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Blooms in Season: September

Blooms in Season: September | Natalie Bowen Designs

One of my favorite things is that we have four distinct seasons to enjoy. I adore the heat and sunshine of summer but I’m just as happy to be slipping into fall with shorter hours of daylight, trees turning brilliant colors, and a briskness to the air. I also love the flowers and branches at the flowers market with the changes of color and varieties. Natalie has created an arrangement of flowers that makes me tickled with excitement. I find the mix of soft blush colors and the vivid colors of the leaves and branches to be a perfect mix to chime in the new season.

Blooms in Season: September | Natalie Bowen Designs


“Cafe Aux Lait” Dahlias
Maple Branches
Rose Hips

I love these berries. What are they?

These are rose hips. I love that this variety is so delicate and not as large as the type I normally see. Rose hips are the fruit from the rose plant and we see them in early Autumn after the summer roses have stopped blooming. Rose hips have medicinal powers and many uses. I often drink tea with rose hips as they are very high in Vitamin C.


These Dahlias are to die for!
These are called “Cafe aux lait” dahlias and they have become really common in the last couple of years. I see them more and more but they are still such a beautiful color. I love that they bridge other colors and in this case of this arrangement they soften the Autumnal colors and make the arrangement seem more appropriate for September when we aren’t quite yet in the full swing of Fall.

Blooms in Season: September | Natalie Bowen Designs


With the seasons changing what foliage branches do you recommend for interior arrangements?
I love to use fall foliage such as this Maple. However, in my home I am always most drawn to the longest lasting blooms and branches so that I get the maximum enjoyment without having the change them often. Fall foliage can last anywhere from three days to over a week, but these rose hips last for a month! I love them for this reason. As the season changes, I look for lichen and moss covered branches that have very few leaves on them. This way I can enjoy them as we transition from Fall to Winter.


A new season brings new blooms, what can we expect to start to see in season that you are excited about?
I love Fall. It is my favorite season and I am so excited to see the leaves change color. At this time of year I start to focus more on non-floral elements of the season. I love Liquid Amber, Pistache and Gingko. I also love heirloom pumpkins and usually get mine as soon as I seem them and don’t throw them out until the day I bring the Christmas tree in.

To get inspired by past Blooms in Season posts – click here.

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Suzanna Scott for Sacramento Street

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Blooms in Season: August

Blooms in Season - August | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street

Each month I feel inspired after we shoot Natalie’s creations. Sometimes we plan a certain theme or color but other times I want to be surprised. This month when I opened the door,Natalie had a tons and tons of beautiful grass – the bucket had an ombre look to it. I knew I was in for a spectacular surprise. She knocked it out of the park friends. Not only were the different varieties stunning, but she pulled out the lotus pod and carefully unfolded it. You are in for a treat when you see what it looked like before and after. It’s truly amazing what Natalie creates for us each month. Read on to find out more about this hidden gem of a flower!

Blooms in Season - August | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street

Flower Varieties:
Left to right: Maiden Grass, Lotus Pod and Purple Fountain Grass


Blooms in Season - August | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street Blooms in Season - August | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street

I love these lotus pods. They are incredible. Where were they grown?
These lots pods are so beautiful in their shape, clean lines and simple yet complex form. This may be the very first time in our three years of doing this post, that I have used a flower that was not grown locally. This lotus is an import from Hawaii, however under the right growing conditions you could grow them other places.

Blooms in Season - August | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street

I love these grasses. Why did you chose them?
I know many people, including myself, have one tall vase in their house where they like to have long lasting branches on display. It’s such a easy and inexpensive way to keep the presence of greens in your home without needing to have a full arrangement. At a certain point in the year I get a bit tired of having branches and want to try something new. That is exactly what happened this month and why I chose the grasses. They are long lasting and have such an elegant look. The same look can be achieved with tall weeds you find on the side of the road. It sounds crazy, but trust me, they can look so elegant when placed in a vase all on their own.

Blooms in Season - August | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street

Our mother’s were both at this photo shoot, wasn’t that special?
Yes! I loved that unplanned we both brought our mother’s to this shoot. We are both so lucky to have our Mama’s live close and share our mutual passions. Yours for interiors and mine for flowers. I appreciate that more and more older I get.

Thank you Natalie for this incredible feature this month. I’m constantly in awe of what you create for us!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street

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Blooms in Season: July

Blooms in Season - July | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street 1

With the exception of a few times a year, flowers in my house are always white. Of course white can sometimes look plain and one dimensional to some. One way I get around this, is to mix the white flowers with other grasses or greens in season. This month, Natalie has succeeded in creating a rich, wild and innovative way to mix the season into my white flowers. I think you’ll agree that these flowers are a winning bunch!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What inspired you this month?

I love color so much but sometimes I need a break and to have a  calm arrangement. I think white and green feels so summery and I always think of white as your signature color, Caitlin. While vibrant summer colors are wonderful, there is something about the freshness of white and green that feels so soothing during the hot months.

