below and that’s it! You can then opt to submit additional entries. The giveaway runs until 11:00pm PST Friday, March 21st.

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* Giveaway is limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. Giveaway prize is worth approximately $3,500 USD total value. The winner will be contacted via email once comments close at 8:00 pm PT on Friday, March 21st. Once the winner has responded I will announce the winner at the bottom of this post.

This post is brought to you by Giggle + Caitlin Flemming Design. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.


  1. Alice

    Absolutely so generous! What a beautiful nursery this is. Plus Design In a Box …wow!

  2. katlyn a

    I love giggle and I love Sacramento Street… I would love to style our new nursery with two of my favorite’s help!

  3. Marissa

    Fabulous designs! I envision a modern yet cozy nursery with neutral colors but pops of brightness scattered about!

  4. Beth

    lots of texture, minimalistic yet cozy! thanks for the chance:)

  5. Donatella

    This would be a nursery dream come true!!

  6. Ali

    beautiful and classic

  7. Ashley

    Lots and lots of fluffy whites and light, calming greys. My dream nursery is completely natural and ultra cozy!

  8. Lisa

    Love natural wood in a nursery — and it’s so tough to find!

  9. Terri ann

    This is a grandparents dream come true! We have a cute new granddaughter and would love to win this for her room at our house when she comes to visit us!,, Her name is Ava and we love her tons!!!! Ava. Favorite color is purple. We decorate her room with butterflies because she flew into our lives with a blessing of a healthy cute baby girl! My husband calls her Miss Beautiful!! So it is a purple room with a splash of yellow with butterflies everywhere.

  10. Valerie

    Wow! Such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed 🙂

  11. Jennifer

    I envision a very clean nursery with only the safest for my baby. You don’t need to spend all your savings on furnishing your baby room. Just the prettiest and safest for your loved one.

  12. Cari

    Absolutely amazing! Peaceful, whimsical…

  13. marisa

    amazing nursery furniture

  14. Amber

    I’ve been looking for a crib with storage. This is a beautiful set!

  15. Stephanie

    SO lovely. I adore the dovetail detail on the dresser.

  16. Jenny

    I envision a peaceful nursery filled with comfortable but beautiful furniture and accessories.

  17. Shannon Cullins

    Beautiful pieces for a modern, soothing nursery. My little gal, Neve, is 6 weeks and I’m thinking a combo of turquoise and gray. Time to break away from her brother’s hand-me-downs!

  18. jessica

    a room that is calming and simple! this nursery set would be perfect!!!

  19. Rebekah

    Love it! I have a room ready for this gorgeous nursery and design just waiting for our precious bun in my oven!

  20. Sara Kerr

    Love the timeless and whimsical look and feel of these designs! I never end up winning things like this but figure it can’t hurt to throw my hat in the ring.

  21. Brooklyn Dutson

    a place for laughs and fun! going to do an ocean/turtle them and get baby a starry night pillow pet to set on the dress and reflect stars on the ceiling 😀

  22. Ida

    I’m originally from Sweden and I’m trying to create a Scandinavian themed nursery- this would be beautiful!

  23. Danielle

    Everything is so beautiful! It would be lovely to welcome a new little one to such beauty!

  24. Stephanie


  25. EliotGrace

    Such a lovely giveaway! I am aiming for a beautiful, calming space for a nursery.

  26. ellen schull

    clean, simple, crisp. Painted lt grey, blue with clouds.

  27. Erin

    I’m hoping to create a well-organized and serene nursery. I’m hoping to keep the gender a secret so a gender-neutral design is a plus!

  28. Scrubber

    This stuff is so beautiful.

  29. Lindy

    Love the beautiful natural wood tones that absolutely says boy or girl!! I’d love a clean, neutral, simple design using as much natural fibers as possible. Then personalize it a bit more with small punches of color, artwork, and lighting.

  30. Erica

    A calming space for me and an engaging and fun space for the little one.

  31. Mallory

    Be still my heart. How precious!

  32. Caroline

    Simply beautiful! Stunning and serene — a treat for any mommy-to-be and their little one.

