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a brand new week . . .



Happy Monday! Last week marked my last week of maternity leave – I decided to spend some quality time with my little man. I can’t believe that he’s already three months old. We had a wonderful last few weeks together traveling to NYC (more details later this week on that), went to Arizona and just had some good quality hang out time. It’s bittersweet going back to work, but I know that it’ll be good for both of us. Did any of you feel this way when you went back to work after having a little one?

There is a lot in store this week – stay tuned for a lot inspiration! It’s good to be back!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming

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a brand new week . . .


I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. Our entire family has been on the mend from a horrible cold, which put a complete hold on everything. I can’t tell you how hard it is to see your little one sick, but I have to say, little J got through it with a smile on his face. He was a trooper and we are finally coming out of the haze of it all.

Stay tuned for a handful of inspiring new posts this week. We’ll be bringing your flower, fashion and furniture inspiration!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming

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a brand new week . . .

weekend reading


After a wonderful weekend with family in town I’m ready for this week to begin. Although I don’t have a lot of “me” time, I realized this weekend that I haven’t opened up a book in quite some time. And since I don’t have any on my radar I wanted to turn to you for suggestions. Have you read any good books lately? Can’t wait to hear what you’ve all been reading lately.

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a brand new week . . .

Family Room | by Caitlin Flemming Design

This weekend we were graced with rain, which we desperately need here in California. While I wanted to complain about the rain, there was something so peaceful about getting all cozy indoors, cooking delicious food, catching up on our favorite shows and playing with Jackson. It was some much needed family time that has me starting the week with a full heart.

There is a lot in store for all of you this week – including a new Blooms in Season post from Natalie that has me incredibly excited for spring.

I hope all of you have a splendid week ahead!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming of a current client project in progress

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Where do you find inspiration?


As I ease back into work, I’ve been searching for ways to get inspired. While we have places right at our finger tips online – like Pinterest – that we can go to every single day, there are also amazing other sources off line as well.

Recently I’ve been slowly going through all of my magazines and books. It’s incredible how opening them back up can bring a whole new level of inspiration for my own home and projects. One source of inspiration that I wanted to share with all of you was from Malene Birger. Her two books (Life and Work & Move and Work) are constantly bringing me loads of inspiration. The way she pulls together patterns, neutrals, and old and new is something I’m in awe over. I find myself reaching for them on a weekly basis. If you haven’t seen them, they are a must read.

So, I’d love to know – where are you finding your inspiration lately? Is it a book? A certain magazine? Somewhere online? Please share because I’m constantly looking for new ways to get ideas.

Photo by Caitlin Flemming of Malene Birger’s Book

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