Creating a Registry with RH Baby & Child

Now that I am less than two months away from my due date, I’m beginning to look at what I need for baby number two. While I have plenty of items from Jackson’s days as a baby, it’s nice to also buy a few key new items for her as well.

Earlier this week I popped into Restoration Hardware to do a bit of sourcing for a client project and couldn’t help myself by venturing over to the RH Baby & Child store. Walking through the space got me incredibly excited for her arrival. It got me thinking about a registry since I didn’t do one with Jackson. I thought about which pieces in the shop I would want, so I’ve created a mood board of items I plan to register for at RH Baby & Child. The quality of the items is unsurpassed and I love their soft and neutral colors – it’s a neutral lovers dream come true!


First thing that pops into my head when designing a new nursery is bedding – who doesn’t love a fresh new set of sheets? I certainly do. One way to update baby number two’s room is with bedding. I love keeping it neutral because it’s easier to clean.

Moses Basket

I chose the Moses Basket, as I never had something like this when Jackson was born. I think it would be so useful when I’m visiting someone with the baby.

Hooded Towel

I received one of these as a gift when Jackson was born and we’re still using it two and a half years later. I plan on getting two hooks for each of my children, so we can hang each of their hooded towels. There is a wide selection and the quality of these towels is utter perfection.

Plush Toys

I have a soft spot in my heart for plush toys. I loved them as a child and I still love them as a mom. The choices at RH Baby & Child are stunning! Not only do they have oversized options that rock but they also have the sweetest faces.

Play Mat

A play mat you can bring with you, is a great option for tummy time on the run. I love that they fold up with a handle you can sling on your shoulder. Hands are always filled with too many things.

Pewter Heirlooms

I love these keepsakes that are great pieces to hand down to your children. They can be monogrammed which is such a personal touch!

Lucky for anyone that lives in the Bay Area, RH Baby & Child will be hosting an event at the Corte Madera store – more details below! They’ve invited both Crystal from Rue Magazine and I to be there to for the event. I couldn’t be more excited to spend the morning in their beautiful shop chatting with all of you about what would be ideal to put on your registry.

Here is the information about the design event:


SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 9 – 11 A.M.

WHERE: RH Baby & Child
The Village at Corte Madera
1816 Redwood Highway
Corte Madera, CA

Hope to see you all there this Saturday!

April Moodboard

Although we are more than halfway through April – this month has been one to remember. First, I completely forgot about this third trimester phase where I get super productive because I know the baby is coming. Getting all my ducks in a row is the name of the game until she arrives. The studio is bustling with client projects, installs, photo shoots – you name it!

Last week, I went to LA for one last sourcing trip before baby girl arrives. It was the perfect girls trip. The sun was shining, the company was great and I left feeling completely inspired. I’ll be sharing more details next week on my favorite spots.

Since we’ve had such gloomy weather here in San Francisco, all I’m craving are neutrals, whites and light colors in everything. It’s amazing how the weather can influence so much in your life. I’m so ready for summer whites (like this eyelet madewell top), sun hats, and the carefree way everyone feels on a warm day.

What are you craving this month?

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Creating A Spring Herb Garden

Living in an apartment in San Francisco means I don’t have a garden. That being said, I do have a front porch where I love to have plants. This year, I decided it would be fun to try my hand at a potted herb garden. I went to my local nursery and found a variety of herbs I enjoy cooking with – mint, thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil.

Farrow & Ball provided the paint for me to try out some of their new key colors for 2017 as part of their #CrateOutdoors campaign. These colors are spot on for spring, with a vibrant and fresh new look.

I painted a wooden apple crate with their signature color – Studio Green. It’s the perfect spot for me to store my gardening supplies – a watering can, spade, moss, and seeds to plant in my pots. I also painted a clay pot in the All White, a color I will be using in several design projects coming up soon. These two colors go perfectly with the outside area of my apartment. I also painted popsicle sticks in their colors Radicchio and Hay and then wrote the names of the herbs on the sticks.

Studio Green

Studio Green is a color that will grow on you. The color is the darkest of greens and changes dramatically in different light. I especially like it outside with light, where you can see the green in it. Studio Green is the color of the original studio for Farrow & Ball.

All White

I am trilled by this color of white. All White is the perfect white void of any tint. It has the softest shade without being to yellow or blue. I am planning to paint kitchen cabinets with this color and I think it will be stunning.


I have noticed pink being used more frequently in design and this shade – Raddichio – is perfection. It is bright without overwhelming and it has a modern happy feel to it.


Hay is the softest light golden color you could imagine. This is a happy color that would look beautiful on a kitchen wall or even as the color for a home. It reminds me of the golden color the hills turn outside of San Francisco in the spring and summer.

While I may have no garden space, I can take advantage of my porch and have a small manageable garden in pots. And the beautiful colors of Farrow & Ball help to make it fun and contemporary. Happy planting and painting!

This post is a partnership with Farrow & Ball. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.

Real Talk / Real Moms: Morning Routine

When I heard our topic this month was morning routines, I started to ponder how we spend our mornings around here. While it varies, depending upon whether Eric is in town or not, mornings are actually one of our favorite times as a family. I shower in the evenings and as a result, there is less stress in getting out the door in the morning.

For the most part, our alarm clock is Jackson – who wakes up between 5:30 – 6:30. He will crawl into bed with us for a few minutes to snuggle before announcing: “Mama up! Papa up!” We prepare our morning tea and Jackson usually enjoys eating some fruit while playing with his beloved trains. Eric then takes Jackson for a run (one of their favorite times together) while I tidy up the house, prepare snacks for Jackson to take on his daily adventures, and get myself dressed.

While we rise early, it means we don’t feel rushed in the morning. There obviously days that are more stressful – especially when one of us is out of town or I have an early meeting, but most of the time, mornings are our calmest time of the day. And while I’d love to get a workout in or have more “me time” in the morning – I’m cherishing these mornings with Jackson before we become a family of four. I can’t wait to enjoy the walk to preschool that will begin this fall!

I’d love to know, what do your mornings look like?

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