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This gloomy winter weather not only has us dreaming of tropical vacations, but also of plush and cozy bedrooms that we’d like to hole up in. Case-in-point brought to you by the image above.  The gorgeous steel framed windows and door give the room a hearty boost of appeal and the plush, neutral furnishings top it off. We love the drama that the crystal tear-drop chandelier provides over the bed and the warmth given off by a set of layered rugs. This room represents a perfect balance of masculine and feminine design.

If you’re as obsessed with this look as we are, here is a roundup of items to help you achieve the style!

Room Anatomy_Modern Tradition

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Jute Rug | Turkish Rug | Arm Chair | Light | Nightstand | Pillow | Wall Sconce | Bed

Image via MyDomaine

Copy by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street

Beauty Edit: Finding A New Routine

Sacramento Street x Moroccanoil

A new year brings a blank slate to indulge in new experiences. This year I have had a few things I’ve wanted to finally address. After having Jackson, my hair completely changed. I had one of those holy cow moments where you suddenly don’t even know what to do with your very own hair. Now, I’m not one to go around trying a ton of new products but friends this new hair that was coming out was wiry, curly and popping out everywhere – some investigating had to be done.

After countless fails on products that I thought would work I sort of gave up on the search for something to fix this issue. You could say that I threw in the towel. 

Sacramento Street x Moroccanoil Sacramento Street x Moroccanoil

Enter Moroccanoil. They approached me to try a few different products – their well-known Pure Argan Oil, Moroccanoil Treatment, Intense Hydrating Mask and Dry Shampoo (for those days I can’t get myself together)Argan oil is what creates the remarkable results. Argan Oil is a rare oil found in the semi-desert of the Mediterranean. Argan Oil has been used by women across the Mediterranean to keep their skin and hair vibrant and full of life. What is great for me, is that my hair was left feeling shiny, strong, and smooth.

After just a few days of testing out these products my hair felt completely different – soft, not brittle or dry – it was as if the texture of my hair had changed. Those crazy little hairs were still there but not as wiry as before, which in my eyes was a huge help for getting them hidden when pulling my hair up. 

Sacramento Street x Moroccanoil Sacramento Street x Moroccanoil Sacramento Street x Moroccanoil Sacramento Street x Moroccanoil

As I started to mention this transformation to girlfriends they looked at me as though I was the last one to know about Moroccanoil products. Now I’m just thrilled that I do. If you’re having trouble with your own hair be sure to give Moroccanoil a try – it doesn’t disappoint! They have become a permanent part of my daily routine.

This post is a partnership with Moroccanoil. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Images by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street

Choosing the Right Ceiling Light or Chandelier

Choosing the right lighting

Often, the last touch for a room can be overhead lighting. This is as important – or in some cases – more important than the furniture you choose. I try to look at the whole picture and choose a fixture that will round out the room or become a focal point. I especially like to use a modern fixture when I’m decorating with antiques. This keeps the room modern and yet the antiques you pair the lighting with keep it grounded.  What are some of your favorite fixtures?

Photos: 1.) Domaine Home 2.) Meta Interiors 3.) MC and CO 4.) Blood & Champagne 5.) unknown 6.) Caitlin Flemming Design 7.) unknown

Exceptional Moments Call for Exceptional Tea

Tea Crystalized - Pique Tea

As many of you probably know already, I am a devoted tea drinker. Tea is an important ritual in my day. I begin with a cup while the house is quiet and my family is sleeping and I find other moments in the day to also enjoy a cup of tea: a mid-day pick-me-up, a cup while I prepare dinner, and often tea in a to-go cup for my daily walk with my son.

Tea Crystalized - Pique TeaTea Crystalized - Pique Tea Tea Crystalized - Pique Tea

In the past, I always used tea bags for making tea. The problem is that if I wasn’t careful, I would leave the bag in too long and it would be too strong for me. Discovering Pique Tea has completely changed all of that. I get a consistently perfectly brewed tea with their crystallized tea. Every cup I make turns out delicious and by the time I’m done with a cup, I’m ready to start another. The premium quality of Pique Tea has reached my high expectations for excellence.

Tea Crystalized - Pique Tea Tea Crystalized - Pique Tea

The great thing about Pique Tea is that it’s handcrafted from organic whole tea leave by a tea master with over 30 years experience in the art of tea. The company has trusted growers who go back over two generations and care about the quality of their tea. With a crystallized tea you get all of the antioxidants of tea bags without the bleached paper. If you want an exceptional tea experience (and who doesn’t), consider trying crystallized Pique Tea. Simply open, stir with hot water, and you’ll have a perfect cuppa – anytime and anywhere!

This post is a partnership with Pique Tea. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Images by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street

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