  33. Cameron Copeland

    Working on creating a modern-vintage, gender neutral nursery and the Gustaf collection would look great!

  34. Jessica

    What a wonderful company and opportunity! Talk about stress relief for expectant moms!

  35. Asha

    I’m such a minimalist. I like clean, simple, neutral designs. These pieces are so lovely <3 and this way I don't have to go thrifting for furniture to refurbish and repurpose (although that's fun too)!

  36. Jessica

    So beautiful. I would love to put my little one to bed in this.

  37. Maia McDonald

    Oh my! I want to win all these beautiful items so bad 🙂

  38. Miranda Welle

    While I envision a crisp, clean, welcoming scheme with calming tones (perhaps grey, yellow, white), I am mainly aiming for a comfortable place where baby and I can enjoy our time together before naps and bedtime.

  39. Heidi

    Would love a sweet, clean, little bit whimsical nursery for my perfect baby!

  40. Paige Langston

    I want my nursery to make my babies feel happy, comfort, and a place of learning. I want all of these things in the giveaway! So exciting

  41. Jessica

    I envision a light and airy gender neutral aqua nursery.

  42. Andrea

    My dream nursery is calm with clean lines. This stuff is perfect!

  43. Alethea

    Having the help of an expert to design a visually stimulating and secure emvironment for my little guy would take so much pressure off!

  44. Bernadette N

    I’d love my nursery to be bright and happy! Some place that I can go with baby and relax. Somewhere she’ll sleep well and be comfortable.

  45. Anna Quinn

    Nursery in very light colors, simple lines, gender neutral. Safe crib for my baby and comfy rocker for me. Very few decors, since my little girl would be the most important there!

  46. Kimberly

    My dream nursery would be modern and relaxing but still fun. There wouldn’t be a “theme” or a million monkey decals. I want a space that will grow with baby.

  47. Colleen K

    What a fantastic giveaway! We would be so incredibly appreciative to win any (much less all) of those Giggle items, but what we really, really need is Design in a Box services to help us transition our daughter’s awful 1970s room into a shared space for a growing toddler and her baby brother or sister.

  48. Elisabeth

    So dreamy!

  49. Katherine

    Oh! I’m in the process of putting my nursery together! What a great giveaway!

  50. Kelley Larsen

    Beautiful and classic neutral furniture with pops of color in accessories and bedding so it can be changed out for different genders

  51. Sierra H.

    My dream is to create a little oasis of softness, light, and whimsy using modern and clean furniture, simple fabrics, and whimsical antique accessories. Less is more. Love Giggle!

  52. Betty

    Wonderful nursery things! Great giveaway!!

  53. Jennifer babich

    Calm, cozy and feminine

  54. Stacey R

    Grey & Aqua Elephant theme!

  55. sheri anderson

    This nursery would be a dream come true and thanks for the chance!

  56. Rina Lucchese

    I love the glider! Such a great, simple design that will look great for years.

  57. casey r

    mostly just a baby who will sleep well in it 😉

  58. Meg A.

    Our dream nursery is ethereal, calming, and beautiful!

  59. Suze

    My dream nursery is simple clean with pops of bright color

  60. Meredith

    This will be a perfect beginning to the nursery I am setting up for my twins due in September!

  61. Michelle Butler

    This is our first child, and we are really on a budget…but I can’t help wanting to have everything perfect for our little one. My husband feels the same way, but we are both realistic. We can provide the necessary items and perhaps a little more, but most are hand me downs from friends and family for which we are very grateful. The one thing we still need is a glider, and we just can’t find one we like and can afford. When I saw this giveaway, I was immediately struck by how exactly this fit our perfect vision of a nursery! Therefore, good luck to me, and to all the other parents hoping to win! xoxo

  62. Wanda

    I’d love an area where my baby feels safe and happy. Somewhere where she can take naps and play during the day and sleep nice end cozy during the night.

  63. Tina T

    Modern yet simple. Lilac with a hint of silver and gold. I love clouds, stars and birds! Hoping to maybe hit Pinterest for some ideas. A comfy glider for nursing and reading to baby, a nice throw blanket for snuggles. I love natural wood colors and definitely would like it to be bright during the day and dark for sleepy time.

