a brand new week . . .

Blooms by Natalie Bowen This past long weekend was blissful – I love that Memorial weekend feels like the official kick off to summer. Does it feel that way to you? My days were spent enjoying homemade breakfasts in bed, opening up books that have been waiting to be read, seeing friends I hadn’t seen in weeks and ended with my birthday celebration. It was the epitome of the perfect three day weekend. After a weekend like that I’m ready for the full week ahead.

I hope all of you had an equally relaxing weekend wherever you were. I’d love to hear what all of you did?

Photo by Caitlin Flemming | Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs


  1. Jessie

    My long weekend was thoroughly enjoyed, although I may have missed the relaxing part! I went to a crawfish boil, champagne and cake birthday party, saw two movies in theatres, attended a baby shower, brunch on the beach in Malibu, wine tasting and a housewarming BBQ. wow! Luckily I have almost nothing planned this coming weekend, sleeping in and lounging about is in order. Breakfast in bed and reading books sounds so lovely!

  2. Designs By Katy

    Sounds amazing! I love those flowers. We had company and entertained. It was fun, but I’m already looking forward to Friday!

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