Style: The Shift Dress

Style: The Podolls Each season I try to invest in a wardrobe piece that I consider an investment and plan to use for years to come. One place I always turn to are the clothes designed by The Podolls. I was mesmerized when I walked into their shop recently. Their spring season draws inspiration from ropes, knots, weaving and the work of Ruth Asawa. I chose the Shift Dress. I love that the fabric is hand loomed and hand woven on a loom that operates without electrical power. While the process is slow and tedious, that is what creates the irregular texture that makes this piece so perfect. The Shift Dress has simplicity of form and depth of texture that recalls the iconic woven wire sculptures of Asawa.

Style: The Podolls Style: The Podolls What I love about the simple lines in this dress is that not only is it comfortable, but I can dress it up with accessories or slide it on for a quick meeting with a client. It not only feels great since it’s made of a silk/cotton fiber, but it looks great. This is the kind of clothes that I love to invest in. Of course, I couldn’t get out the door without also buying an incredible bucket purse made by The Podolls. It’s the supplest leather and is so comfortable on my shoulder. It’s made locally which also makes it something I can feel good about investing in.

Style: The Podolls Style: The Podolls

Outfit Details

Shift Dress | Purse (call stores for inquiry) | Flats

Head to one of their shops, either in Noe Valley or Burlingame, to see all of their spring collection. Just stepping into the beauty they’ve created, filled me with inspiration!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


  1. Nikki

    Love love love a great shift dress. You look lovely! Xx

    Nikki |

    1. Caitlin

      Thanks Nikki, it’s one of my favorites!

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