  64. Hana

    Soft colors to warm up the room, modern crib and sleek glider

  65. Kyla S

    I envision a very minimalist yet cozy spot where not only the baby feels at home but we do as well! Love neutral colors and various textures.

  66. amanda

    At least a few homemade quilts! 🙂

  67. Sunnymay

    My dream nursery would be one that grows with the children as they get older, kind-of like an evergreen room. Trees be a stencil on the wall along with a bookcase on the “tree branches”. A reading corner to curl up in and read with a colorful rug would make the time before bed special. Multi-purpose furniture with rounded edges would include several cubes made of tough fabric or leather tucked under a table that’s kid’s height.

  68. Sofia O

    A calm place where I can spend time with baby. Wood accents, soft colors, little details here and there.

  69. Lauren

    My ideal nursery would be complete with this gorgeous set. We have a one bedroom apartment so it has to look nice and be space conscious.

  70. Ja @Ja on the RUN

    Since I will be staying in the nursery room most of the time when the baby gets here in June, I envision my nursery to be calming and relaxing with pastel colors.:)

  71. Linda

    This nursery furniture is beautiful! Would love to win this!

  72. Lacey

    This set would b so great. Loving that glider!

  73. Lauren

    I am on my 2nd child….went through bankruptcy during birth of my 1st so I wasn’t able to buy anything for her (all hand me downs). I would love to have a beautiful nursery that is clean, sleek, chic, and soothing for peaceful nights for my little one (so he’ll let his big sissy sleep lol). I would be delighted to have this nursery to pass down to the rest of the children 🙂

  74. Leah

    our nursery will be in a shared space with us, transforming a corner of our bedroom into a little baby haven. having the right pieces of furniture and a clean design is so important.

  75. Katie

    My dream nursery would be a calm, quiet place where I could bond with our new little guy. That glider would be perfect!

  76. karen

    my dream nursery would be colorful, inspiring, but also relaxing!

  77. Tory

    Minimalistic, simple, and clean looking! Love lots of grey tones and different textures.

  78. Alicia

    Oh wow, everything is gorgeous! The glider looks so comfortable

  79. Kathy

    Our nursery is a mish-mash of hand-me-downs, so winning this beautiful set would be wonderful!

  80. Laura

    I would love this for my baby (due in Sept!), especially the gorgeous glider.

  81. em

    what an awesome giveaway!! I am dying over that glider.

  82. Elise

    Travel is a passion of mine, and I hope to pass this desire to explore on to my children. My dream nursery will be a trip around the world, featuring images of places my husband and I travel to, with collectibles and decor reminiscent of the culture.

  83. jen redigulo

    Being from the United States and my husband from Brazil, our dream nursery would be a place that represents travel, imagination, and comfort.

  84. Mia B


  85. jamilah

    This is simple, modern, and yet elegant. I would love to win this nursery. This is my first pregnancy at about 5 weeks and I’m so elated to have the opportunity to win and to be a mother. It’s such a blessing!!!

  86. Nicole Z

    I just found out I’m pregnant and would love to win!

  87. Kelsey Grauke

    This would be so, so amazing! I’m 18 weeks along & am funding out in two days what we’re having! I can’t wait!

  88. Lauren M

    We are currently trying to decorate and plan our first nursery ever! We are expecting our first baby girl in less than a month! Our style sense is a bit of functional, modern and exploration! We’ve bought unique stuffed animals from our local zoo, books, to limited edition Winnie the Pooh lithograph prints for the walls; but the furniture is the hardest part! With so many styles that are beautiful, well made but overwhelming!! the giveaway furniture is just so dreamy, elegant and sophisticated! Styles we hope will be emulated in our future bundle of joy!

  89. Jen Ilacqua

    My dream nursery would be a warm, fuzzy (sheepskin, different textures) environment with the use of neutrals and pops of color.

  90. Nicole

    Wow! Beautiful.

  91. Brittney

    I would love to win!! I envision a very light colored gender neutral room with lots of great storage as the nursery room is fairly small. What a great opportunity to win such a huge prize!!

