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CFxBaby (2 of 2)

You guessed it – as of this week I’m 19 weeks pregnant with baby number two! Honestly, there is no way to hide the bump anymore. This time around it popped SO much faster. Our entire family is overjoyed that we will be welcoming a baby GIRL this June!! Jackson walks around the house pointing to my bump saying “nina, nina” and he loves handing me food saying it’s for “baby.” He also loves to kiss my bump and point to her room – I know he’s going to be an amazing older brother.

It’s been hard to keep this a secret from all of you – this pregnancy has been a rough one. This Fall (starting in October) I was in bed with all day sickness. Some days I could make it through meetings, other days I’d be in bed most of the day – each day was unpredictable. Luckily, right after Christmas I started to feel back to my old self again. It’s been a blessing feeling like me again. So, if you were wondering what was going on around here this fall, with less posts going up, now you know why.

Thank you all for being so incredibly supportive – I can’t wait to share more about motherhood and how this pregnancy is going with all of you.

A HUGE thank you to Andrea for capturing this photo of Jackson when we told her the news!

Real Talk / Real Moms: Raising a Little Reader

Real Talk, Real Moms - Favorite BooksThis installment of Real Talk with Real Moms is all about books and creating avid little readers (or at least attempting/hoping to create them). When it comes to reading we started a nighttime routine when Jackson was just three months old. The routine consists of reading two to three books each night in our bed. Fast forward to today and we’re still doing the same routine – Jackson runs from his room to our bed for story time yelling “book, book!” This is an excitement I hope never fades.

Both Eric and I value raising Jackson to be an avid reader. His bookshelf is accessible so that he can grab books at anytime. Now, it hasn’t always been easy getting him to settle down for these reading sessions.

Some of you may be wondering “does he really lay down with you and pay attention?” – the answer is no. We’ve gone through several phases that have been challenging and tested our patience, but we didn’t want to stray from our routine. So whenever he is in one of those rough phases, we go through one book and call it a night. Sometimes he will be wiggling, talking or kicking the book, but we always manage to read it.

We’ve hit an age where Jackson has settled down, plays by himself more, picks up books and flips through them. It brings me so much joy to see him learning in this way. Sometimes I don’t want to blink because I’m afraid it’ll be the day where he’s reading to me instead. If only time could go a little slower, but for now I’ll cherish these moments with him and be proud that he knows what’s coming up in the book as we turn the page.

Reading with DadI wanted to share some of our favorite books that we’ve read together since Jackson was a baby. There is everything from The Pout-Pout Fish to Little Blue Truck to Moo Baa La La La – each of these have Jackson tickled by the end. And if you want one that’ll make you teary eyed – a family favorite is Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You, it’s SO good!

Read about what the other amazing Real Moms have to say about the what their favorite books are for their kiddos.

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Interiors: The Finished Product (The After)

Revitaliste Makeover 1Yesterday, I chatted about how to decide if a piece of furniture should be revitalized (click here to read). Once you’ve decided a piece is worth keeping, working with Revitaliste makes the process of getting the job done completely seamless. They have a four-step process that gets the work done efficiently and beautifully.

Revitaliste Makeover 2Revitaliste Makeover 8Revitaliste Makeover

The Revitaliste Way

  1. Tell them what you want to revitalize: Here you’ll send them a photograph, along with the dimensions. Revitaliste will quickly get back to you with a detailed estimate of the cost.
  2. Pick a fabric/finish you like: You can buy the fabric or Revitaliste will help choose one for you.
  3. Schedule a pick up: Revitaliste has white-glove moving partners that ensure the utmost care throughout the process. Select the day and a two-hour window and they’ll do everything else.
  4. Enjoy: You’ve transformed your favorite furniture. Now sit back and enjoy it!

Revitaliste Makeover 3 Revitaliste Makeover 4 Revitaliste Makeover 6The before and after of these chairs is phenomenal in my eyes! Not only did they reupholster these beauties, but they also rebuilt the cushions. After having them in my office for a month, I’d sink each time I sat down – not something you want happening during a client meeting. Over time, cushions begin to sag and show their age. Now I have chairs that are stunning and comfortable to sit in at the same time.

Revitaliste Makeover 7As a designer, I’m constantly on the hunt for new ways to support our community of artisans. Revitaliste is not only supporting the local artisans right here in the Bay Area, but they are making it easy for designers and others to revitalize their favorite furniture. They make the process easy and I’m always excited to see the beautiful pieces they’ve completed.

So, if you have a piece you’ve been procrastinating on revitalizing (you know you have one!), consider visiting the Revitaliste to get the job done!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

Interiors: Revitalize Your Furniture (The Before)

Chair Makeover with Revitaliste

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have a piece of furniture that could use recovering. When I started to dream of what I wanted in the new studio I didn’t want to get something new for our seating area. Recently I turned to Revitaliste to get two vintage green corduroy chairs I had bought from Elsie Green House & Home, reupholstered and revitalized. They were the perfect chairs for my new office, but need some TLC.

Chair Makeover with Revitaliste Chair Makeover with RevitalisteNot all vintage furniture needs to be reupholstered. But everyone usually has a piece or two that’s been stowed away in their home or storage, that has sentimental attachment, or it was the perfect shape and size for a particular place. We continue to hold on to it with the hope that one day we’ll get around to revitalizing it. However, not knowing where to go or how to find the right fabric, keeps us procrastinating in getting it completed.

Tips to determine if the piece is something you should keep

  1. It holds sentimental value
  2. It has a unique shape and you love the lines of the piece
  3. It perfectly fits in a physical space (e.g. a love seat that just fits in a small alcove)
  4. It serves a specific function

Chair Makeover with Revitaliste Chair Makeover with RevitalisteI loved the process of working with Revitaliste. They first gave me a plethora of stunning fabric samples to choose from after asking me about color, texture, and type of fabric. Once I made my decision (which is a favorite that we use for many clients), they picked up the chairs and took care of everything. They not only upholstered them but also re-crafted them to be a new and functioning set of chairs. I went to visit my beauties as they were being worked on, but you don’t need to do that. Once they finished, Revitaliste delivered them to the office and voila.

Chair Makeover with Revitaliste Chair Makeover with RevitalisteTomorrow I’ll be sharing the full reveal of the made over chairs – they are stunning. I couldn’t be happier. Be sure to pop back by tomorrow!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

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