DIY: Creating the Perfect Gifts with Citrus Peels

As the days get shorter and shorter, and the sun is lower in the horizon, I am looking for ways to bring the sunshine into our lives. I always get a bounce in my step when I see Cuties at the grocery store. In our family, Cuties Citrus are the perfect snack – healthy, delicious, and so easy to peel and eat anywhere. We all love them so much we have a hard time keeping them in our house!

During the holidays, we thought we’d give Cuties Citrus as the gift for teachers at our son’s preschool. The parents of the school contribute to a fund for the teachers but we thought a small thoughtful gift would also be nice. I just bought some pretty gold bags and dressed them up with greenery and stars made from the clementine skin. They are easy to prepare and who doesn’t love a bag of Cuties?

One of the reasons I chose to give them Cuties Citrus, is that there is a story behind why they are common gifts at Christmas. My grandmother always put them in our stockings and my mother has continued this tradition. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, money was scarce and fresh fruit was considered a luxury. In addition, the segments of the Clementine’s are a symbol of the ability to share. And this is definitely one of the things the teachers have helped to teach my son.

Remember to pick up Cuties Citrus on your next trip to the grocers. They are sweet, seedless, and the perfect size for kids. Honestly, they are a snack you want to share with those you love!

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The Art of Giving Better

I have to say, for several years, Cuyana has been the place I find special gifts for anyone on my list. I know they are care deeply about the quality of their products. Last year, I bought my mom the softest alpaca wrap – she wears it daily. Several other relatives received the awesome leather travel cases, which I have as well and they can be used for just about anything. This year I’m loving their new mini jewelry case, perfect for travel or bringing with you to work in case you need to make a quick jewelry change throughout your day!

Cuyana’s philosophy of fewer, better things is perfectly aligned with my beliefs of giving quality over quantity. In addition, they have items from all over the globe. Many are made by family-run partners in Italy, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, and beyond. When you purchase something from Cuyana, you can find fewer better gifts and feel great about giving them!


This year, I’m adding this stunning jewelry case to my gift-giving list, plus a few of my above favorites. Not only is it handcrafted magic, it also functions so well for traveling. Maybe that will be my excuse to book my next trip!

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Life’s Simple Pleasures + The Perfect Hostess Gift

This year, my family and I are cutting back on the number of gifts we are giving each other this year. All of us feel we need less “stuff” in our lives. Less is always more in my eyes. So this year, I’m looking for gifts I know loved ones would use to be able to enjoy in their own home.

One of my favorite design stores on Sacramento Street – March is my go-to spot for holiday gifts for both family, friends and clients. Every time I walk into this store, I want to go home and simplify my surroundings.

New favorites at March were:
Apple Butter (warning – this is addicting!)
Fig/Sumac Jam
Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

What I love about their pantry items is that they not only are things that people don’t normally purchase for themselves but they are something that make whoever you give them to think of you when they use them. I love having little hostess gifts at the ready and all of these are perfect, thoughtful gifts that are sure to be enjoyed!

Photos taken by Ashley Kane, Edited by me

Travel Guide: Portland Holiday Shopping Made Easy

This holiday season, we went to Oregon to visit family and friends. It was nice to get back and catch up with the people we love. One thing I decided to do this year, was to do all of my holiday shopping for my loved ones in Portland while I was there. Thanks to all of you readers, I got some great recommendations on places to visit.

To avoid the hustle bustle and fight over limited parking, I decided to pop around town using Uber. It was great to be able to move around town using scheduled rides and not have to be fumbling for quarters for the meters, or circling the block looking for a coveted parking spot. I could just jump out of my Uber and enjoy my day of shopping.

I had such a fun shopping day and hit all of the places I had hoped to visit. Here are some of the places I was able to go to using Uber.

Spartan Shop

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I walked into Spartan Shop. I found all kinds of home décor items for my family. I wanted to move into the space with the ceiling to floor windows and soaring ceilings!

Sammy’s Flowers

Sammy’s Flowers is where we always bought flowers when we lived in Portland. I just love the well-curated selection of items in this flower shop. I have been known to bring all kinds of pods and dried flowers back with me to San Francisco.

Tea Bar

I’m always in favor of a place specializing in tea. I’m a committed tea drinker and Tea Bar was a great place for a goodie and a delicious cup of tea.

Alder & Co.

Alder & Co. has been one of my favorite home décor stores in Portland. I never get out of this place without a bag of beauties! They have an extensive selection of Astier de Villette and other handmade items that are perfect for gift giving.

WM Goods

I have to admit, I stopped into WM Goods for me. It was so fun to see all of their beautiful clothing. I bought a great navy blouse that I’ve been wearing way too much!

Schoolhouse Electric

I love popping by to see the lighting and other items Schoolhouse Electric has in person. I order from their catalog all the time, but having the chance to look at things in person was great!

Consider using Uber to get your shopping done efficiently and painlessly. I had a great day and loved checking out shops in Portland!

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