Style: Spring Layers

Spring LayersAs most of you have probably figured out, I have a wardrobe that is simple and relatively monochromatic. I don’t want to have to think to hard about what I’m going to wear. I like clothes that are not only have classic lines, but they need to be comfortable and versatile. One place I continue to return to for my basics is Everlane.

There are several reasons why I love their clothes. To begin with, they are the BEST quality. I usually go for the cashmere sweaters and let me tell you, they are so well made. No nasty pilling and the cuts are so flattering. Then comes style. I always feel as though the pieces I buy from Everlane are made beautifully and I’ll look current. Finally, with a lifestyle that spans from needing to look dressed up for client meetings to running after Jackson, Everlane is able to work for both. Now that’s my kind of wardrobe!

Spring Layers Spring LayersRecently, I added a few new pieces to my growing Everlane collection – a dress, two sweaters and a pair of their sandals. All of which, I’ve been able to use in so many ways. With the ever-changing climate in San Francisco, sweaters are necessary year round. I’ve found layering my outfits allows me to adapt to changes in weather. It might start out foggy and cold but as the fog lifts, it can be hot! By having on layers, I can just peal of a layer and still be comfortable.

Outfit Details

The Cashmere Crew | The Cashmere Cardigan | Silk Tank Dress | Italian Slingback Sandal

Spring Layers Spring Layers Spring LayersIf you are looking for well-made items that will become staples of your wardrobe, Everlane is the place!

Do you have a favorite go-to brand for your wardrobe staples?



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Real Talk / Real Moms: Play

PlaySince the moment Jackson was born, one of the many questions I get asked by other moms (and I asked) was how do you play with him? With each stage brings a new form of play, toys, and milestones to achieve.

First and foremost, the classes Jackson takes are the best investment. They get him interacting with other littles, he gets to see them doing certain things he hasn’t done and then tries it, and most importantly gets him out of the house. Each week we go to music, story time at our local library, toddler play, and now that he’s a little older there is a class called messy play – yes, we have a class where he can go wild with paint, water, spaghetti, you name it. I thank DayOne everyday for this class because it saves my house from getting messy!

Watching Jackson learn and develop in front of me is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced. Seeing him figure something out and light up inside (plus get our approval) is truly incredible. Although now when he does something (like put a ball in the basketball hoop) he claps for himself, so maybe we give him a little too much confidence.

Here are a few of my favorite toys & activities we loved for different ages:

Newborn to 3 Months

This stage is more about sensory and eye contact. Soft books that make sounds, mobiles, rattles, and a mirror were our favorites.

3 – 6 Months

There is that ah-ha moment when your little discovers how much fun it is to use their own hands to reach for things. This was when we could let him play with an activity bar for quite awhile – it entertained him for enough time one could actually change (I’d say that’s a bonus!). We started reading to Jackson every single night from when he was a newborn but at 3 months we transitioned him into his own room and created a nighttime routine, this entailed reading one book before bed. At this age (and still today) he loves board books. They are easy to flip and are delicious to chew one.

6 – 9 Months

These three months for me went by way too quickly. He went from sitting, to crawling, to standing in no time. It’s as though you blink and poof they suddenly skip over to this little kid. For me the sitting and playing stage only lasted 3 weeks…this was my favorite stage because they can play but not move. But seeing him realize that he can go places was pretty incredible. He was entertained by books, blocks, his Fisher Price activity walker, and balls. One of Jackson’s favorite games at this age was peak-a-boo. He would put any blanket over his head to start it himself. By far our favorite game still at 16 months old.

9 – 12 Months

The mobile stage – is a game changer. Since Jackson was so active, in our baby play class the teacher suggested doing little obstacles. Giving him a cardboard box to climb into to see if he could get out. Some of his favorite toys were not toys – bowls, water bottles, spoons, boxes, measuring cups – you don’t have to have a huge amount of toys because it’s the non-toys that Jackson always wants to play with.

