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kitchen: which one do you adore?

One could say that I’m very particular about my kitchens – I want my future kitchen to be clean, minimalist and ALL white. As my mom and I stood in her kitchen daydreaming about what we would do with it, I began to think of all the possibilities . . . the tile, counter, stove, shelving. The sky is the limit, and there are so many options out there.

So these are a few of our many favorites that we’ve tagged over the past few months. Some are just vignettes and others are whole kitchens – I’d love to know which you adore.

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bed: which one do you adore?

Last night my mom and I were sitting in her new condo discussing what style of bed she should purchase for the guest bedroom – from traditional to antique to modern . . . the possibilities are endless. So after searching for the perfect style I thought it might be fun to have all of you weigh in on your favorite style. Which do you adore the most?

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outfit: which one do you adore?

This week I decided that an outfit post for ‘which one do you adore?’ would be a fun twist to the normal interior focus. Since the weather is growing cooler and cooler every single week, I’ve been trying to figure out my favorite look for these chiller temps. Whether it’s adding a scarf, coat, or sweater to my ensemble – I’m ready to pack on the layers. Have you started thinking about the key pieces you want in your Fall wardrobe?

So which one of these outfits do you adore? I’m loving number one for during the week and number six for weekends. Can’t wait to hear what all of you think!

Photos: 1. + 6. Sartorialist 2. + 3. Vanessa Jackson 4. Everything Fab 5.
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lighting: which one do you adore?

Since the days are getting shorter and darker, I’ve been thinking a lot about lighting in my apartment lately. Part of the reason is because when you rent you dream of the day you’ll finally be able to switch out your lights. The other reason why I’ve been lusting after lighting is because it’s so incredibly dark by the time I get home these days. Instead of turning on my boring standard lights, I’d love to have something inspiring hanging above me. So that’s why the other day I set out on a mission to find different lighting options. My favorites – number one and three, but of course I’d rather find out which one you adore?

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bathroom: which one do you adore?

I always find myself admiring beautiful bathrooms – probably because it’s something that I dream about often. From the tile, to the fixtures, to the colors you can pick out, I’m always in awe at how people decide to design their bathroom.
If you could pick one of these beautiful bathrooms, which one would you pick for your home?
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