Style: Everyday Essentials

With a little over 11 weeks to go in this pregnancy, I have to say – baby girl is starting to make herself known all day long. The middle of the night dance parties, the squishing of my stomach, and the best thing has been her kicking her brother when he lays on my stomach. I find it hilarious!

Since this bump is getting more and more challenging to dress, I’ve narrowed my wardrobe essentials down to a few key outfits that I can count on – even when I’m having those blah mornings where I feel huge.

The Nadine Sweater | The Trench

This cashmere sweater and trench from Hatch have been KEY essentials in my weekly wardrobe. If you spot me wearing these multiple times a week – c’est la vie – they are both so comfy and mostly importantly, I feel put together when I’m heading out the door in the morning. Having these essential pieces to go to in my closet have been a lifesaver through this last trimester.

Do you have any essentials you can’t live without?

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Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

Sacramento Street Smarts: Fireplace Mantel Styling

I dream of the day I own a home with a fireplace mantel. Ideally, I would love one in marble – preferably vintage. What I love about fireplace mantels is the ability to stage it in different ways throughout the year.

One key to a mantel that works is keeping continuity with the items you place on it. Load it up with your favorite items – just be sure they work together. I love the black and white collections of vases on this mantel and the pop of brass to add interest. Even the artwork joins into the theme. Don’t forget to also consider the accessories on the floor. I always like to use a pouf or chair next to a fireplace – the perfect spot for someone needing to warm their toes! It’s also nice to have a designated spot for your wood. I love the lines of this wood stand – great modern lines. And finally, don’t be afraid to change it up often!

Now that spring weather has arrive it’s time to enjoy both the mantel and the warmth of a fireplace on those cooler evenings.

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4.) Mirror | 5.) Round Metal Firewood Holder | 6.) Franco Albini Rattan Stool

7.) Plants and Flowers | 8.) Books | 9.) Bookends | 10.) Sconces

Photo from domino by Laure Joliet

Interiors: Putting Your Personal Stamp On Your Design

Whenever I sit down with a client, I try to make sure that the design of their home includes items that put their stamp on the design. In some cases, I help them create an art wall composed of their travel photos or family shots. In other cases it might be artwork they’ve collected over the years. It is important to have something that matters to you in your home design.

One source I have been using for a long time to create these pieces with meaning is Shutterfly. They have a whole array of items you can personalize for your home. Two years ago, we gave all of our family personalized gifts and they are still talking about them! (click here see that post) Of course, the personalized calendar was a great hit but also mobile phone covers, wall hangings and monogrammed trays.

This year, I decided to create a few items for my own home in our entryway. The first item I made was a print of a photograph I took on my trip to Istanbul. The photo was taken from my phone yet the quality of the print is excellent – no grainy texture at all. I also had a photo of our family and a quote mounted with white frames. My son walks by everyday and makes a comment about the photo! I also personalized a lucite tray with a marble print and a catch-all tray with one of my favorite quotes about home. A favorite photo of Jackson in front of a train we were about to board, is his pride and joy, so we got that printed on this 5×5 acrylic print. To finish it off, a personalized candle is always a perfect accent in an entry.

The more “you” in your home, the more it reflects the people who live there. These are the items that can tell the story of who you are and what matters to you. These items can be constantly evolving and changing – reflecting the many experiences and people in your life.

If you love to travel, consider a few carefully chosen photographs of the places you have journeyed to. Consider Shutterfly to personalize your home and tell your unique story. And if you are at a loss for a gift for a loved one, consider putting together a personalized gift they will cherish. You can’t go wrong with items that celebrate who you are!

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Mounted Wall ArtMounted Wall Art-Personalized | Serving Tray

Catch All Tray | Acrylic Photo Block | Upload Your Own Design Candle

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Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street

Real Talk / Real Moms: Childcare & Preschools

Happy Friday! Today’s installment of Real Moms is all about childcare and finding the right preschool. To be honest, this couldn’t have been a better month to talk about this subject. We just went through the entire preschool admissions process – boy it was rough. But I’m going to start at the beginning.

We talked about childcare for working moms last year – read the full post here. Thankfully, we love our nanny. She’s been with us since Jackson was 3.5 months old. The first year she was three days a week, which was the perfect transition for getting back into work with a little. I wanted those special days of just “us”. Last year we added her on to four and a half days a week. Let’s be honest, when you work for yourself you end up working less traditional hours, so having our nanny move to the new schedule freed up some time for me. Our quality family time together is in the mornings, then at 4pm each day I’m all his with no distractions and weekends we spend as a family.

This past fall we began the inevitable preschool search. All summer I grew more and more nervous for what was to come. The playground moms were talking up a storm about which schools were the best, most elite, which schools were part time or full time and after each trip to the park, I left me with my head spinning around. I’d go home and tell Eric what I had learned. I was already stressed and we hadn’t seen a single school. I could see the grey hairs starting to come in!

September came and the day to sign up for tours hit – mark your calendars, set alarms, and make a priority list is what I was told. So, that’s what I did. Unfortunately, I was on a styling job and couldn’t sign up myself. Luckily Eric took over the lead. I got text about each one, some were already full (seriously!), some we couldn’t tour until January, some froze, I was seeing the texts and all I could think was “the madness has only just begun.” Luckily, we got a tour at every school and our Saturday mornings were now being spent touring potential preschools with 20-40 other families that we were essentially “competing” against. I’d look around the rooms and think – what does one family have that the other doesn’t. The admissions directors don’t meet our kids, so they base everything off our child’s birth date, gender and questions the parents answer.

When January came, we had toured all of our top schools, had our favorite’s and turned in every application. Now all we could do was wait . . .

March 8th hit and the admissions letters started coming into my inbox. Each one said, wait pooled, wait pooled, wait pooled. By noon, we had found out we were wait pooled at each school. I was doing a photo shoot and all I wanted to do was breakdown and cry. How could this happen? What did we do wrong? What could we have said that would’ve helped us? Who wouldn’t want our son at their school? The questions kept circling over and over in my head. This all seemed harder than getting into college.

Luckily, I’m surrounded by incredibly supportive family and friends that reassured me that everything would work out.

This past Monday as Jackson and I flew back from visiting Eric in Arizona, we received the call we had been hoping to receive after five long days. We had been admitted to our top choice. I could finally breathe – I accepted before the director could even finish telling me all of the admissions information. Our deposit is in and Jackson is going to preschool.

This was a process I knew we would have to go through as parents. What I learned from friends that had been through it was that it all works out in the end. No matter if you get denied, wait pooled or accepted. There are options for everyone – each families journey is different but it will work out. And luckily we had a happy ending and absolutely love the school that Jackson is going to attend this fall. We couldn’t be happier!

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Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street