Family Time Around the Table

Stokke High Chair - Sacramento Street 1
Eric and I recently noticed that Jackson is enthralled with us when we are eating. His mouth opens and he wants to participate in all of the fun! We decided that it was time to open up and begin to use his Stokke Steps high chair.

Stokke High Chair - Sacramento Street 2Stokke High Chair - Sacramento Street 3Stokke High Chair - Sacramento Street 4

Jackson adores it. We all eat together in our dining room. We want to start out from the beginning to eat our meals (when possible of course because it certainly doesn’t happen every night!) together. He still doesn’t have the coordination to feed himself but he sure does try. We often make his food from scratch and Jackson loves just about anything – especially if we’re eating it. This little man loves basil, broccoli, corn – you name it, he loves it!

Stokke High Chair - Sacramento Street 5 Stokke High Chair - Sacramento Street 6

What I love about this high chair is that it can be pulled straight up to the table. When it’s in the kitchen, we use the tray. Often Jackson will play while I’m preparing dinner. He loves being able to sit up high enough to see what is happening. I’m excited for this new chapter in Jackson’s ever-changing development and couldn’t be happier with my choice!
Stokke High Chair - Sacramento Street 7

Photography by Emily Scott // brought to you by Stokke