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I’m Loving . . .

The perfect ensemble to run around town.

Stunning blooms are popping up at flowers shops and the flower market. These in particular are drop-dead gorgeous!

If only everyone could have a set of all white Le Creuset like the above. I think that’s what kitchen heaven would look like.

I’m all about cuffed jeans.

In my quest to try different black teas – this one is being added to my wish list.

What are you loving this week?

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a brand new week . . .

Happy Monday lovelies! The sun is shining warm and bright here in the city by the bay, which feels delightful. We arrived home late last night after spending the weekend with family and close friends – the weekend consisted of lots of down time talking with my mom over cups of tea (no computers were turned on), watching our high school friends tie the knot and of course I spent yesterday with my wonderful mom. Seeing everyone completely rejuvenated my soul and I’m ready for the busy week ahead.

I hope all of you had a lovely relaxing weekend. And to all of you moms out there – I hope you were pampered and got lots of hugs this Mother’s Day!
Images: unknown and Mikkel Vang
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tea time

Since I’m addicted to tea, this image rang true to my heart. I love sipping tea out of antique teacups I find at the flea market. Each one has itsown personality.

Now, I’m craving a cup – I think I’ll go get myself a cup of English Breakfast!

*Photo: vinaigrette
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