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Four Favorites: Pajamas

Four Favorites : Pajamas | Sacramento Street

One of my all time favorite things around Christmas time is picking out a new pair of pajamas for everyone. There is nothing like a fresh new cozy pair of pajamas to put on Christmas morning. It has been a tradition in my family for years and I don’t think it will ever stop. This year I was on the hunt for a couple pairs since we’ll be home quite a bit with little baby Flemming. These are my favorites I found.

Have you found any must-have pjs this season?

1.) Pajama Set in Heathered Gingham Flannel

2.) Flannel Pajamas

3.) End-On-End Pajama Set in Swiss Dot

4.) Splendid Pajamas Set

Favorites | Sacramento Street


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Layer It : Cozy Morning

Layer It : Cozy Morning

Images : One, Two, Three, Four


​There is nothing I love more than a cozy morning doing basically nothing. Don’t you love not having to set an alarm clock, not having any set plans and just being back to stay at home to do anything your heart desires? That’s how I like to spend my holiday vacation. If only it could happen every weekend.

Layer It : Cozy Morning


I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite key items I love getting curled up in for a day at home – a warm sweater, fuzzy slippers and the perfect scarf or blanket to keep you toasty. This has me wishing it was Friday, not Monday, but hopefully it will get you inspired to spend a day next weekend to just relax and enjoy yourself.


Sacramento Street

1.) Fisherman Cable Knit Turtleneck

2.) Broken-in Boyfriend Jeans

Sacramento Street

3.) Lip Balm

4.) Ism Slub Trouser Socks

5.) Diamanta Throw in Dove Grey

6.) Cozy Knit Slipper

7.) Everly Glasses

8.) Rosa Arctica Regenerating Creme

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Four Favorites: 2015 Calendars

Jennifer Young Studio

There is nothing I love more than a new calendar. It symbolizes a fresh start to a new year of exciting endeavors, travel and events. I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites that I’ve been deciding between. Do you have a favorite calendar you’ve been eyeing for 2015?

Four Favorites : Calendars | Sacramento Street

1.) 2015 Bold Kraft Planner

2.) 2015 Jennifer Young Studio Calendar

3.)  2015 Daily Journal

4.) Month and Day Woodblock Calendar

Favorites | Sacramento Street

Image by Jennifer Young Studio

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Four Favorites: Rain Boots

Four Favorites: Rain Boots | Sacramento Street


The weather has turned and it officially feels like fall. This week we’ve been having non-stop rain (sideways rain, torrential rain, mist…you name it) here in San Francisco. I’ve been seeing women all over town in the cutest rain boots that I’m now coveting. How many rain bootscan one person have? Because I want them all! Even though I already have my trusty pair of Hunter boots there are a handful that I want now….so I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites to share with all of you. Do you have a pair of rain boots that you love?

1.) Chelsea Leopard Rain Boots

2.) Original Tour Boots

3.) Starling Chelsea Rain Boots

4.) Plask Rain Boot

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Four Favorites: Scarves

Four Favorites: Scarves | Sacramento Street

One of my favorite accessories is scarves. I don’t even want to admit how many I have . . . let’s just say I have a scarf problem. Here in San Francisco it’s the easiest item to tuck in your handbag in case the fog starts to roll in. Not only do they keep you warm but it’s also a way to add a little bit of pattern to any outfit.

Do you have any scarves that you love this season? I’m always on the hunt to add more to my collection!

1.) Cashmere Infinity Scarf

2.) Plaid Scarf

3.) Metallic Detector Infinity Scarf

4.) Woven Animal Print Scarf

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