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HP Spectre I had intended to keep my office in my home for a few more years, but circumstances beyond my control, forced me to rethink this option. Broken pipes and water streaming into my son’s bedroom meant we had to rearrange the entire house. Suddenly, I was left with nowhere to work. The neighborhood café became my makeshift office. Something needed to change if I wanted to find the inspiration that’s essential working in a creative field.

HP Spectre HP Spectre HP Spectre It was time for me to look for a new place to work. While strategizing a location, my temporary workplace became my local coffee shop. Little did I know, that my future office would be just down the street from where I was working (Sacramento Street of course!). Armed with my HP Spectre, I was ready to let my creativity run wild. I’m moving in new directions and HP Spectre is helping me get there. Every once in a while, we need to take a turn in the direction we are heading and move to another path. I love my work with a passion, and I look forward to this new chapter in my ever evolving work life.

HP Spectre HP Spectre hp-spectre-7HP Spectre has made a big difference in my work life. It’s amazing how the right tools can influence your creative process – I know I’ve been on overdrive lately!

To read about my first encounters with my HP Spectre read this post and this post. 

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Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

Layer It: Brunch Date

Layer It - Brunch DateOne of my favorite pastimes on the weekends it to plan a brunch date with girlfriends. There is nothing quite like chatting away about life over delicious food. I’ve been hosting girlfriends at our house while Jackson naps. Since I have to be at home, why not have a friend for brunch to spend a few hours with catching up. I’m hoping that I can continue this tradition this fall – no matter how busy life gets.

Layer It - Brunch Date

The Basics

front tie dress | everyday jacket

The Layers

saddle bag | shades | oxfords | necktie | polish

Do you have any favorite pieces you love wearing to meet your friends for brunch? Also, don’t forget to check out past Layer It posts for outfit inspiration.

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Blooms in Season: Dreamy Dahlias

Blooms in Season - Dreamy DahliasOne of my favorite parts of transitioning from summer to fall, are the late summer flowers. Dahlias come at a time of year where it still feels firmly like summer but the light has shifted and you know a change is just around the corner. To me, dahlias are pure happiness and I can’t help but smile, every time I see them. Not only do they come in a rainbow of colors, but they also come in a wide variety of sizes.

This month, Natalie will show you the royalty of dahlias. These beauties come directly from local growers in the Bay Area. I am over the moon in love with these beauties.

Blooms in Season - Dreamy DahliasBlooms in Season - Dreamy Dahlias How to maximize the life of cut dahlia flowers?
Dahlias don’t have long lives but there are a few tricks. The most important thing is that they don’t have a lot of water. Just a few inches of water will do, and if you give them more, they will wilt faster. Dahlias also like hot water. Not boiling but the hottest water that comes out of your tap will help them quite a bit.

Types dahlia flowers we featured.
Bowen (small white one)
KA Cloud (pink one)
Passion Vine
KA’s Khaleesi

Blooms in Season - Dreamy DahliasWhere do you purchase your dahlias?
I am very lucky to be in the Bay Area, as dahlias don’t ship well so we only get them from local farms. They don’t do well without water, whereas flowers such as peonies or tulips can be shipped without water for several days or up to a week. Dahlias start to disintegrate quite quickly. We get ours from farms in Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.

I love the fact that you have local growers, like these from Santa Cruz that you’ve made connections with. Is there a reason dahlias grow along the coast?
They like the light, up to 14 hours. When the days get shorter, they start to fade. They also like sandy soil that is nutrient rich called “sandy lome” soil. They don’t like the heat even though they like the light.

Blooms in Season - Dreamy DahliasDo you have a favorite dahlias?
All of them! The little guys and the big fluffy ones. It’s all about the discrete tones in the petals and their unique personalities. In the last year I discovered the “Bowen Dahlias” and the “Sweet Natalie’s”. I’m feeling enthusiastic about all those names, for obvious reasons.

Tell us about the dahlias in golden gate park – when is the best time to visit?
Late August to September and some years until October. The Dahlia Dell is even available to reserve for a little party or gathering. I’m inspired to have a little luncheon there sometime.

Blooms in Season - Dreamy Dahlias

A huge thank you to Natalie for putting together this stunning dahlia arrangement. To get inspired by past Blooms in Season posts – click here.

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Caitlin Flemming for Sacramento Street

Style: Fall Is Around the Corner

Old Navy x Sacramento StreetAs we get further into September, the light begins to change and you can clearly feel that fall is in the air. Crispness to the air in the morning, shorter number of hours in the sun, and the ends of leaves beginning to change color. These and many other reasons, make fall my favorite season of the year.

Old Navy x Sacramento StreetOld Navy x Sacramento Street

Outfit Details

Caitlin: Long Open-Front Cardi in Charcoal | White Boyfriend ShirtRockstar Super Skinny Jeans in Dark Wash | Oversized Flannel Scarf | Large Double-Zip Crossbody Bag in Black

Jackson: Henley Raglan-Sleeve Tee in Blue | Quilted Chambray Vest | Skinny Cords in Ink Blue 

Old Navy x Sacramento StreetOld Navy x Sacramento StreetMaybe it’s the clothes that also make it a favorite time of year. Switching to layers with long sleeves and items you can take on and off gets me excited! This is true not only for me, but also for the clothes I buy for my toddler. I like it when both of us can have multiple layers as the fog can roll in at any moment in San Francisco.

Old Navy x Sacramento StreetOld Navy x Sacramento Street Old Navy x Sacramento StreetOld Navy x Sacramento StreetWhen you have a toddler, they’re growing so quickly, that they outgrow their clothes constantly. I have found that going to Old Navy is a great solution. They’re clothes are mostly 100% cotton and the prices are so reasonable. I always find things that are perfect for both Jackson’s wardrobe as well as my own. There are so many textures, patterns, and colors to choose from.

Old Navy x Sacramento Street Old Navy x Sacramento StreetFrom 9/15 to 10/2 there is an excellent sale on Kid’s and Baby. So head to Old Navy . . . and happy layering!

This post is a partnership with Old Navy. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

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