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Bathroom Tile | Oakhill Court by Ardesia Design

There nothing quite like a bathroom tile taking your breath away. This one does it for me.

Nursery | Sally and Marley

As you all know, my head is swirling with nursery inspiration. I just love this corner with the books, chair and wallpaper.

White | Veronica love Archie

I’m all about a white color palette when it comes to my wardrobe these days. Not sure why I’m gravitating to lighter colors but I’m loving it!

Gracias Madre | Decor8 Blog

I keep seeing Gracias Madre pop up over and over again. Next time I’m in LA I’ll be giving it a whirl.

Apple Tarts | Sprinkles Bakes

This past Sunday at the farmers market I noticed that apples are slowly coming into season. I can’t wait to start baking. This recipe has been making my mouth water.

Accent wall

This dark accent wall is perfection in this dining room. I love the way it looks with all of the natural light flooding in.

What are you loving this week?


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Layer It: Happy Hour

Layer It: Gallery Opening | Sacramento Street
Happy hour is a rarity these days. Lately, I’ve been making more of an effort to meet up with friends after work. I have to say, bartenders are getting better and better at coming up with delicious mock-tails that excite me to go out. So, while I have this burst of energy in my second trimester, I’m taking all of the happy hour dates I can get. Since my bump is still somewhat small I’ve been wearing my broken-in boyfriend jeans with a blouse and booties (yes, fogust has all San Franciscans in boots until our indian summer arrives). Do you have a go to look for happy hour dates? A favorite blouse or look?

The Basics:

1.) Broken-In Boyfriend Jean in Ludington Wash

2.) Collection Picot Ruffle Blouse

The Layers:

3.) ‘Miss Havisham Kinetic Gold’ Stack Ring

4.) ‘Tiny Metro’ Leather Strap Watch, 20mm 

5.) ‘Vold’ Embossed Cap Toe Bootie 

6.) ‘Bedford Tassel- Medium’ Convertible Leather Shoulder Bag

Shop more of my favorites:


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a brand new week . . .

nurseryWeekends lately have been spent working on my own home design projects – figuring out where to put artwork, adding another coat of paint to Baby Flemming’s room (don’t worry, Eric is doing that) and then playing around with furniture placement and design ideas for his room. This past weekend there was one of the “AHA” moments when it came to his room – before we knew about this little guy I completely designed our spare room as a guest bedroom. I’ve been trying my best to keep this room as a guest/baby room but with everything that comes with a baby I don’t think it’s possible. Plus, I want it to feel like a place he can play in. I’ve been culling through magazines, Pinterest and popping into stores to find what I want to do. After some brainstorming sessions with my mom, we finally had an amazing idea. I can’t wait to share it with all of you when the nursery is done, but I can say I want to move into his room. It’s going to be the best room in the house. As long as we can pull this idea off.

So with that inspiration in hand, I’m ready to tackle my clients design projects with full vengeance this week. I hope all of you have a productive week ahead!

Photo by bijou and boheme

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Workspace: Heather Day

Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 1

It’s quite hard to write about someone you admire and truly adore. I first met Heather Day when she applied for an internship here at Sacramento Street. Let’s just say, I don’t know what I’d do without her help. But what many of you might not know is Heather’s has an incredible artistic side. Heather is a talented artist that I think all of you need to know about.


When I first saw one of Heather’s paintings I was in awe of the way she layered the paint. Her paintings are fresh and calming, but at the same time they are loaded with depth and emotion. Read on to get an inside glimpse into her stunning studio and where she finds her inspiration.

Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 2

We love your Oakland Studio. Can you tell us more about it?

I’m so lucky to have found this gem in the bay area. It used to be a custom tool shop for manufactured specialty automotive parts and license plates. A few years ago it was converted into a studio building and today there are over 25 artists involved in the community. It really is my dream space. After moving to San Francisco from Baltimore, I never thought I would be able to find a large enough work space without sacrificing good lighting, design and a budget.


What’s your average week like?

I’m typically in the studio Monday through Friday. Lately, I have made an effort to take weekends off, but I sometimes find myself back in the studio painting on a Sunday afternoon. By the time I get to the studio, I have usually checked email and created a to-do list for the day. The first couple hours are spent updating the website, social media and responding to clients, vendors or galleries. When I’m not in the studio, I’ll spend my time scheduling meetings with clients or working at Cafe’s in San Francisco. I’m not a coffee drinker but I can tell you the best places to grab a hot chocolate in the Mission District!

Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 3 Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 4

When did you decide to become an artist and practice art full time? 

This is a loaded question. I’ve been painting for a while now. I like to think that I got a jumpstart on my career when I lived in Chicago and attended an arts high school before going to an arts college in Baltimore. After moving to San Francisco, I worked full time in the design center and spent evenings in the studio. I did this for almost two years while networking with clients and galleries before making the big jump as a full time artist.


Can you tell us a little bit about your paintings and the process?     

I typically have about 5-10 paintings in progress at any given time. I begin drawing a quick gesture on paper or stitching an organic line across the canvas. This allows me to address the blank space and begin reacting to the simple moments I have already created. I continue building on this history by pouring and manipulating layers of paint. The result is a product of an experience, leaving behind documentation of how the event transpired. My paintings are never planned. Every mark creates a series of expectations similar to a conversation. When a question is asked, an answer is anticipated. The compositions often act as pages requiring several in a series to tell a story.

Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 5 Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 6

Where do you see your work going next?       

I’m currently working on a project where I’m recycling older paintings on paper into an installation. I am exploring ways to break the average rectangular composition of a painting. Why not let the painting become its own shape? I figured since my work tends to be rather organic, I shouldn’t let the framework of the paintings be so confined in a solid shape. With this concept in mind, I’m also building larger paintings where it feels like the edge of the painting doesn’t really matter. Jackson Pollack explored this idea in his work a lot. He rarely touched the edges of the paintings because it was more about the fluidity of his body. If he was standing in the middle of the painting then the paint only went as far as his arms could reach.


Speaking of Jackson Pollack, where else do you find inspiration?

My favorite artists are Cy Twombly, Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler. Aside from painters, I really enjoy the film by directors Paul Thomas Anderson, Mike Nichols, Spike Jonz and Wes Anderson. I wouldn’t normally pair painting with film but I can’t help but notice similarities when it comes to color and composition. Aside from art and design, a lot of my inspiration comes from traveling and interacting with new people.

Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 7 Heather Day Art | Sacramento Street 8

A huge thank you to Heather for giving us a glimpse into her beautiful studio. To see more of Heather’s stunning work pop over to her site – she just updated it with a brand new collection of work!

Photos by Caitlin Flemming

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Four Favorites: Sneakers

Layer It: Gallery Opening | Sacramento Street

In the summertime I like to kick back and be a little bit more casual than normal. There’s something about warm summer days that make me want to throw my regular shoes to the curb for a good old pair of sneakers. We all have our trusty pair that we can’t live without. I for one would live in mine if I could. That’s why I wanted to share with a you a few styles I’ve worn in the past and a few I’ve been wanting to give a whirl.

Do you have a favorite brand of sneakers you adore?

1 .) ‘Becker’ Calf Hair Slip On

2.) Keds for Kate Spade New York ‘Ryan’ Sneaker

3.) ‘Paseo Classic’ Canvas Sneaker 

4.) Chuck Taylor All Star ‘Ox’ Leather Sneaker 

Shop more of my current favorite sneakers.


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