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Layer It: Holiday Shopping

Layer It : Holiday Shopping

Images: One, Two, Three, Four (From left to right)

Although I have a bit of a head start on my holiday shopping – I’m excited to get a few more people crossed off my holiday gift list. This weekend I’ll be hitting up a few of my favorite local shops for small business Saturday.


Layer It : Holiday Shopping


In my eyes, it’s all about comfort when doing shopping. Pair together a lightweight sweater with slouchy jeans and a pair of cute tennis shoes and you are good to go for a few hours of running around town. Now, if it’s chillier in your neck of the woods don’t forget to bundle up in some of these layers!

Sacramento Street

1.) Merino Wool Asymmetrical Zip Sweater in Colorblock

2.) Point Sur X-Rocker Japanese Denim Jean

Sacramento Street

3.) Penfield Appleby Down Jacket

4.) Small Cedar Street Harmony Tote

5.) Cozy Metallic Polka Dot Socks

6.) ‘574 Precious Metals Sneaker

7.) Touchtec Ragwool Gloves

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Four Favorites: Scarves

Four Favorites: Scarves | Sacramento Street

One of my favorite accessories is scarves. I don’t even want to admit how many I have . . . let’s just say I have a scarf problem. Here in San Francisco it’s the easiest item to tuck in your handbag in case the fog starts to roll in. Not only do they keep you warm but it’s also a way to add a little bit of pattern to any outfit.

Do you have any scarves that you love this season? I’m always on the hunt to add more to my collection!

1.) Cashmere Infinity Scarf

2.) Plaid Scarf

3.) Metallic Detector Infinity Scarf

4.) Woven Animal Print Scarf

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Layer It: Thanksgiving Dinner

Layer It : Thanksgiving Dinner | Sacramento Street

Images: One, Two, Three, Four (From left to right.)

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? I feel as though November just began. When it comes to planning my thanksgiving outfit I think about what’s easy to wear in the kitchen during the last few hours of cooking and comfort after eating a delicious meal.

Layer It : Thanksgiving Dinner | Sacramento Street

I tend to gravitate towards a loose dress and leggings – or as I call them, stretchy pants. After a long day, being comfy is top priority. This is one look I’m considering for this year.

Sacramento Street

1.) Holiday Stripe Apron

2.) Manuscript Dress

Sacramento Street

3.) Knit Leggings

4.) Tear Drop Frost Collar

5.) Luminous Silk Foundation

6.) Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

7.) Smokey Nudes Eye Shadow

8.) Fillmore Glasses

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Four Favorites: Fragrances

Four Favorites:  Fragrances | Sacramento Street


I’m not one to try new fragrances – usually I find one and stick with it for a few years. But as I found myself with a few extra minutes while wandering through a department store I decided to take a little walk through the beauty department to see if any fragrances caught my attention, and they did.

1.) Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Cream – occasionally I’ll purchase body cream instead of perfume. I loved the earthiness of this Jo Malone scent.

2.) ‘Le Parfum’ Eau de Parfum – what first caught my eye was the bottle. The scent of this Carven perfume is simple with floral notes that left me wanting to wear it more.

3.) Chanel Christalle Eau de Parfum Spray – a classic that every woman should have in their closet.

4.) Body Milk – the perfect travel size perfume. The combination of floral and woodsy notes make for a great combination to wear in the fall.

Have you found a incredible scent you can’t live without lately?

Shop more of my favorite fragrances:


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Layer It: Bundle Up

Layer It : Bundle Up | Sacramento Street

One, Two, Three, Four, Five (from left to right)

It’s finally time to bundle up in layers! We’ve been graced with a little bit of “colder” weather, which means it might just be time to put away my sandals and get out all of my trusty boots. I’ve heard from a few friends across the country that the weather is cooling down everywhere – from Chicago, to New York, to snow in Minneapolis. With this drop in weather I wanted to give all of your a little inspiration for layering up!

Layer It : Bundle Up

You really can’t go wrong when you pair black and gray together. They are my staple colors for fall – year in and year out. All of these items have been on my wish list but with our temps staying in the 70’s, until now, I haven’t had much cold weather buying to do. This Woolrich Parka is a favorite of mine – I brought it with me to Alaska and it kept me nice and cozy. Pair it with a sleek knee-high boot and you are good to go when walking to work. Do you have any favorites you love to bundle up in?

Sacramento Street

1.) Woolrich John rich & Bros Wool Parka

2.) Hoxton Transcend High-rise Skinny Jeans

Sacramento Street

3.) Chuncky Marled Socks

4.) Silk Fringe Scarf

5.) Soft Grid Wool-blend Sweater

6.) Pembrooke Boot

7.) Ribbed Beanie

8.) Kensington Leather Tote

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