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Summertime Alfresco Retreat

Ecco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento Street

Summer is the perfect time of year to invite friends over for an outdoor soiree. In the Summer you don’t always have to make it a formal affair. It’s the little things you do that make a world of difference when it comes to a last minute get together. Honestly, the table came together effortlessly. The bottles of the Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio were stunning. Acclaimed designer Zac Posen created the labels on the bottles and I based the entire design of the tablescape around the simple beauty of the stunning color scheme. I chose a black and white table linen from St. Frank and paired it with green and white flowers.

Ecco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento Street Ecco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento Street
Ecco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento Street

The lunch was a combination of fresh roasted artichoke hearts and a salad with watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, and feta cheese. I try to make the majority of my summertime meals from produce I buy at the farmers market. Each Sunday we walk to our neighborhood farmers market and what happens to be in season is what we eat. When it comes to recipes I’m constantly turning to our food editor, Amanda – she always knows how to combine the perfect combination of ingredients to make incredible dishes. For this particular alfresco retreat I wanted a few stand out dishes that would pair perfectly with a light and refreshing drink – in this case with Ecco Domani’s Pinot Grigio for the lunch and their Prosecco with dessert.

Ecco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento Street Ecco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento StreetEcco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento StreetEcco Domani - Summertime Alfresco Retreat | Sacramento Street

After the delicious lunch in Natalie Bowen’s gorgeous studio backyard, we lingered a little longer and sipped the Ecco Domani Prosecco – which worked perfectly with our dessert of fresh fruit and chocolates. This was the perfect mid-day break to a busy weekday. I honestly need to do this more often!


Check back later today for the recipes that Amanda created so that you can prepare the same summertime retreat for your friends!

This post is a partnership with Ecco Domani. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by Emily Scott, Food by Amanda Frederickson  for Sacramento Street | Table Linen and Pillows from St. Frank Textiles

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Outdoor Entertaining with Horchow

Entertaining with Horchow | Sacramento StreetThe past week has been warm – I’m talking sandal and tank top weather! It has been pure bliss! And what better way to start off the weekend than a little outdoor gathering with friends. Living in the city I crave outdoor space and it’s rare to have. Thankfully, a dear friend has a beautiful home overlooking the city and Golden Gate Bridge. She welcomed us into her home. After a long week of work, I love getting together with girlfriends for a little wine and cheese – who doesn’t?

Entertaining with Horchow | Sacramento StreetWhen brainstorming setting the mood for this gathering, I wanted to go outside my usual neutral color palate. I decided that since it’s the beginning of our summer here in the Bay Area I’d go big – I’m talking pops of teal and orange. Luckily Horchow was here to help with the tabletop – from the beautiful glassware (that inspired the pop of teal), to the crisp white bistro plates – everything on their site is perfect for entertaining outdoors.

Entertaining with Horchow | Sacramento StreetEntertaining with Horchow | Sacramento Street

Now, when thinking about what to serve I always start my evenings off with a stunning cheese board filled with delicious bites everyone will enjoy. I personally think they are the best thing to make when having friends over. It’s quick and easy. In order to create what I call the perfect cheese board you need just a few key things in your fridge and pantry. Sometimes, I feel like some people are intimidated by a cheese board, but they shouldn’t be – that’s why I’m sharing go-to tips on creating the perfect one.

• Be sure to include a mix of fresh, aged, soft and hard cheeses. Personal favorites are goat cheese, Manchego and Brie.

• Try adding fruit like pears, grapes, apples or figs. Each compliment a different cheese.

• Add nuts from your pantry – almonds, walnuts or spiced pecans.

• If they have them in your cheese department – a mix of olives is always a favorite among guests.

• And soft baguette and a crackers to spread these delicious cheese on are a must.

Entertaining with Horchow | Sacramento StreetEntertaining with Horchow | Sacramento StreetStyle it all on a long cutting board or tray (like this weathered wood tray from Horchow) and you’ll have guests smitten by this beautiful presentation. The best part? It only takes a few minutes to put together before they arrive!

Entertaining with Horchow | Sacramento Street

Entertaining with Horchow | Sacramento StreetI hope all of you can enjoy the last taste of warm weather before fall arrives and the sun starts setting earlier. We have to the cherish these moments before it’s too late. Now start planning your next outdoor gathering and don’t forget to pop over to Horchow to see how they can help make it extra chic!

This post is brought to you by Horchow. Visit to see more items you can use in your own home for outdoor entertaining. Thanks for supporting posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by Caitlin Flemming

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outdoor spaces: which one do you adore?

I’ve always known that having a little space outside to call your own is important, but this summer I’m feeling it even more. We’re longing for the days when we can have a tiny space for a bbq, table and chairs. I’d be out there every single day the sun was shining – sipping on my morning tea, reading a book and hosting dinner soirees. Of course this brought on the need to look and daydream for inspiration for my “future” outdoor space. All of these have something I adore: from the chairs to the greenery to the overall aesthetic.

The real question is, which one do you adore? What do you like about them or dislike? Can’t wait for you to share!

Photos: 1. Nuevo Estilo 2. Simply Seductive 3. unknown (anyone?) 4. Martha Stewart 5. Domino
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let it shine . . .

I was just thinking that San Francisco wasn’t going to get any June gloom, but today felt like we zoomed past summer and fall, right into December. It was pouring buckets of rain, dark and humid – not a great combination. So I started day dreaming about the sunny days that are about to grace us and how I want to relish them. San Franciscans don’t take warm sunny weather for granted. If you’ve got the sun shining down on you – get outside, only if it’s for a walk or to run errands or to sit with a cold glass of ice tea and your favorite summer read. Enjoy it!

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outdoor living: which one do you adore?

With the sun and bright blue skies still gracing us with its presence, all I can think about is having a deck or outdoor patio. I imagine eating al fresco as the sun sets over the bay . . . maybe we’ll get lucky and have one in our next home. When you I don’t have something in my home, I always dream up what I would do if I did have it. All of the above images have little bits that are dream-worthy.

What would you look for in an outdoor patio or deck? Would you use it to lounge around or to host a little dinner party? Ahhhhh . . . the possibilities and have a little oasis to call you own.

Images: 1. French by Design 2. Melanie Acevedo for Domino 3. House & Home Summer 2003, photography by George Whiteside 4. Frank Features via Coco + Kelley 5. Thom Filicia

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