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loft space: which one do you adore?

Let’s be honest, all of us dream about living in a loft at some point in our lives with sky high ceilings, open space, and big lofty windows. Well, Mrs. E is going to be living that dream for all of us in a little over a month. As we began talking about her decor inspiration I came across so many different directions we could take the space – either stick with neutrals for a super clean and sleek look, or go a little more colorful and modern. There are really so many different styles she look at for inspiration. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite loft spaces to see which you adore the most. I can’t wait to hear what you all think.

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Photos: 1. Willow & Frank 2. Lonny Magazine 3. where the lovely things are 4 + 5. delikatissen 6. Mod Nest

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