  92. Jen M

    Amazing giveaway!!! I would love to win this beautiful nursery for my first baby girl due in July 🙂

  93. Stephanie Hansen

    Really soft and neutral to make it really relaxing, but I nice quiet place to play.

  94. Kylee

    I would love a nursery that is full of color and fun little details 🙂 My husband and I aren’t pregnant yet…. hopefully we’ll have some good news soon!

  95. Sylvia

    I love this beautiful simple modern set for our nursery!

  96. meg brock

    I love all of these! So pretty!

  97. Heather Joly

    We are having a girl in July and would love to have these beautiful pieces in a room designed by Caitlin Flemming!

  98. Erika

    This is my first and I’d love help with the nursery. We just moved to a new home/state.

  99. Jennifer

    I see warm and simple. a nice use of vertical space and a space for everything. Functionality always wins in my book! This would be amazing to have for our little one due soon!

  100. Aly

    My dream nursery is gray and soft blue with lots of texture. Maybe some lime green for a pop. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    Rafflecopter: Aly M.

  101. Dani

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Lauren

    I’d love my nursery to transition easily to childhood and teenage years. I like simple and modern spaces. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  103. Meg @ Peaches and Ca

    Oh I would LOVE to win this! I’m due in August and have absolutely nothing for my nursery! I love all the neutral colors of the products! xo, Meg

  104. Kate

    Absolutely gorgeous collection! What a lovely giveaway – thank you x

  105. jillian

    this is so wonderful! i’d love to have a tranquil nursery full of soft calm colors…. with a little “spice” a few Indian inspired prints to make it playful. xo jillian

  106. Amelia

    I just have birth to my gorgeous son Casey on Friday, March 7th!! He’s absolutely perfect and this would be the perfect gift to him when we move back to our home in IN. What a beautiful nursery set 🙂

  107. Natalie McMonagle

    What a sweet nursery… I adore Northern European schemes. Our Edie has a bit of a hodgepodge for a nursery right now, with hand-me-downs and gifts… And sans chair! : /
    This would be so lovely!!! Calm, modern and charming. : )

  108. Rachel S.

    I would love a calm and tranquil nursery. A space where I would like to sit for hours, because I know I will be……..

  109. Betsy

    light, airy, functional

  110. Kerry Ferguson


  111. courtney d

    simple and calm

  112. JK

    I’d love a modern unisex nursery that’s minimalist but warm.

  113. andrea mauerman

    Wow, what an incredible giveaway! The nursery that I’m currently planning is eclectic (bohemian details and modern furniture) with touches of nostalgia. The nursery includes quilts that my grandma knitted for me when I was a baby as well as the mobile my sister and I had as babies! When I was at Giggle I loved the glider that was in store! And the crib and dresser are perfect too!

  114. Mandy

    Love the aesthetic of these pieces…truly timeless!

  115. pauli

    NECESITO estos muebles! I’m thinking about a modern/cozy nursery. This furniture would be perfect.

  116. Jenn S.

    greys & blues!

  117. Amy

    Modern and comfy with a few matryoshkas thrown in for color. Love Russian nesting dolls!

  118. Casey H

    Love the neutral colors!

  119. Angel B

    My dream nursery would be a lil girls dream come true. Great quality furniture with beautiful pops of color as accent pieces. Every item in the nursery must have some type of learning function. The nursery neats be appealing to the eyes, comfy and functional.

  120. Lauren

    I love a neutral nursery with lots of textures and of course a chandelier. 🙂

  121. adina

    a girly cozy comfy place!

  122. Katie Dixon

    Love the glider!

  123. Jennifer Finn

    Something cozy and bright

  124. jen peak

    Something open & airy & minimalistic. Ideally something both the baby & my toddler could share

  125. Caitlin

    Would love a cozy, sweet nursery for our little guy where we can curl up and read books or play together on the floor!

  126. kristin

    my husband and i are into travel and have been all over together so we want a room with very light colors and travel themed. using maps and globes as decorations

  127. Kristin Welch

    My dream nursery would be versatile enough that it could grow with my child for a few years as well as have plenty of strange and organizational pieces. I would want it to be fun but not overly stimulating.

