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Getaway: The Goodland Hotel

The Goodland Hotel x Sacramento Street The Goodland Hotel x Sacramento Street

A couple weekends ago I had the perfect opportunity to leave San Francisco for a long weekend. I needed to take a buying trip for several of my design projects and having three days away gave me the chance to also relax and enjoy a little R&R.


The drive went quickly, despite the 330 miles between San Francisco and Santa Barbara. We left on Saturday morning so we didn’t encounter any heavy traffic. The first stop we made was to Raoul Textiles – one of the highlights of the trip. It was such an inspiration to find a business that is run by a mother and her children. The fabrics they create in their factory down the block from the store were stunning. I have used them on many projects and now I have even more finds to incorporate into my projects.

The Goodland Hotel x Sacramento StreetThe Goodland Hotel x Sacramento Street The Goodland Hotel x Sacramento Street

Our stay in Santa Barbara at The Goodland – a Kimpton Hotel, was the perfect fit for us. It was a retreat from the hustle and bustle I’ve had in my life lately. Rooms were simply appointed with excellent bedding that helped me have the perfect nights sleep. We got up the next morning ready to enjoy the entire day. We decided to have breakfast in their Outpost restaurant at the hotel and loved it. Not only was it delicious, but we were able to sit outside in the shade (its was almost 100 degrees that day). It was an oasis. We could see guests taking a yoga class by the pool and it felt like we were a million miles away from our lives at home.

The Goodland Hotel x Sacramento StreetThe Goodland Hotel x Sacramento Street
The Goodland Hotel x Sacramento Street

After meeting a friend for a lovely breakfast and visiting Jenni Kayne for my fall essentials, we hit the road and headed back to San Francisco. We had lunch in Los Alamos at Bell Street Farm thanks to the advice of Samantha of Could I Have That. I had one of the best sandwiches ever! If you are ever on the road – this is the place to stop! All and all, it was the perfect getaway. I would stay at The Goodland again on my next trip to Santa Barbara.

The Goodland Hotel x Sacramento Street

Favorite Discoveries:

Raoul Textiles It’s pure heaven. If you love interiors, textiles and found objects, this is the perfect place. You’ll be in awe of the beauty that lies within the store.

Jenni Kayne One of my favorite shops for clothing. You’ll get an inside glimpse into this store next week. It is not to be missed!

La Super Rica Taqueria This place is worth every minute you wait in line. By no means is this place fancy, but the tacos are mouth watering. Get the Tacos de Bistec and the Queso con Chile.

Diani Living This small shop will inspire you to transform your entire house into a neutral oasis.

d’Angelos Bakery Get the Eggs Rose. You’ll be dreaming of making their artichoke spread. I certainly am!

Finch and Fork The perfect way to end a busy day is with a delicious meal at Finch & Fork. Their Kale salad is delicious!


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Getaway: Hotel Healdsburg

Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg


Living in Northern California gives you unique places to visit in every direction you drive. One of the hidden gems that we had yet to visit was Healdsburg. Honestly, I can’t believe we had never been. It’s only a little over an hour away! As we set out on our adventure we were excited to discover another place so close.

As we approached downtown Healdsburg, and the beautiful historic square, we were stuck by the beautiful modern design of the Hotel Healdsburg that opened in 2002. The property was sophisticated, had a stunning aesthetic and common areas throughout the entire hotel where you could sit down to enjoy a little r & r. That’s the point of a getaway, right? We were completely smitten by the hotel from the beginning.

Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg

When we arrived at our room I was in awe of the size – it was larger than our former studio apartment! The floor to ceiling windows allowed great views as well. The beauty of the hotel is there are trees that border the hotel so you have complete privacy but can also see nature. A huge plus in my eyes. We made ourselves right at home – Jackson loved the big king size been.

Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg

Traveling with a little one is always an adventure but the Hotel Healdsburg made us instantly feel welcomed – we enjoyed dinner at the Dry Creek Kitchen in the hotel area, which had a band playing. Jackson was very entertained by the music. We also had some quality time out in their pool, followed by a nap and then I was able to sneak off to enjoy an afternoon at the newly remodeled spa, which was bliss.

Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg

We will definitely be venturing back to the beloved Healdsburg soon and I can’t wait to discover more of what it has to offer. One weekend was certainly not enough time. If you have any Healdsburg or Alexander Valley recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

Getaway: Hotel Heladsburg

Favorite Discoveries:

SHED – I highly recommend going for lunch – don’t pass on the beet tzatziki, it’s amazing! There may be a wait for a table but you can take those 15 minutes to look around the beautiful shop.

Noble Fork – You may have to go back twice because they have too many delicious ice cream and pie options!

Flying Goat Coffee – For a morning pick me up and treats.

Dinner Spots – Dry Creek Kitchen (in the Hotel Healdsburg), Barn Diva and Scopa.

Macrostie Winery (which Grant Gibson designed) – You’ll be greeted with a glass of wine as you arrive. The view and decor is unbeatable!

Photos by Caitlin Flemming

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Our First Family Getaway


One thing I pondered about all the time while pregnant, was how having a baby would affect my ability to travel. Obviously, traveling with an infant or young child requires more planning when it comes to packing for a trip, but there is no reason not to start traveling from the very start. Perhaps because of my own upbringing where I always traveled with my parents to the ends of the globe, I wanted to continue this tradition of opening the world up to my children.

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-28 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-33 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-34 copy

The first trip we took Jackson on was a few weeks ago prior to him turning three months old thanks to Bugaboo and Kid & Coe – to celebrate the launch of the new Bugaboo Bee 3. We ventured as a family from San Francisco to New York.  I was a bit nervous about the flight since Jackson and I would be flying solo, but in the end, I had nothing to worry about. It was smooth sailing for the entire flight. And while navigating the airport could have been difficult, I gate checked my Bugaboo Bee 3 and it was waiting for me when I disembarked. This meant I could have a place not only for Jackson, but also all the carry on items I brought.

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-8 copyWestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-16 WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-15 copy

Instead of staying at a hotel we had the pleasure of staying in a condo in the city through Kid & Coe.  We had a beautiful place in the Financial District that we could call home on our trip.  We dove into our adventures and Jackson did beautifully the entire trip.  We had great meals including one at Cluney Café and Momofuku Noodle Bar. Jackson slept in the Bugaboo Bee 3 during all of our meals. We took long walks through neighborhoods with visits to John Derian and ABC Carpet & Home. Our last morning we visited the memorial for 9/11 and were moved to tears.

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-44 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-46 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-47 copy

I recommend having a stroller for trips with infants. They can nap while you take advantage of the sites.  Jackson was so comfortable in his little home-away-from-home.  And the fresh air always puts him in a good mood. He loves looking at the world around him (ok – honestly, he mostly loves to look at leaves on trees).

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-60 copy


Ultimately, it was a perfect trip. Our little family of three had figured out just how fun traveling together can be!

This post is a partnership with Bugaboo Bee 3 and Kid & Coe. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by Katherine Harris 

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Getaway: Sailing to Alaska with Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento Street

When Eric and I started brainstorming places to go for our babymoon, we had a long list of potentials spots. When it came time to make a decision I wanted to go somewhere that had been on our bucket list for awhile. Over the past few years Eric has been talking about going to Alaska non-stop. It felt like the perfect place to go where we could be outdoors, do a few adventurous excursions, and enjoy some quality rest and relaxation with one another.

There is only one way to travel to Alaska – it’s on a cruise. As a young girl I had the privilege of traveling on quite a few cruises to Baja, the Arctic Circle and Alaska. These weren’t your typical cruise ships – they were nature cruises. This time would be a little different, we embarked on a seven night cruise with Celebrity Cruises. I have to say, from the moment I stepped onto the ship I was in awe of the stunning craftsmanship and the impeccable service. Since I had been on ships before, I was a little worried about how large this ship would feel, but once everyone was settled and on board it felt as though we were our own little island traveling up the coast of British Columbia.

Celebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento StreetCelebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento StreetCelebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento Street

First and foremost, let’s talk about the beauty that lies within the Celebrity Solstice. As you walk onto the ship you are instantly taken in by the architecture. The blue, white and orange tones that you find throughout the Solstice is almost as though they took the palette of the sea and continue it onto the ship, which made it feel timeless and elegant.

Celebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento Street

While each stateroom on the ship is your own little oasis that looks out onto the beautiful ocean – I felt as though the amenities of the ship were an extension of my room. A few of my favorite spots – the stunning library where I could pick up a new book after I finished the one I brought, the indoor pool (since it was quite chilly outside) and afternoon tea at Cafe al Bacio. Both Eric and I truly felt at home. It was as if we had never left home. I kept saying, can we bring all of this home with us? Who is going to turn down my bed at night? It’s the simple luxuries that made this journey unique.

Celebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento Street
Celebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento StreetCelebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento StreetCelebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento StreetCelebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento Street

There was also delicious culinary experiences on the trip. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard from a few close friends that had traveled on Celebrity Cruises before that it was great. Friends, I was blown away. While all of the restaurants were incredible and had their own little twist to them – Blu was by far my favorite. It’s healthy cuisine but without losing the flavor. I probably could have gone there for every meal. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get a private cooking lesson from the executive chef on the ship and I asked him about what they strive to bring in their food on the Solstice. He said, clean, local and seasonal. Exactly how I try to eat at home. He said it’s all about a few key ingredients that make the food shine. They definitely achieved that at every single restaurant we went to on our journey.

Celebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento Street Celebrity Cruises - Destination Blogger | m + a photography for Sacramento Street

As I look back on this unbelievable trip I can honestly say that the Celebrity Solstice blew me away. It was the epitome of modern luxury at it’s finest. From the level of service, to the food, to the endless nightly entertainment, to the stunning spa – it completely encompassed everything Eric and I were looking for when it came to this babymoon vacation. I look forward to our next journey on one of their many ships around the world. The hard part will be deciding where to go next!

Next week, I’ll be talking about the sites and excursions we went on – let’s just say they will be forever remembered!

This post is a partnership with Celebrity Cruises. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by m + a photography for Sacramento Street

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Getaway: Bardessono Hotel

Bardessono Hotel | Sacramento Street 1Bardessono Hotel | Sacramento Street 2Bardessono Hotel | Sacramento Street 3Bardessono Hotel | Sacramento Street 4Bardessono Hotel | Sacramento Street 5Bardessono Hotel | Sacramento Street 6Bardessono Hotel | Sacramento Street 7


In the summer months, it’s essential to plan day trips to get out of the San Francisco fog. That’s why I’m constantly looking for places to escape. Fortunately, there are amazing options to choose from that are in close proximity to home. This month I discovered the Bardessono Hotel in Yountville. I had heard fabulous things about the property from friends so when it came time to plan a day trip up to wine country for my Mom’s birthday it was a chance to try it out.

As you enter the property, you are instantly graced with stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and the friendliest staff. We immediately felt the calm of the atmosphere provided by the quiet sound of fountains and the beauty of nature surrounding us.  Our morning was spent pampering ourselves in the top-rated spa where I lost myself in the smells of lavender and jasmine. It was followed by a delicious lunch at Lucy in the quiet gardens. I’ve already tried re-creating the carrot salad I had that was entirely made from their raised vegetable beds in the gardens within the property – I wanted to forage a basket of produce to bring home.

Next time I go back, I’ll definitely spend the night – you can actually have spa services in your room!

Photos by Caitlin Flemming

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