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It has been quite a whirlwind around the office these days working on fun and exciting projects. I wanted to pop in to show you a little inspiration that I have going on for a recent project. As you all know, I love blues – these are some of the beautiful fabrics I acquired in Istanbul in February. I can’t wait to see how we end up using them in this project.

More project updates will be coming to the blog. I thought I should start sharing inspiration and details here with all of you!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming

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New Year, New Inspirations


Reflecting on the past is the perfect way to help you get to a better tomorrow. Every year I look back and think about the past year and all that I’ve accomplished and overcome – the good and hard times. A new year brings a clean slate and a new path to follow. I think that writing down resolutions for the year is a great way to start your year off right for your personal growth. With that being said, here are my goals for 2014.


This is something I need to embrace. I think owning and running your own company you think you need to be on 24/7, truth be told, you don’t. It’s important to take time away, get inspired, and rejuvenate your soul so that you can be focused when you are working. During the holidays, I did just that and it was incredible.

Continue to Travel Near and Far.

I’ve been a traveler since a very young age. My parents traveled for work and I would tag ago. They thought seeing the world was far more educational than missing a few weeks of school every year. With that being said, I love traveling. This year, there are already a plethora of trips planned. I’ll be going to a continent I’ve never been to, which in my eyes is quite exciting.

Read more novels.

Next to my nightstand I have piles of books waiting to be read, but somehow I can never find the time to pick them up. This year I’m carving out time to sit on my sofa with a cup of tea to enjoy them. No more laptop in bed. I’ll be picking up one of my many books instead! I’ve got no excuses, it needs to happen.

Take a photography course.

When I was seven years old I remember taking an incredible trip with my family to the Arctic Circle. I was fascinated by the images the head photographer was taking. I followed him around the entire trip getting tips, looking through his lens, and learning a few tips. From that day forward I’ve always had a love for photography. It’s time to take a few classes to grow this passion.

Quality versus quantity.

This was actually a resolution I made last year to myself but I’m carrying it into this year. I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t go buying trendy items, or items that I would only want for one season – instead I would save and purchase classic pieces that would last me several years. I have pieces in my wardrobe from high school and college that I still wear and adore because my mom taught me that classic and quality pieces are way better than clothes that only last a few months.

Keep dreaming and take risks.

Last year was my first year being completely freelance – it was amazing! I’ve never looked back. I have to say, 2013 was beyond what I even expected of myself and the business. With a new year and a blank slate I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014. This year I can’t wait to dream even bigger, take risks, and  grow Sacramento Street and Caitlin Flemming Design. If you don’t dream big and take leaps it’ll never happen, right?

What are your goals for 2014?

Image by SMP Living

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Weekend Inspiration

There’s nothing I love more than a road trip – being on the open road, not knowing what town you might pass through that will inspire you . . . it’s a blast in my eyes. I’ll be packing up my bags for a road trip that will take my mom and I to Carmel, Santa Barbara and LA. I can’t wait to discover new shops, photograph amazing creative woman for my workspace series (friends get excited!!) and go to a few restaurants that have been on my list for a long time. It’s going to be quite a journey – follow the inspiration on twitter and instagram.

So as we head into the weekend I’d love for you to tell me about some of your favorite places in Santa Barbara and LA that are on your must see/do list!

Don’t worry, next week will be filled with beautiful and inspiring posts – get ready for a fun recipe and beautiful room anatomy posts from our awesome contributors Susan and Brittany. If you can wait until then check out On the Menu for recipes and Room Anatomy to get inspired in the kitchen and if you want to spruce up a room.

Until Monday!

xx, Caitlin

Editorial photographed by Corrie Bond and styled by Kate Harrowsmith for Marie Claire Australia

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a brand new week . . .

Happy Monday! This weekend was all about getting together with friends that were visiting from out of town, running errands and ending the week by heading to the suburbs to celebrate my cousins birthday. It was quite lovely and refreshing – probably because I finally got adjusted to the time change.

This week’s inspiration – the new Elle Decoration UK that I picked up at Birch, my Coraggio fabric that I’m excited about incorporating into our apartment, an Astier bird, delicious cocoa brûlée chocolates that I’m obsessed with and lastly a necklace that that I bought a long time ago and am finally incorporating into outfits.  

Have a wonderful week – I’ll be taking some AutoCAD class this first part of the week. Wish me luck! 

Photo by Caitlin Flemming

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