  128. Vicky Chong

    so cute! i love all of them!

  129. Regina Cho

    This is such a wonderful + generous gift! I would love to win this for my little guy! He has his own room now (yay!) and I would love for him to have something special like this! Thank you for a chance to win (crossing fingers) and wish everyone the best of luck too!

  130. Regina Cho

    This is such a wonderful + generous gift! I would love to win this for my little guy! He has his own room now (yay!) and I would love for him to have something special like this! I love calming colors like white, gray & yellow. His room is simple but a place of his own. I love clean lines yet simple & functional pieces. Also, would be great working with you to help design his room

  131. Mario Mariani

    We looooove Giggle!!!!!

  132. Angela Y

    I see lots of pink and glitter, a crystal chandelier, a big fluffy white rug and a canopy over the crib 🙂

  133. Lindsey D.

    I want a girly nautical theme

  134. Karen

    What an awesome giveaway! I hope I win, and if I do I can give my daughter a gorgeous nursery for her baby boy (my first grandchild!) due in May!

    thanks so much!!!

  135. Liz

    Great giveaway, thank you!

  136. chitra

    What an awesome giveaway! I hope I win, and if I do I can give my daughter a gorgeous nursery for her baby boy (my first grandchild!) due in august! 🙂

    thanks so much!!!

  137. Theresa j

    I would love a modern room with yellow and grey decor

  138. Hanna

    I like neutrals like white/light grey with small amounts of bright color.

  139. Rachel

    I appreciate simplicity and function.

  140. Vanessa

    I would love to provide my child with a safe nursery. The fact that Sacramento’s decor is ultra stylish is icing on the cake!

  141. Josh

    I would like to give my son the best in life. I like the designs Sacramento Street has to offer. Clean lines, contemporary decor. I would be happy to see my son using these products because they’ll last through the years.

  142. Tammy

    Sacramento Street furniture is beautiful! Anyone would be lucky to own a piece of this collection.

  143. Michael

    I would do a photo shoot of my baby with this beautiful furniture.

  144. James

    This furniture is impressive. I prefer this look for my son. We would be lucky to enjoy the comforts of this set.

  145. Ben

    The quality looks durable and esthetically pleasing. It would be wonderful to have a contemporary yet cozy nursery for my baby.

  146. megan

    Perfect timing…I’m just starting to brainstorm the nursery for my baby due in May!

  147. Nick Palumbo

    Would love to win this for the wife

  148. Clara

    We’d like to do a natural cream and white room with a family tree collage wall.

  149. Linda Madden

    I envision lots of pale Pink and lavender. Also I see princesses.

  150. Lauren Alsobrook

    I love the glider!!

  151. Ashleigh phillips

    Calm peaceful and beautiful

  152. Meredith

    Thanks for the introduction to the Gustaf crib / dresser – they’re beautiful! We are expecting a baby in June and will be moving & redecorating between now and then – my goal is to create a neutral, modern and calm space for the babe.

  153. Lauren S.

    I’m 17 weeks, and just starting to think about a nursery. This would be a wonderful help! (Especially since I fell in love with everything in Giggle on a trip to NYC last week.)

  154. Heather P.

    Earthy, Organic, with bright colors!



  156. Veronica R

    My dream nursery would have a woodsy or forest theme. Neutral colors, but not really bold or pastels somewhere in between.

  157. Christine | Life in

    Calm and soothing. These pieces would be a great fit!

  158. tina reynolds

    My dream nursery would be soft neutral colors that calm and invite just a relaxed enjoy the room fill furniture that is simple and natural neutral colors

  159. Meg S

    Something natural/colorful – and it looks like a kid’s room!

  160. Stephany O

    A peaceful, calm retreat that’s well-designed, cozy and minimalist. A happy haven for our first child and also a place for us as parents to relax and enjoy. The glider is perfect!

  161. Emily

    a perfect nursery for us is fuss free, fun, and simple. i love that these look great and are really high quality-so can be treasured for a long time!

  162. Sarah

    These minimal and perfect pieces are all I need to get my nursery started!

