Bathroom Makeover: A Fresh Coat

BEHR Paint: Before & Inspiration

Moving into my current home, I was thrilled to find that it had a clawfoot tub. I’ve always loved their timeless style and curves. There was only one drawback – the outside of the tub was crusty and discolored. I tried to cover it up by having along shower curtain but that defeated the purpose – you couldn’t see it at all. I decided to research to see if there might be a solution. I found out that clawfoot tubs became the rage in the Victorian Era. This was a time when color was used in everything – clawfoot tubs included. They would just paint the outside of the tubs, and for that reason, they are purposefully left rough so the paint can adhere.

BEHR Marquee Paint x Sacramento Street

I couldn’t wait to complete this project. I ran straight to Home Depot and chose the perfect charcoal color of BEHR Marquee Stain Blocking Paint & Primer. I taped the floor with plastic so any spills could be quickly cleaned. It was so easy. First, I sanded the old paint off to create a smoother surface to paint. Then I applied two coats of the BEHR Marquee Graphic Charcoal Stain Blocking Paint & Primer. It went on like silk.
Bathroom Makeover - A Fresh Coat

Bathroom Makeover - A Fresh CoatBathroom Makeover - A Fresh Coat

The color was flawless! With my dark tile floor, it almost looks as if the tub were floating. And one afternoon project transformed my bathroom!

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Photos by Peggy Wong for Sacramento Street


  1. Rachel

    Such a great bathroom transformation! It’s strange how a coat of paint can make such a big difference. Your bathroom is so cute now.

    The Runaway Journal

    1. Caitlin

      It’s amazing what one coat made. My husband came home asking why we hadn’t done it sooner.

  2. Lindsay

    I absolutely LOVE the DIY (who knew painting would be such a cinch), and now I want a claw foot tub whether it’s in a bathroom or not. Also, I love the rug right next to the tub, where is that from?


    1. Caitlin

      Thanks – we are in love! The rug is from Boga on Sacramento Street. He has the best small entry/bathroom rugs.

  3. Bronwyn

    Beautiful! I love, love your bathroom.

  4. Lauren

    I love that rug! I’m searching high and low for a similar rug for our bathroom. Any places you recommend in the Bay Area? Everything I like seems to either be a bit thicker than I’m wanting, too wide, or too feminine/colorful.

    1. Caitlin

      Thanks Lauren! The rug is from Boga on Sacramento Street. He has the best small entry rugs. I use the in bathrooms all the time.

  5. Courtney

    This looks so good! Great job!

  6. Mary

    It looks great!
    You painted it in place? You didn’t have to take it out & turn it upside down to paint it? You make it seem so easy but I bet it wasn’t.

    1. Caitlin

      It was actually way easier then I thought. If you do try it, make sure you let each coat dry before you paint over it. I did two coats.

  7. Melanie

    Beautiful bathroom. The details are simple and perfect, may I ask where you got the soap dispenser and Turkish hand towel from? Thank you for your time.

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