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The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For . . .

After months and months of photo shoots, emails, meetings, designing and editing (and more editing) – I’m jumping up and down with excitement that I finally get to present to you the premiere issue of Rue. It’s been a labor of love, our pride and joy and we worked our tushies off to get the best of the best into this first issue. I hope you devour each and every page we’ve put together.

Just have to say a few words . . .

To my team, each and every one of you has been amazing throughout this endeavor. We’re each others cheerleaders, supporters and most of all we’ve formed a bond faster than any other group I’ve worked with. We conquered our dreams and turned them into reality. Love you guys!

To my readers, thank you for being there cheering all of us on. You are the reason we keep going and going and going. Staying up all night to bring you this issue, all I could think about was all of you waiting with baited breath for the premiere issue. Here it is luvies – pull up a chair, get a glass of tea or wine and stay for awhile.

To my husband, what can I say – you are my rock. You’ve put up with my late nights, endless hours on the computer, an iPhone that doesn’t leave my hand and meals that suddenly went to strictly quesadillas. You support every single dream I have and were by my side this entire way. I love you honey!

To my family and friends, I promise that I will now return all of your phone calls, I’ll be able to go out to dinners, and be at every softball game – that is until we start issue two. Just kidding. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. I think some of you thought I was crazy – day job, blog, and launching a magazine, but one of my dreams has come true. All of your texts, voicemails, and emails throughout these past few weeks have meant the world to me and kept me going. xo

All of you are the best! I hope you have as much fun pouring over the pages of Rue as we did creating this premiere issue. Enjoy!

xoxo, Caitlin

*photos via Rue Magazine taken by Jamie Beck

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whoops, did we do that?

The Rue team is counting down the hours until we premiere. We’re perfecting each and every page so that you love everything on the page, instead of just one thing!

With all of us on zero hours of sleep, our apartments looking like a disaster (we’re all very neat so this is rare) and our husbands wanting a little more attention then a “ya, ok” – we decided to give everybody one last sneak peek. And what’s a better sneak peak than our amazing cover? When we came across this photo we all instantly felt that it was the right choice and I’m proud to call this our premiere issue cover.


Cover Photo: Laure Joliet Cover Design: Bri Emery
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I Have to Ask: Do You Rue?

When we aren’t typing away on our computers, talking on conference calls or at photoshoots, the Rue team definitely likes to have a little fun when we are stressing – can you blame us? We’ve played around on photoshop quite a bit over the past few months and have had many laughs – check out our endless fun over on facebook.

Today we’re introducing one of the creations. We’ve received an amazing amount of support from all of our readers, twitter followers and facebook friends since our announcement, so we wanted to ask you: Do you Rue?

We’d be honored if you continued to spread the word with our ‘Do You Rue?’ buttons. It’s easy – just click here to download your favorite button, post it in your margins, and link to our site. Have fun!

p.s. The two buttons on top are from Crystal’s home. She has impeccable taste; just wait until you see her entire home in the premiere issue!

*buttons created by the amazingly talented Alaina from Live Creating Yourself!

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Countdown to Rue: Only Two Weeks Away

Today marks the two week countdown to Rue. We may be hyperventilating a little bit and we may not be sleeping, but we cannot wait for the launch – it’s going to be out of this world.

For today’s Rue sneak peek we wanted to bring you something new, different and an element of surprise. I think we’ve definitely achieved all three of those things. We’re still bopping our heads to the music from the party and our mouths are watering for some more delicious ice cream (at least I am).

Be sure to head over to Style Me Pretty where Erin from the lovely Apartment 34 gives you a sneak peek at even more images from our party. Enjoy!

P.S. Check out our other two sneak peeks here and here.

*our photographer: the amazing Max Wagner for Rue Magazine; our glam squad: Catherine of The Life Styled and Jami’s team at FioreBeauty; this exclusive sneak peek first seen on Style Me Pretty
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hello september!

August went by entirely too quickly. I cannot believe it’s already September – which means fall is right around the corner. I look forward to crisp weather, falling leaves, lots of layers and the launch of Rue (only a few weeks away – eek!). As the days get shorter and the air gets cooler I intend on taking advantage of all the new trends that are coming our way. One look that I’ve been loving for awhile are cute dresses and shoes with socks to keep my toes warm – I’m hoping I can pull it off.

What are you looking forward to this month?

*photos via definitely golden
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