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Honestly, since I became a mother, I’ve had to let some things go. There are days when I don’t actually have a chance to shower or complete a workout. I try not to beat myself up – there will be plenty of time in the future. It’s amazing how frequently I look at my watch and it’s noon and I have not accomplished anything other than just spending time with Jackson.


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While having a baby has changed the picture for me in a multitude of ways, my style has remained relatively the same – maybe just a bit more informal. You definitely need to embrace fabrics that can easily be washed when you have a baby in your life.

A great option that I gravitate to on a daily basis, are the clothes I have from Shop Buru. They all seem to work by being both comfortable and stylish at the same time. There are some pieces I’ve actually ordered multiples of!

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Pop on over to Shop Buru and see the items I’ve chosen as motherhood essentials and hear more about how I’m adjusting to motherhood.

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Greycork: Convenience Meets Good Design

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In my design business, I have always believed that less is more. I would rather have fewer pieces of quality than a house filled with throwaway furniture. Along with this, I find that buying from smaller companies that care about all of the details of their products can make the experience of buying items an enjoyable one. When I heard about Greycork, I knew their business model fit into my belief about design.


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Greycork is a  online furniture startup producing quality furniture that brings cutting-edge design together with practical convenience. Both of the co-founders attended RISD and this is apparent in their products.


I have their desk and use it as my office desk. Each of these pieces arrive to your door in only five days. The top of the desk is a stunning solid wood that feels like satin. The metal legs of the table fold into the top for easy storage and it is easy to move from room to room.


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I highly suggest popping over to their site! Greycork has done it right – creating products that work in your life.

This post is a partnership with Greycork. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

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Our First Family Getaway


One thing I pondered about all the time while pregnant, was how having a baby would affect my ability to travel. Obviously, traveling with an infant or young child requires more planning when it comes to packing for a trip, but there is no reason not to start traveling from the very start. Perhaps because of my own upbringing where I always traveled with my parents to the ends of the globe, I wanted to continue this tradition of opening the world up to my children.

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-28 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-33 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-34 copy

The first trip we took Jackson on was a few weeks ago prior to him turning three months old thanks to Bugaboo and Kid & Coe – to celebrate the launch of the new Bugaboo Bee 3. We ventured as a family from San Francisco to New York.  I was a bit nervous about the flight since Jackson and I would be flying solo, but in the end, I had nothing to worry about. It was smooth sailing for the entire flight. And while navigating the airport could have been difficult, I gate checked my Bugaboo Bee 3 and it was waiting for me when I disembarked. This meant I could have a place not only for Jackson, but also all the carry on items I brought.

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-8 copyWestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-16 WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-15 copy

Instead of staying at a hotel we had the pleasure of staying in a condo in the city through Kid & Coe.  We had a beautiful place in the Financial District that we could call home on our trip.  We dove into our adventures and Jackson did beautifully the entire trip.  We had great meals including one at Cluney Café and Momofuku Noodle Bar. Jackson slept in the Bugaboo Bee 3 during all of our meals. We took long walks through neighborhoods with visits to John Derian and ABC Carpet & Home. Our last morning we visited the memorial for 9/11 and were moved to tears.

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-44 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-46 copy WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-47 copy

I recommend having a stroller for trips with infants. They can nap while you take advantage of the sites.  Jackson was so comfortable in his little home-away-from-home.  And the fresh air always puts him in a good mood. He loves looking at the world around him (ok – honestly, he mostly loves to look at leaves on trees).

WestVillage.NYC.FamilyPhotography-60 copy


Ultimately, it was a perfect trip. Our little family of three had figured out just how fun traveling together can be!

This post is a partnership with Bugaboo Bee 3 and Kid & Coe. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by Katherine Harris 

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Changing Table Essential: The Diaper Pail

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In an earlier post, I wrote about the perfect changing table arrangement. While I felt confident in deciding the decor of Jackson’s nursery, I had absolutely no clue about the most useful essentials to have at my fingertips next to the table. Quickly, I discovered I needed advice from mothers with more experience than I had.

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One item they unanimously suggested was a good diaper pail that would keep the smell of dirty diapers out of the nursery. Overwhelmingly, they recommended the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin. The top of the pail has an odor-busting Armor & Hammer baking soda that deodorizes as well as a self-sealing lid. I think the best part for me is the ability to open it with one hand. As Jackson becomes more active, it’s important that I can accomplish changing him while always keeping a firm hand on him. Luckily, along with having great function, it also looks great. Sleek and simple design make the pail unobtrusive and visually pleasing.


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Do you have a favorite item you couldn’t live without for your changing table?

This post is a partnership with Munchkin. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

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On the Hunt: Dining Room Chairs

On The Hunt : Chairs | Sacramento Street

 Images: 1/2/3/4

A great way to avoid having a home that looks cookie-cutter is to make sure there is a mix of both old and new. What better way to do this than mixing modern and vintage chairs at your dining room table.

On The Hunt : Chairs Inspiration | Sacramento Street1.) Burke Tulip Chairs

2.) Mid-Century Modern Arm Chair

3.) Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Armchairs

4.) Knoll Tulip Chairs

5.) Stratham Mid-Century Modern Loveseat

6.) Nicos Zographos Chairs

At my table I have four modern chairs with sheepskins on the seat to add a bit of comfort. In between these chairs, I’ve added two vintage bentwood chairs from Spain.


Another trick is to have a loveseat on one side of the table. Not only is this a comfortable option, but it helps to make your dining room warm and inviting.


Finally, why not have an upholstered chair at each end of the table? I guarantee it will draw you in and you’ll linger with a good book and a cup of tea. These easy ideas can be the difference in a dining room never being used or a place you enjoy and choose to use.


One of my go-to places for unique items is Chairish. This is a site you want to use often, as the merchandise is always changing. You can find a unique set of chairs to mix with those you already have. And before you know it, you’ll want to hang in the often-overlooked dining room.


Shop more of my favorite side tables on Chairish.

This post is a partnership with Chairish. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.


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