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fireplace: which one do you adore?

With fall weather in full swing all I can think about is how I will be staying warm throughout the cool months ahead. A fireplace is the perfect solution and also a beautiful accent in any home. Of course, there are so many different styles to choose from – traditional to modern. So I’d like to know, which one would you like in your home? Seems like a simple question, but I’m always torn between number four and six.

Photos: 1. Architectural Digest 2. unknown (anyone?) 3 – 5. Apartment Therapy 6. Domino Magazine
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mantle: which one do you adore?

While I was in Carmel this past weekend I was in awe of my aunt and uncles renovated home because they still get to work with a blank canvas. All I could think of were the design possibilities that they have in their future. One of my favorite new elements is the large family room, which has a beautiful fireplace and with it’s minimalist mantle it was perfection. It got me thinking about what I would do if I had a mantle – would I keep it minimalist or make it more personal with a bunch of flea market treasures? I’m not quite sure, but there are so many possibilities. How would you decorate your mantle? Or if you have one, how did you decorate it? Chime in!

Photos: 1. Domino 2. Catherine Martin 3. by From Me to You 4. House and Home 5. Domino
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fireplace: which one do you adore?

Although we’re creeping up on June (can you believe it?) – I suddenly came across loads of fireplaces that gave me a lot of inspiration (which is probably due to the fact that it’s cold and rainy in San Francisco today). Who knew it could be so chilly in May? I’ve had dreams about having a fireplace one day, but if I had to decide I can honestly say that I have no idea what kind of fireplace I would want. Would you have a modern or classic fireplace? I know we all dream of having one, so chime in!

Images: 1. Carol Bokuniewicz & John Smallwood’s Home 2. Christian Larsen for Elle Decor Italia 12/10 3. Lonny Magazine 4. Convoy 5. Two Art Directors
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