  163. April

    Love this look. Simple and lovely. That’s all I need.

  164. Mariaelena

    Neutral colors with pops of some brights!

  165. Stacy Leitner

    My dream nursery is chic, modern, functional space with a dash of color and a bit of whimsy. I am expecting my first baby and she is due in September. I adore Giggle and I admire your style Caitlin!

  166. debbie

    This is awesome

  167. Amy

    Would love to win! Current nursery is a hodge podge of hand me downs (not that they weren’t appreciated). The dresser is from the late 70s, maybe early 80s, LOL!

  168. Joseph Kohn

    My wife and I are expecting our first baby. I would love to surprise her with a modern, stylish nursery, designed by a designer she has admired for years.

  169. Colleda

    What a downright fabulous giveaway!

  170. jayme

    I am dreaming os a bright airy nursery for my first little one. Modern with and artsy flair to keep little eyes calm and imaginative. This set is perfect for what i’m envisioning 🙂

  171. Taylor

    Love this crib! I’d love a warm, comforting, and natural nursery.

  172. Ursula Barresi

    So beautiful – What a great giveaway!

  173. Erin

    My dream nursery? Light and airy, with touches of pink or blue (depending on what I have!!)

  174. Andrea

    Adorable, light and fresh. Perfect set for a relaxing nursery!

  175. Rebekka Thy

    I dream of a nursery that is warm and calm, with simple lines and neutral tones that leave rum for the pops of color that artwork, photographs, and toys will add. A room for making great memories with my first little one coming in September.

  176. sarah

    I dream of a soft, daydreamy nursery where my little can feel safe and comfy

  177. Sarah

    After years of infertility, we are preparing to bring our little one home through adoption and are so excited! The color scheme and modern feel is exactly what I picture when I think of our dream nursery!

  178. raquel perez

    underwater animals and water fun 🙂

  179. Jen Armstrong

    I am in love with that glider!

  180. Kristen

    I’m so madly in love with this whole collection! We are moving in June, so baby is getting his own room– all he has now is a mini crib (which, he’s quickly filling up!). Our dream nursery has a natural woodland feel. He loves trees and stares intently at them when we go on walks.

  181. Trena

    I would love a vintage inspired nursery, with classic elements woven in. Neutral with pops of color, soft and inviting. The gliding chair is amazing!

  182. Amy

    I really like the chevron pattern with soothing colors like lilac for a girl or even a happy color like bright red for a boy. I really like the theme of birds owls, and nests for a girl and photography will also take a big part in my decorating. I am excited to find out what our first child will be so that we can start decorating for our bundle of joy 🙂

  183. Kate Allen

    I have a baby girl and would love a pink girly room with butterfly accents!

  184. tiffany

    my dream nursery is gender neutral, modern, natural and simple!

  185. Sarah Chaney

    So pretty!!!

  186. Val

    A neutral palate with lots of textures and patterns accented with bright jewel tones. Classic but modern too. Strong furniture our little one can grow with and of course a safe environment. A great bonus would be a comfy chair for me of course 🙂

  187. Meredith

    Love all the items. Would be a beautiful nursery!

  188. Alyssa Arnason

    A colour palate made in my nursery design dreams! Gender neutral and not overbearing in any way. No surprise coming from a such a superstar team! 🙂

  189. Andy

    My wife is pregnant with our first! She loves modern baby furniture. This would make her so happy! I would love to win it for her.

  190. lisa

    This looks lovely, but I’d prefer a bed over a crib for more longevity/flexibility.

  191. Brett

    I promised my wife I’d win this for her, please don’t let me down!

  192. Fallon

    Beautiful light colors perfect for our island baby

  193. Noelle

    I have a sweet, but Old Hollywood glamour style nursery in gray and rosy pink in mind.

  194. Stacey

    That chair is exactly what I have been looking for!

  195. Priya

    Hi!!! I am 8 months pregnant and beyond excited to welcome my baby girl. I have been trying hard to stay away from pink and keep the nursery a neutral color. I have left the white walls in the room as is. I hope to add color using some cute accessories and furniture. Fingers crossed.. This giveaway is amazing and I hope baby girl is lucky!!!


