Interiors: Time for a Refresh

Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen HomeWe’ve taken down holidays decorations and while it feels so incredibly good, it seems as though something is missing. Do you find that happening to you after the decorations, tree and stockings are gone? We now have a huge blank space in the living room, the bookshelves needs some serious love and the entire house feels as though items look as if they are in need of a refresh.

Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen Home Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen HomeWith that being said, all I want to do is take the time to re-decorate every nook in the house and bring it some new life. I’ve been gravitating towards adding back in more white to give it a fresh clean look. I can’t get enough of white at the moment – the studio is shaping up to be all white as well.

This house by interior stylist and decorator Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen has given me inspiration to get kick started into giving the house a re-freshed look. The way she mixes pieces together is perfection in my eyes. I had to share her home with all of you.

Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen HomeAre you gravitating towards anything different in the new year?

Photos from residence


  1. Sofia

    Absolutely feeling the same way about taking down Christmas decor! I’m definitely gravitating towards a living room refresh. Right now, we have a lot of darker furniture and I really want to change it out for something lighter and airier.

    xo, Sofia

  2. viv

    Hi Caitlin, beautiful space! Where did you get that wall lamp? I live in San Francisco myself and am looking for something just like it!



  3. Elizabeth Burns

    I’m loving how calm and clean it feels after taking down Christmas decorations but agree it does feel like something is missing! I’m thinking it’s time to bring in some fresh flowers and greens. It’s amazing how that can make a space feel finished! 😉

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