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Sacramento Street Smarts: Pairing Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to dress up a room. They serve as a mild but tasteful way to add some color and pattern to an otherwise neutral space (they’re also great for propping up your takeout food while you’re watching Netflix on the couch). But with a world of options out there, it’s hard to know where to find the best selection and how to bring them together.
In this edition of Sacramento Street Smarts, we’re helping you tackle your throw pillow woes with some pairing tips and our go-to sources.


Sources (from top):
Susan ConnorLuRu Home
Amber Interiors + Anthropologie
Homegirl Collection + Zak and Fox
Amber Interiors + Rebecca Atwood


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Image via Planete Deco


Written by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street


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Room Anatomy


It should come as no surprise that we love ourselves a good white interior. They offer the perfect backdrop to accent with fun textures, colors, and patterns – so a white room is anything but boring! In the spirit of such a look, we’re bringing back our Room Anatomy series with this stunningly refreshing space.

The texture play happening here is what really makes the space come to life. Between the Beni Ourain rug, the live-edge wood coffee table, and the woven leather chair–a healthy dose of organic textures work to compliment the angular white walls. And a white linen sofa?? Well those are essentially blank canvases where you can think of throw pillows as your paintbrush.


If you would like to request a specific room to be dissected for our Room Anatomy series please email them to

Resources: Jamison Sofa | Beni Ourain Rug | Antlers  | Bench  | Nahuala Pillow (Amber Interiors) | Woven Leather Chair | Wood Coffee Table | Biddew Noir- Sublime Artwork

Image via Style Files

Written by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street

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Bookshelves: Creating a Kid Friendly Space

Creating a Kid Friendly Bookcase

Sometimes I have a habit of doing the décor in my own home and not changing it up enough. It might be a result of being an interior designer but I also know that rearranging a room on a regular basis can bring life back to a space. I’m not necessarily talking about physically moving the position of furniture (although that’s great too!) but rather changing up the smalls in a room.

Creating a Kid Friendly Bookcase Creating a Kid Friendly Bookcase

An example of small changes I made recently were the shelves in our living room. I loved the way I had arranged the small shelves in his room but I also wanted him to have the opportunity to play with the stuffed animals I had placed on them and to use the blankets his grandmother had knit. So, I set out to freshen up the shelves in the living room to give him a place to store his toys – rather then in the corner. I bought two baskets that I had been eyeing at my local knitting shop to store his favorites that he loves the most. Then I displayed a few of my favorite wood toys on books.

There are so many beautiful kids toys these days that you can have them on display its a win for Jackson and me!

Creating a Kid Friendly Bookcase

Creating a Kid Friendly Bookcase Creating a Kid Friendly Bookcase

Since I lost two shelves to Jackson I had a bit of a struggle fitting all of my favorite pieces in. I knew two things – the bar had to stay and I was going to have to take out a stack of blankets. I’m a closet blanket horder.

By the end of my day I certainly loved the way everything more after rearranging. This is something everyone should do. It helps me look at my own house with fresh eyes!

Images by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street

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A Fresh Look: Open Shelving Kitchen

Kitchen Open Shelving

I am a great friend with rooms that are clean and edited and everything in it’s place. However, I’ve noticed lately that too many cabinets in a kitchen can create an atmosphere that is almost too sterile. In my kitchen, I’ve chosen open shelving in place of upper cabinets. There are several advantages to this – you can see everything and don’t need to open every cabinet door to find the right platter! You can also create a form of art and expression by having your beautiful dishes exposed.


I recommend you try to find some sort of continuity in what you display. Maybe you could chose to display only your white dishes with fresh herbs in pots. Or you could find a way to hang your stunning copper pots that you have tucked into the back of a cabinet. Whatever you chose, you will have a kitchen that feels warm and inviting to enter and every bit as efficient to use.


The shelving itself can be simple and inexpensive. By the time you get all of your treasures on them, they will look great regardless of what you paid for them.

Photos: 1. Desire to Inspire | 2. Kara Rosenlund | 3. Sean Santiago | 4. Ikea Family Live | 5. Sharon Santoni | 6. Tamin’s Table

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A Fresh Look at Wing Chairs

Wing Chairs

I used to think of my grandmothers house when I thought of wing chairs. However, lately I’ve been giving them a second glance and especially like them in unexpected places. They are so comfortable and almost seem to hug you as you slide into them. I’ve been considering the idea of placing on in the corner of my dining room – a retreat from the rest of the house.

The designer who is a genius at using wing chairs is Darryl Carter. His timeless style that mixes old and new makes my heart sing and as I look more closely at the rooms he’s designed, there is often a wing chair somewhere. I particularly like how he placed one in a bathroom. I honestly think wing chairs are here to stay!

Shop my favorite wing chairs:


Photos: 1.) Darryl Carter | 2.) House of Hinton | 3.) Rue Magazine | 4.) Zavvi Rodaine | 5.) One Kings Lane

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