  196. Melissa Stover

    I would love lots of pink, ruffles, butterflies, Wood furniture, simple yet pretty!! Thanks 🙂

  197. Jessica

    Warm, peaceful, and stylish – an inviting space to space to spend time with baby.

  198. alena svetelska

    this would be perfect for my baby girl,due in few nursery is pink in pink oriented with light spring colors to raise my little daisy in;-).

  199. Kobi Hensley

    Animal theme with lots of bright colors to help stimulate her mind.

  200. Annette

    My dream nursery would be white with a beautiful wall mural.

  201. Daisy Jardine

    I currently have a newborn and a 3 1/2 year old. I developed intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and was forced to deliver early due to the high risk pregnancy. I was not prepared at all and wasn’t able to have a baby shower in time. One day I am going to a regular doctor’s appointment and the next day I have a scheduled c section for the following week because of my high liver enzymes and bile acid levels. We had already started on the nursery but our lives got turned upside down with everything that has been going on. Our son was born premature and with a lot of lung issues. He’s been in the hospital and hasn’t been allowed to come home (the Doctor also said after he is discharged, he would like us to wait 1-2 months before we allow people into our home. This has pushed back baby shower plans significantly). We are running around trying to gather as many nursery items before the baby is allowed to come home. What we envision for our nursery is a contemporary minimalist nursery where we have the basics/essentials all while it being trendy and stylish. The natural wood color is perfect and can be paired with any theme in mind!

  202. ashley cossette

    I would want something that is personalized for my baby. I wuld want it to have a lot of color and fun so it’s not just a new born nursery but something an older baby will enjoy too!

  203. rachel travis

    Comfy, classy and neutral colors

  204. Kelsey S

    I love natural tone colors as it is neutral. A dark wood crib with matching dresser. Soft cozy rug. Handmade letters spelling babys initials.

  205. Karrie Millheim

    I envision my nursery done up in a disney theme

  206. Donna K

    light colored wood, precious moments theme

  207. betsy

    Our nursrey would have plenty of storage and a ceiling with a beautiful sky on the ceiling.

  208. Dusty Schnur

    My dream nursery would have a nice mural on one wall, lots of soothing colors, storage, and space.

  209. Ellen R

    Our dream nursery would have cool, neutral colors with a blend of modern and traditional furniture. And books! lots of books!

  210. ElysaG

    A calm simple space.

  211. Jessica N

    Modern, clean, and beachy for my little surfer boy!

  212. Ashley


  213. Lora Anne M

    Comfortable chair for mommy to nurse would be ideal. Neutral colors on pricier items and pops of color on pillows or pictures thay can be changed out as the child’s taste changes.

  214. Laura Russell

    My dream nursery for my baby would be very peaceful and a modern design, with no clutter. My first is due next month, thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  215. Casi


  216. Shelley

    A comfortable shared space for my little one and the one on the way.

  217. Alicia

    Lots of colour!

  218. Carrie Siegrist

    Clean lines and neutral colors!

  219. Katelyn A

    A calm, serene place where I can cuddle and play with my boy!

  220. Amanda

    Love it!

  221. Angie M

    Modern but cozy and neutral colors 🙂 this would be absolutely perfect!!

  222. Dorisha Castro

    Wow!I’m loving the colors in this giveaway. Light and dreamy. Hope I can win this for baby girl no°3 due this April. Good luck everyone.

  223. Jolene Duran

    I like to be different so maybe dinosaurs! 🙂

  224. Christina Anguiano

    I love the natural modern look of this nursery. It would fit in beautifully with the rest of my house and give my baby Sebastian a peaceful place of his own. I can already picture us cuddling and nursing on that glider.

  225. Felicia Nelson

    bright colors 🙂

  226. Bianca

    It would have been weird if I entered this, right? With no kid in sight and all? But I wanted to.

    x. B

  227. jayme

    did you pick a winner? dying to know!

  228. debbie

    Ditto. Giving us hope if you haven’t picked a winner

  229. Maria L.

    Looks like they forgot about the giveaway….

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