12 – 15 Months

Boy has the past four months been a blast. Once Jackson got really confident with walking it’s changed the way he’s been able to explore. He can walk the Discovery Museum and Academy of Sciences (two of our favorite places), we build things, shoot hoops, and talk to his animals. This stage has been such fun and I know it’s going to continue to be.

Now, one last thing we do each evening that’s part of our bedtime routine – naked time. After his nightly bath we both sit in his room with him for 10-20 minutes as he runs around (naked) and plays with his books, basketball and animals. It is his favorite time of the night, plus it tires him out for bed!

There are so many different ways to play with your kid at every age. Be sure to check out how these fabulous other moms play with their kiddos:

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Photo by Claire Giffen

Room Anatomy: Black & White Bath


Dreamy bathrooms must comprise approximately 75% of all my pins on Pinterest. And for good reason—if done right, the bathroom can be the most relaxing spot in a home. In addition to the crucial functions of a bathroom, the solitude it offers is equally important, so I think it’s definitely worth it to give this room some design love. 

The bathroom above has all the fixings of a perfect bathroom: clawfoot tub, subway tile, marble countertops, brass fixtures, Moroccan rug… a true sanctuary! Want to replicate the look for your bathroom? Here’s a roundup of items to help you achieve the look.

Room Anatomy_B&W Bath2


Faucet | Bath Caddy | Clawfoot Tub | Potted Lavender | Brass Hardware | Aesop Reverence Duet | “Rain II” Artwork | Vintage Moroccan Rug | White Towels

Looking for more room inspiration? Visit our Room Anatomy archives for more ways to “get the look”!

Image via Camille Styles

Written by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street.

Blooms in Season: Spring has Sprung

Spring Blooms x Natalie Bowen DesignsTo say the least, I’m always in awe of the arrangements that Natalie puts together. It looks as though it were effortless but it definitely isn’t. She has a discerning eye and is able to mix the perfect flowers and greenery together. This month, the bouquet is an explosion of Spring flowers. They’re not only fragrant, but also lovely, balanced, and make me smile with every glance. I feel as if they evoke the English countryside after a spring rain (a girl can dream, can’t she?). The flowers are also perfectly paired with my collection of Shakespeare plays next to them. See how Natalie puts this together and try a bouquet at home – mix the spring flowers you can find – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Spring Blooms x Natalie Bowen Designs 1

1.) Tell us a little about the types of florals you used in this arrangement. What inspired the mix?

I felt inspired to have a little more contrast in this month’s selection of blooms. Springtime is filled with so many wonderful colors and I wanted to celebrate those. When I was first choosing the flowers I was drawn to the blue in the muscari and muddy purple in the fritilaria. Then, I added the ranunculus as I felt they picked up the center of the frit and daffodils and made the whole combination more vibrant.

2.) Spring floral arrangements are often very cliche… How do you go about breaking the mold during this season?

I find that so much of it is about color and texture selection. If you use soft pinks, I’d round out the colors with more vibrent tones so that it doesn’t feel too babyish. If you use soft fluffy flowers, pair them with denser blooms for contrast.

Spring Blooms x Natalie Bowen Designs 5 Spring Blooms x Natalie Bowen Designs 43.) What are some of your other springtime favorite florals that we should have on our radar?

All of them! Spring is so special because most of the flowers are only available at this time. Unlike so many other varieties that can be cultivated throughout the year, these springtime blooms are only available in their short seasons. Other flowers that I cannot get enough of right now are clematis, spirea, cherry branches, dogwood, anemones, and sweet pea.

4.) What’s the best way to keep an arrangement like this alive and looking fresh?

The trick with lilac is to smash the ends of their woody stems so that they can take on more moisture. On the other hand, daffodils and ranunculus like only a couple inches of water. When mixing flowers with such different personalities I favor the flower needing more water and then try and not submerge the stems of the more delicate flowers. The nature of spring blooms is that some flowers have fleeting lives and only las a few days (daffodils, forget me knot, muscari, dogwood) and some will last quite some time if you get them when they are fresh (cherry blossoms, lilac).

Spring Blooms x Natalie Bowen Designs 2To get inspired by past Blooms in Season posts – click here.

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Ali Hartwell  for Sacramento Street

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