Interiors: Do You Collect Anything?

Café au lait bowls I never thought I would actually collect anything, but over the years, I seem to have accumulated enough of a few things, to consider it a collection. These are the things I keep on my radar when I’m at the flea market or my favorite antique shops. To begin with, let’s be honest, collections can get out of control quickly! Before you know it, you’re “one of those people” with a house full of porcelain dogs or whatever you collect.

That being said, I still tend to have my eye out for certain items. Café au lait bowls are one thing I’ve collected for a long time. I have open shelving in my kitchen, and I love how they look up on the shelves – all different yet pulled together by their like color. Blue has been a lifelong favorite color and all the bowls have different patterns but in some shade of blue.

At a certain point I’ll have to put the breaks on with my café au lait bowls but for now, I am filled with excitement every time I find a new one!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

Interiors: Time for a Refresh

Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen HomeWe’ve taken down holidays decorations and while it feels so incredibly good, it seems as though something is missing. Do you find that happening to you after the decorations, tree and stockings are gone? We now have a huge blank space in the living room, the bookshelves needs some serious love and the entire house feels as though items look as if they are in need of a refresh.

Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen Home Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen HomeWith that being said, all I want to do is take the time to re-decorate every nook in the house and bring it some new life. I’ve been gravitating towards adding back in more white to give it a fresh clean look. I can’t get enough of white at the moment – the studio is shaping up to be all white as well.

This house by interior stylist and decorator Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen has given me inspiration to get kick started into giving the house a re-freshed look. The way she mixes pieces together is perfection in my eyes. I had to share her home with all of you.

Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen HomeAre you gravitating towards anything different in the new year?

Photos from residence

New Year, New Inspirations

DetailsHappy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family. I’m definitely ready to dive into a new year after a hard Fall season – our family was sick week after week and then right when we were feeling healthy and getting back into the groove, my grandmother passed away. Let’s just say, a fresh start was needed for me.

This year, I’m setting out to have a few resolutions that I can achieve every day. Life last year was hectic, but I was able to un-intentionally start some goals for myself that I want to continue this year.

Clean the Clutter

Yes, at the beginning of each year this is a goal for many, but I find that even cleaning the clutter from your everyday life makes a huge difference. We can all clean out closets but what about the everyday pile-up? Each night I walk around the house and clean everything up. It’s something I started doing and let me tell you, when I wake up in the morning it feels so good to have a tidy house. People ask me how I keep a clean house with a toddler and this is my secret.

Plan for Tomorrow

A girlfriend of mine – Camille Styles taught me this years ago. I asked her how she stayed on top of things with kids. She shared that she took 15 minutes each night to write out her to-do list, set goals and go over her schedule for the day. I haven’t been very good at this but this year I’m taking the time to achieve this goal.

Go to Sleep Earlier

This is something everyone should do. It’s incredible what a little extra sleep does for your body and mind. Nothing is more important than getting a full night sleep.

Try New Recipes

Do you ever get in the 10 recipe rotation rut? We certainly do in our house. Since I just cleaned out our pantry I can now see all of our cookbooks. I’m going to make my way through one recipe from each cookbook this year. Some I’ve never even cracked open!

Take Time for Myself

This is something I definitely don’t do enough of. Whether it’s going to a workout class, meeting up with a girlfriend for coffee, going to a coffee shop to actually read through a magazine. Even 30 minutes does wonders for the soul.

What are your goals for 2017? I’d love to know!

Spreading the Connection – Google Wifi

Google WifiIn today’s family life, kids as well as their parents are often in need of the Wi-Fi for managing their lives in the “connected” world. If you’re anything like our family, you tend to have multiple gadgets in use at the same time – smartphones, laptops, or pads – all relying on a strong connection to Wi-Fi. In our home, we also have the added complication of a flat that’s in the shape of an L. As a result, we have zones in our house where our Wi-Fi is spotty, even on a good day!

Google WifiGoogle WifiGoogle WifiOne solution we’ve found that has made every nook and cranny in our home Wi-Fi connected is Google Wifi. We placed them in key targeted areas and now I can set classical music in my toddler’s room while he sleeps, my husband can check baseball scores online, and I can check out my social media while listening to music online. I also love the sleek modern look of Google Wifi. The multi points system blends perfectly with my décor and look right at home!

Google WifiGoogle WifiWith the entire home up and running with Google Wifi, we have reliable Wi-Fi our entire family can rely on. Check out Google Wifi and see for yourself how you can manage and improve your Wi-Fi connection at home!

This post is a partnership with Google Home. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

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