Style: Stepping into Fall

Zappos x SOREL With the forecast going from warm 75 degree days to chilly mornings to days where it’s pouring down rain – it’s been hard to get dedicated to Fall officially being here. I feel as though our weather can’t really decide if it’s still Indian Summer or Fall. This past weekend, it finally felt a bit more like we were heading to cooler temperatures. Although we don’t need heavy winter attire here in San Francisco, we do get brisk days that call for puffy coats and warm boots for the early morning trips to the park or on site for clients walk-throughs.

Zappos x SOREL Zappos x SORELEach year, I get to mid-February and realize I’ve either ruined my nice leather boots or worn my rain boots when it’s totally unnecessary. That’s why these SOREL Cheyanne™ Lace Full Grain boots hit the mark for being the perfect boot. These SOREL boots are comfy, waterproof, and warm. Plus, Zappos was a dream to order from – I saw that rain was in the forecast and ordered them in anticipation. A few days later they were at my doorstep. Talk about speedy!

Zappos x SORELZappos x SORELZappos x SORELNow that the cooler weather is here I can’t wait to get these SOREL boots into my regular shoe rotation. I see a lot of fall adventures happening in these sturdy boots.

Do you have any fall or winter wardrobe items that you are coveting right now? Particularly, boots? All of mine from past seasons are completely done. Let me know if the comments below!

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Photos by Claire Giffen for Sacramento Street


  1. Olga

    They look nice! I notice those are men’s boots, how did you convert to women’s sizing? Do they run true to size? Thanks! We are getting a puppy and I anticipate a lot of walks in the rain in the future!

    1. Caitlin

      Hi Olga, I did a little Google search to see which size I would be in mens. You can also use the Zappos customer service tab that say “Don’t see my size” – they can help. Mine fit perfectly.

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