Blooms in Season - July | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street 2 Blooms in Season - July | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street 3

I love this white rose. What is it?

This is an iceberg rose. They are one of the only pure white garden roses and they grow really well in this part of California. They are also incredibly long lasting. My mother has bushes in her back yard and the flowers on them last for weeks! The only draw back to this rose is that they have zero scent. You can’t have everything, I guess!

Blooms in Season - July | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street 4

I love these little guys you call Love-in-Mist. 

I love those, too! Love-in-Mist can also be called Nigella There are so few blue flowers that I really love and these are one of them. I also have a very special association with them as my husband and I got married in a field of poppies and Love-in-Mist. They can also be called “Devil-in-a-mist”, but I”l stick to the devil reference.

Blooms in Season - July | Natalie Bowen Design x Sacramento Street 5

Looking for more flower inspiration? Be sure to check out the arrangements Natalie has created in the past – I’m always finding inspiration through them.


Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street

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Blooms in Season: June

Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street

I’m smitten over the latest Blooms in Season post. The fragrance in summer flowers is like no other season. Natalie will discuss the selection of blooms but in case you are interested, there are two different varieties of both lavender and sage. My wish is that all of you could smell these blooms from your computers (or iPhones)!

Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street


Have you always loved lavender?


I have to admit, this year is the first time I’ve really gone crazy over it. I walked in to the market this week and it was filled with the most exquisite lavender from a farm north of San Francisco about three hours. It stopped me in my tracks and I’ve while it hasn’t always been a favorite of mine, I have a hard time resisting any flower that is showing so beautifully.


How many varieties of lavender are there?


A lot! Thirty-nine to be exact. I am surprised by how many there are, but when you look at them, they are all so different. Even though the color name “lavender” is named after the plant, they range in color saturation, too.


Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street


Does all Lavender have the same scent? 


Some varieties have a much more saturated and dense scent than others. Lavender essential oil is extracted from English lavender. If you give the lavender a gentle squeeze, the oil will get on your hands and it can be easily inhaled.


Tell us a little secret about Salvia (sage).


The salvia (sage) is in the mint family. Anything in the mint family has a square stem. If you twirl the stem in your fingers you can feel the shape of the stem and easily identify it as being in the Lamiaceae (mint) family.


 Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street


It sometimes seems hard to design with, since the stems are so straight. Do you have any tips on how to make arranging with lavender easier?


I agree that arranging with lavender can be hard. I don’t like the way it looks with the stems are poking out from an arrangement as if they were toothpicks. I prefer to cluster the stems and mass them together. When grouped, they look much more impressive and mimic the way they grow on a bush.


Natalie Bowen Designs Workshop


Friends, Natalie is teaching a unique floral workshop this summer. Not only do you get to have Natalie’s guidance, knowledge and inspiration at your fingertips but you’ll have the opportunity to pick your own flowers from a flower ranch and then have your arrangement photograph. The spots are going to go quickly so be sure to sign up!


Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street
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Blooms in Season: May

Blooms in season : May | Sacramento Street


It’s peonies season- one of my favorite times of year! My instagram has been filled with them and I’m loving it. What some people don’t know is the beauty that evolves as the peony blossom opens up. Natalie and I wanted to document it and share the incredible transformation it makes over a week. Honestly, while doing this I couldn’t decide which stage was my favorite. I love with the Coral Charm peony goes from pink pink to a soft peach. Find out more details about the evolution from Natalie.

Blooms in season : May | Sacramento Street


I can’t believe how much these peonies change color. What makes them do that?


I just love flowers with personalities and the Coral Charm certainly has one. They start off with a vivid color as a way to attract pollinators such as bees. As the flower ages, they don’t have a need to be pollinated as much, and stop using their energy to produce the color.



Can you time their process? How do you prepare for their color change?


Personally, I love the color that they become more than the color they start as, and the waiting process is part of the beauty of the experience. If we have an event where we want to use the softer yellowish color, we buy the flowers almost five days in advance. It’s a very tricky dance and sometimes it works out great and sometimes the color just does not do what we want on the exact day. It’s a lesson in controlling nature.


Do you have any tips on getting peonies to open? Sometimes they are in such tight balls when I get them at the store.


Some peonies open more quickly than others. If you gently squeeze them, and they feel rock hard, they will take a long time to open. Some that are very small and tight, may not ever open. If they have a little give to them, you know that they will be opening in the next day or so. Peonies will open faster in warm water and if they are in a warm room. In a pinch, we have put them in front of a heater to get them to open. You can even gently peal the surrounding exterior petals off to help release the inner petals. In a single bunch you will have each bloom open at a different pace, as  they are all at different stages of development.


Blooms in season : May | Sacramento StreetBlooms in season : May | Sacramento StreetBlooms in season : May | Sacramento Street


Check back next month for another beautiful post by Natalie. She’s constantly inspiring me to bring blooms into my home.

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Heather Day for Sacramento Street.

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