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simplicity at its finest . . .

This past Sunday my mom and I set out to look for condo’s in San Francisco – she’s in the midst of moving here. When we came across a perfect abode for her (fingers crossed everything falls into place) we started dreaming up a few renovations, especially the bathroom. We kept talking about white, white, white.

After envisioning how I would redesign the bathroom I started sifting through my stacks of glossies to pull together my vision. When I came across this stunning bathroom done by Barbara Sallick in House Beautiful the search was over. This bathroom is perfection with the white tones, stunning pedestal sink and glossy subway tiles, and to top it all off, a French tri-fold mirror. I’m madly in love with it and wishing I could do this in my rental.

Photo by Miki Duisterhof via House Beautiful December/January 2011
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bathroom: which one do you adore?

I always find myself admiring beautiful bathrooms – probably because it’s something that I dream about often. From the tile, to the fixtures, to the colors you can pick out, I’m always in awe at how people decide to design their bathroom.
If you could pick one of these beautiful bathrooms, which one would you pick for your home?
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I’m Loving + an Interview . . .

This week I was craving our Indian summer to come to San Francisco, but it’s freezing, and with fall fashion hitting all the stores I’m ready to bust out my coats and sweaters. This cinched belt around a coat is something I’m loving along with this draped open look. Both are equally as chic.

I honestly don’t have words to describe how much I love these heels – the color, the heel, and the design are all perfection!

You all know how much I love white and neutrals . . . well this bathroom is heavenly with it’s high ceilings, all white look and touches of wood. It’s definitely going into my future bathroom remodel folder.

And lastly, the ever so lovely Beth of Interior Connector asked me to sit down for an interview. Her site is phenomenal and innovative – taking showrooms products online is something all designers have been waiting on. Please pop over to check out our fun interview!

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I’m Loving . . .

I never tire of open shelving – every single image I come across of open shelving brings on a new love affair with it. The contrast of the white/neutral tones against the black makes it look even more chic.

The sun has been shining here and if it stays this way I’m going to make this wardrobe my staple look. It’s perfect for running around the city.

When I came across this recipe my mouth started watering – this lasagna is making an appearance in my kitchen when the city is engulfed in fog.

I’ve got a huge crush on these No. 6 clogs. I think I’ve been lusting after them for far too long and it’s high time I make a special place for them in my closet. This chestnut color is divine and pretty much perfect for fall.

You probably get sick of me talking about a few things that I wish I could change about our apartment – the kitchen and bathroom fixtures in particular. This bathroom mirror is perfection. Paired with the white subway tile and unique sink – this bathroom definitely has my name written all over it!

On another note, today I was quoted in The Wall Street Journal talking about the Alameda Flea Market. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen but that day has come. I’m over the moon right now!

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I’m Loving . . .

I am still attempting to embrace the sunshine with bare legs and flowing dresses. I am coveting this black dress that makes it a little more formal as we transition into fall.

Simple and clean lines in a bathroom is something I day dream about – weird I know, but it happens to the interior design obsessed. There is something about this bath tub that makes my heart sing. But this weekend I’ll be working on my bathroom vignette.

I’ve been attempting to do a braid in my hair for far too long – this weekend I’m sitting down and making one final attempt to perfect it. It’s the perfect way to do your hair when you want it look chic, but a tad messy.

When I walked into one of my favorite shops, Grenouille in San Francisco my heart stopped with I saw this farm house table – it’s perfect my current client. It’s the perfect color and the best part is it’s on wheels.

Is there anything you’re coveting or loving this week?

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